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Star Ocean: The Second Story Cheats :

This page contains Star Ocean: The Second Story cheats list for Playstation 2 version. Now we have 10 cheats in our list, which includes 2 cheats codes, 8 unlockables. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Star Ocean: The Second Story on Playstation 2 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

StAr Ocean the Second story:Unlockables of towns

by Rubencheathanger Jul 09, 2013

If you play trough the 2 discs there will be many towns unlocked.

Read here under to find out which and how to unlock (all of them are related to parts)

Note:These are only on Disc 1

I send some more later!


Town of SalvaComplete the Part in Arlia and Salva to gain accses to the entire Town
Town of CrossComplete the parts in Arlia and Slava to gain accses
Mountain PalaceComplete Cross,Salva,Alria parts to accses (Can be unlocked too when only to the part of Salva
Cave of CrossComplete Arlia,Salva,Cross to gain accses.
ClickComplete Cross,Arlia,Salva and Cross cave
MarsComplete Cross,Arlia,Salva, and cross cave to gain accses
HerlieComplete all parts of Cross Continent
HiltonWhen completed all parts of Cross.
LacourWhen crossed to Lacour head there already unlocked.
LingaUnlocked when completed trough the Lacour part
Sanctuary of LingaWhen finished Linga part
Hoffman RuinsWhen completed Sanctuary of Linga part
Front line Commando PostWhen completed Hoffman Ruins part
Continent of EIWhen Finished Frontline Commando part
Energy Nede (Collisioned Expel)Complete al parts of Disc 1
You have finished disc 1!Finish it.
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StAr Ocean the Second Story 'Enternal Sword'

by Rubencheathanger Jul 01, 2013

Hi Guys this is a secret you maybe did not knew.....

If you want the Enternal Sphere the amazing weapon you have to get the Sharp Edge first.

The sharp Edge can be won after you are 2nd at the Lacour Tournament of Arms.When you are done with the tournament head to Jamgee's house.When there he will say that Dias has left a Gift for you.He will give you the sharp edge.But you aren't done yet!'Find the rare material called 'Mithril' and customize it with a Specialty Skill level of 10.When you are lucky you got the enternal sphere!

-You can get the Angel armband (When you defeated Iselia at the cave of trials) to make it even stronger.When equipped the shiny stars will come out your sword and hit other enemys as well.

Thanks For Reading!


Sharp EdgeBe 2nd at the Lacour Tournament and head to jamgee he will give it to you.
MithrilYou can get this rare metal when you defeated the Shielders at the field of intelligence (Energy Nede)
Enternal SphereCostumize the Aquired Mithril with the Sharp Edge with a Customize it with a skill level of 10 when lucky you got this Amazing Weapon.
Energy Nede (Optional with this Unlockable to get Mithril)Fight trough Disc 1 to play on Energy Nede on Disc 2
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StAr Ocean The Second Story Review:Hoffman Ruins Chaos

by Rubencheathanger Jun 17, 2013

Hi guy's long time i did not send some cheats for this game i posted alot!

this is a review for the Storyline Mission:Energy Stone for the Lacour Hope.

After you found the Herb 'Clairsage' in the Scantuary of Linga and Convinced Bowman and Keith head to Lacour.When you enter the town you see a guard screaming to you:'Are you Refugees!" then your Hero will ask for what.The guard will say that the Deamons and Monsters Invaded the Lacour Continent.Then he will say that huge battles are blazing at the front line.You will ask to Fight with them but the guard thinks your are a little useless kid and tells you to go to Lacour Castle (the Castle to the North)

Note:The entire City is empty.

