Star Ocean: The Second Story Review

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Star Ocean: The Second Story Review :

Star ocean Second story review

by Rubencheathanger Feb 28, 2013

Im going to show you my Review about this game star ocean the second story this game has reached more hits than Crash bandicoot or Tekken.

Million poeple played this game many hours i also play it but its an old game 13 years old anniversary is coming soon i play it every time my sisters play it even im very good in the game i nearly defeated all bosses and completed the have many items and the combat mode like that in many other star ocean series but more will come like the star ocean the last hope or star ocean the Second Evolution.

I higly recommend that poeple should play this game.

Play this game and you will be hooked in a world of rage and combat situations.

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
10Story line
Great storyline with good adventure's and good characters it's also let's you obtain 8 characters its a very good storyline
Very good RPG grapics and great locations to play around like Arlia and the cave of trials including game art.
Good music very good it imparts your feelings you must listen to its good music by a very good musicusian
Very good gameplay cobat modes everything is good about the game Including combat mode free run mode private action and others.
10Lasting Appeal
I think this is a great game to play all poeple should play it i also play it but i give this game 10 this is the best game ever!
(Out of 10)


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