When Arriving at the Castle the Receptionist asks your name you tell it and they will let you in.You will see that all poeple of the town gatherd here even Jamgee and Suphia are here (Jamgee will give you Armour he Made).You have to go to the Lab head to the Right of the castle and keep getting down until you reach the Lab.Then Claude or Rena will hear voices telling that a material is needed to finish an amazing heraldic Weapon Called:The Lacour Hope.Then your character will do something silly and the guard wil spot you.then the king will reconize you as the Tournament Entrant who got stumped down by the mighty Dias Flac.Then a small boy with blue hair called Leon will say that the Energy Stone Mineral is located in the Hoffman Ruins.You ask to help him but he will say that he ca easily do it alone.Then he finally thinks that he can go with the party.When finished this part head to Hilton and go to the big ship with the captain.He will ask you to go there or gather your equipment.

When you Selected go there you will see the ship sailing to the forsaken hoffman ruins island.When there head to the tower with and orange top.You are now at the ruins get to the stairs you willface the big metal door.Leon will say something *** and he does irritated things.You and leon press both switches and the door is will go further with a room with more doors (in the rooms there are items that will help you a little) when you go to the back you will see another door enter and go to the empty space you will go down to an underground complex.(There are Switches that when you trigger them an explosion will occur and you will fall down (your HP maybe cut down alot) so find the place with the Save Icon Save there.

When you saved and gone forward leon will say that he found... 

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ReView Mission:Save the Children in Mars!

by Rubencheathanger Jun 04, 2013

Hey guys im oing to show you the Review of the Mission you need to do.

Save the Children in the Heraldry forest!

First when you have Survived the Earthquake of Click head to the Village of Mars (Celines HomeTown).When there you must enter the house to the north.when entred you will see the Father and Mother of celine the Elder and Dias and Someone else (think it was the Master of Heraldry).At this point they will discuss that Bandits kidnapped the Childeren of the Village and that they intended to steal the Book of Secret seals.When the discuss is over Dias (Rena's Childhood friend or brother) will grumb that he can save them alone but Celine gets mad and Dias leaves the house and heads to the Inn.

Here i will show you the Storylines how to complete this Mission.

Claude's Storyline

When the Discuss is over Claude and Celine will head outside and will talk alot.Then Rena Appears and say that she want Dias to join their party (It would be cool to have Dias that earlie but it appears that is impossible)Then Celine will say that she doesn't agree.Rena will get mad and runs back to Dias place.Then you will have the choice:Buy some Equipment before Facing D-Day or go to the elder in the house you entred since the beginning (The house where the discussion was) and rest for D-Day.

Here are some Problems with Choosing for 'Getting Equipment'.

-You cannot rest at the inn because Dias had Reservated the whole room.

-Rena is Mad so she will not talk to you.

-You cannot leave the town or enter the Forest.

When you have Choosed Rest for D-Day you will rest and the Day for Defeating the Bandits has Begun!You will begin that Claude Celine and the other Villagers will be leading you to the forest.The Elder will give you Mud boots (For crossing the Swampland in the forest).Then you will enter the forest.You Can face the path to the Right or the Left here are two things the paths contain.

Left:Contains a Treasure Chest with a Slik robe in it.

Right :You will Face the Bandits with 1000 Hp!

When you defeated the Bandits continue further now you will encounter more Bandits.Keep Defeating them until you Reach the end.When you arrived at the 'Boss Showdown place'a man shall appear (He appears to be the Master of Heraldry in the House of the Elder!)Then he Say's he killed Celine's father and Celine gets Mad.


This boss is pretty though use celine's move 'Enery Arrow' to stun the Monster form of the Master.And let Claude keep using 'Head... 

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StAr Ocean the Second Story Final Boss:Indalecio

by Rubencheathanger May 10, 2013

Here i am again guys this is my review of the last boss of the game Star Ocean The Second Story.

Indalecio (Gabriel in the Anime)

This guy is the baddest guy in the entire game he is boss of the entire ten wise men.Here under are the spells he can do and the attacks..

Earthquake' Divine Wave'Divine Comedy'Explode'Note:He can do these Powerful spells when he has his limiter on and off.

Here are the attacks when he has his limitler on and off (Again):Southern Cross' Divine Wave 'Yellow Sphere attack.(Time of truth is only;y when he has a limiter)

Most Recommended team to beat him:Claude Ashton Rena Chisato.

My Team when i beat him:Same as Above.

Best way to Defeat him:When you have Claude in the beginning use Head Splitter Indalecio would immediately use Divine wave so make sure you land precisely on his head.When you done that do some basic attacks and do some killer moves make sure Ashton has Leaf slash and Sword dance.And have Chisato have the killer moves:Tear gas and Preperation.You need to make him Stuck against the back of the Battlefield to damage him lot use Chisato's Tear gas to Damage him to death.Now it comes Indalecio uses his move:Time of truth he sends his Daughter Filia (The one who predicted that click would be Destroyed)to support him to torture your characters.Now he can cast spells while he is walking and he can heal himself with Fairy heal and he has Extreme spells like:Explosion Earthquake and Divine Comedy.Now you need to Rena to continually cast Star flare to stun Indalecio and to not let him cast the spells.When you done it Claude must damage it with his Mirror Slice and let Ashton do his Sword dance and his Leaf slash and let Chisato use her Preparation and Tear gas.When you finally beat him he should say some of his last words and he disappears.Then a cutscene appears that Rena sets the Crest of Enchantment on the Crest of Annihilation then when the Shaking stops Indalecio says only:What Fools' Then he dies.Then the planet Nede is Destroyed and the entire party Returns to Expel in it's older form.

Then you Finished the game!

Please Rate and comment good!


Note:I put some unlockables in the balk under this Description.

Indalecio BattleFirst Defeat the Rest of the ten wise men at Fienal then you can battle Indalecio.
Indalecio's Limitler OffWhen you Saved in front Indalecio's battle hall Head to Central city and enter the building where Narl is when you entred Filia is located there... 

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StAr ocean the second Story Disc-2 Items

by Rubencheathanger Mar 27, 2013

Hey guys im going to show you the the items you can get on this Disc.

Synard:You can get this flying beast st the Cave of Red crystal.

Jewel of intelligence:You can collect this at the field of intelligence

Jewel of Power:Collect this at the field of Power (Sonwy Mountain)

Jewel of Courage:Collect this at the Field of Courage

Jewel of Love:Collect this at the field of Love (Floating Island)

LEA Metal:Collect this ore at the Minhe Carven (You must Defeat the boss Barke to get the Metal).

NFID:You can get this pass at mirages House (At Town of Armlock) after you got the LEA metal.Note:This Pass gives you free passing to Fun city.

Sacred Tear (Weapon):You can get this sword at Fun city form Mirage (Only Claude is suitable for this weapon)

Fallen Hope (Weapon):You can get this Knuckle at Fun City form Mirage.(Only Rena or maybe Noel is suitable for this weapon)

Void Matter:You can get this at the last fights when you cross to Fienal.(This Item makes Shiny light come out of you sword when you parry)

Crest of Enchantment:You can collect this when you cross to Fienal to fight your last battles.(This item cannot be used only if you defeated the last boss this item will be automatically used)

Linck Stock:You can get this item when you defeated the first boss of the cave of trials (The Pyramid on an island you could not enter earlier on disc-1)

Levantine Sword:You can collect this sword when you defeat the wizard on the Sealed coffin.

Holy Sword farewell:this item you can collect somewhere at the cave of trials.

End of the Items Catalgus!

I send some more cheats later?

Ruben cheathanger.

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StAr ocean the second story Unlockables form Disc one Items

by Rubencheathanger Mar 18, 2013

Hi im here again i am going to show you wich items you can get and form who in disc one.

Beginning till the end of this Disc.

Rinoxis:Give's you the Phase gun in the beginning (Only Claude's path)

Mayor Regis (form Arlia):Give's you the Long Sword before you go to Salva (Claude's path only)

King Cross (Form Cross castle):Give's you the Passport to travel to EI form Click and give's you 500 FOL travel money.

Celine Jules:Gives you the Cross cave map and the Ancient Writhings.Note:If you decide to not travel with her she will take the Writhings with her.

Dias or Elder form Mars:Give's you Mud boots when you are going to save the Children form bandits in the Heraldry forest.(Rena or Claude's path)

Receptionist of Lacour castle:Give's you the Tournament's pass if you accept that Claude will be entering the Tournament of Arms.Note:if you want to fight in the tournament controlling Claude.Claudes storyline is highly reccomended.

Owner of Weapons shop:Give's Claude the weapons he fought with at the Tournament of Arms Called:Runner up.Note:You can only get these weapons when you are 2nd at the tournament only 2nd because Dias kicks your butt.

Clarisage:A rare herb that can be found in the Sanctuary of Linga when you must convince Bowman to Speak with the Ancient writhings Dechiper.

Leon:Give's you Linck combo when he decide's to go to the Hoffman Ruins to collect the ore.

Energy Stone:You can collect this when you defeated the bosses at the Hoffman Ruins.

Leon (Again):Give's you the straight punch when monsters are going to invade the Frontline.Note:Only if you have Precis in your Party.

ID Card:You can aquire this when you enter the Armory on the island of EI.Note:When you arrive there the first time you cannot get in there instantly you must first talk to the leader of the shelter before you can get in to talk to the owner Use this card to gain accses to the Eluria Castle.

Glass Warrior dolls:At the Eluria castle you find these Glass warrior dolls they will give you the Secret word:Apoca

Glass priest:Gives you the Card key when you say the secret word APOCA .use this card key to clear the Red barrels in the highest room.

These are all items you can get in Disc-1!

I send the items of Disc-2 another time!


Here are some items you can get in the Eluria tower

SplinterGain accses to Eluria tower
Mursasme SwordGain acsess to Eluria tower
Ultra PunchGain acsess to Eluria tower
RubyGain acsess to Eluria tower

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StAr ocean The second story ways to gain items

by Rubencheathanger Feb 26, 2013

I show you the things you can get in this game form missions battles or other things

If you fight bosses you will get many things like if you defeat the dreamshades you will gain the Magical drops if you defeat Berle (Member of the ten wise men) you will gain the merlin drink that completly restores your MP so if you keep fighting you will gain many items ecspecially when you are fighting against boss characters.Note:form weak enemy's you will gain weak items form higher enemy's and bosses you will gain strong powerful and handy items.


This is a skill you can learn to steal items form poeple using the bandits gloves or the magicans hands the magicans hand you can create and the bandits gloves you must buy it for 40.000 FOL! When you stand near a civillian and have equipped the bandits gloves press the square button and you will steal the item form that person.Here are ways to gain items while you walk

Step 1:There is a girl in the town of cross find and pickpocket her you will gain a item called misshief equip it on any character and you will gain every item while you walk.

Step 2:When you are in nede there is a boy somewhere in Fun city pickpocket him and you will gain the item called trickster it is the same as misshief but you will gain cooler items.

Gainig weapons and armour

Here are steps to gain weapons and armour:

Step 1:Pickpocket the old man in Mars near the inn you recieve a treasure chest open it and the powerful marvel sword will appear it kills most enemy's in one hit if you didn't aquired the sword load your game and try again.

Step 2:Pickpocket Ernest in Mars you will gain the battle suit wich has 500 defence!

Also the other locations of this armour:

The old man in Mars (with the treasure chest where you got the marvel sword)

Claude's spaceship pickpocket the morderators to get it (only claude's storyline)

Somewhere in the cave of trials (the Secret dungeon where you could not enter earlier)

Here are poeple who give items free to you

Grandpa Jamgee:Gives Armour while monsters invaded Lacour

Leon:Gives you link combo after a dscussion over the lacour hope

Grandpa Jamgee:Gives you sharp edge after the tournament is over (you must be 2nd in the tournament or else you can't get this weapon,this can be costumized to the Enternal sphere)

Leon:Gives you the magic punch when he tests the lacour hope on monsters at front line (only if you have precis in your team

Check the bar under to find out how to... 

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