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Star Wars: Battlefront Cheats :

This page contains Star Wars: Battlefront cheats list for Playstation 2 version. Now we have 15 cheats in our list, which includes 5 cheats codes, 1 easter egg, 5 glitches, 4 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Star Wars: Battlefront on Playstation 2 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Glitch - Dont get shot

by vctreco12 Jun 21, 2007

to avoid getting shot by droidekas you have to get real close and between their blasters. the game will glitch and it will not be able to shoot you. this works with the shields up or down.

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Secret - How to kill the jedi

by nickhaia May 31, 2010

1.)On the Bespin Platforms, Kamino, and The Rhen Var Citadel stages it is possible to blow Jedi Heroes off of the platforms and/or cliffs by using grenades/grenade launchers or heavy blaster cannons shooting near their feet.
2.)Any Stage where a speeder bike is available. You can speed through Jedi Heroes at full speed and it will kill them instantly.
3.)To kill a Jedi hero instantly just play a level with starfighters and land the starfighter on top of them.
I got this from

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Hints - Blaster accuracy

by vctreco12 Apr 24, 2007

if u shoot for a long time your accuracy will go down. fire in short bursts to hit your target

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Cheats - Mini People

by Unregistered Apr 27, 2005

Select all Planets:
In single player on the Historical Campaign mode select the Era you want to play Clone Wars or Galactic Civil War which will bring you to the Planet Selection screen. Then press Square, Circle, Square, Circle to be able to scroll left or right through the various planets.
Unlock all Historical Campaigns and Maps:
In single player on the Historical Campaign mode select the Era you want to play, Clone Wars or Galactic Civil War which will bring you to the Planet Selection screen. Then press Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle to unlock all Historical Campaigns and maps.
Unlock Artwork, Stills and Storyboards
Bespin Concept Art -
In Historical Campaigns: Galactic Civil War beat the
Bespin: The Liberation of Cloud City mission
Tatooine Concept Art -
In Historical Campaigns: Galactic Civil War beat the
Tatooine: Siege of Mos Eisley mission
Yavin Concept Art -
In Historical Campaigns: Galactic Civil War beat the
Yavin: The Fall of Yavin 4 mission
Hoth Concept Art -
In Historical Campaigns: Galactic Civil War beat the
Hoth: Battle of Hoth mission
Endor Stills -
In Historical Campaigns: Galactic Civil War beat the
Bespin: Battle in the Clouds mission
Geonosis Stills -
In Historical Campaigns: The Clone Wars beat the
Geonosis: Battle of Geonosis mission
Weapons and Units Stills -
Historical Campaigns: Clone Wars beat the
Rhen Var: Mountaintop Defenses mission
Naboo Stills -
In Historical Campaigns: Clone Wars beat the
Naboo: Rebellion on Theed mission
Kamino Storyboards -
In Historical Campaigns: Clone Wars beat the
Kamino: Assault on Kamino mission
Star Wars Battlefront Art -
Historical Campaigns: Clone Wars beat the
Kashyyyk: Aggressive Negotiations mission

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Glitch - Under Rhen Var: Harbor

by beetle55 Aug 09, 2010

In Rhen Var, Harbor, be Republic and start in the Ice Caves.When you spawn,hug a wall and move along it. Eventually you should barely walk in mid-air and then fall. You will fall right through the ground for a while, then die unless your jet trooper; you can fly back into land.

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Secret - Extra AT-TE Gunner

by mokomarnee Mar 16, 2009

Play as a jet trooper and get into the thcrack in between the main Gunner. You can now fire your gun in it.

Thank you

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Hints - Walking on people

by black rayquaza Apr 24, 2007

to walk on people just simply jump on them and then walk the way they r heading

you might only be on them for like 3 seconds so this glitch is kinda crap

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Code - Baby Wars Mode

by RaZeScizor24 Jul 02, 2012

Make A Profile Named Jub Jub and you have to do it Exactly Like that or it wont Work

Jub Jub (Profile)Smaller People (Except For Destroyer Droid)
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Code - Sniper Fun!

by Unregistered Sep 19, 2011

In Rhenvar Harbor be the team either republic or empire that has the two ift-t make sure you pick a sniper then get in one of the ift-t or what ever vehicle you have at that base go to the large mountain on your left you can get up it if you move SIDE WAYS up it you might fall but keep trying then once your at the top you can snipe the other team don't jump or you'll die or get hurt and don't fall this cheat is beast online.

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Code - Cheap capture base on Kasheek Islands

by Unregistered Sep 19, 2011

Don't be the team on the Wookies, either be the dark trooper or grab a vehicle and land on the building and get on TOP of the building with the base inside, it's next to the camp fire once your on top of the base crawl around on the roof the top until half of your body is in the building and the little capture the base sign pops up, they can't kill you from underneath i don't know if the ships can find you and shoot at u or the people, they haven't done it to me yet, this cheat will make the enemy pissed off.

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Secret - Destroying ATATs

by Unregistered Jun 08, 2011

Go to hoth or rhen var harbor were they are located. Be the rebels and chose the sniper. Send out your recon droid and call in an air strike (push the grenade button) while underneath the ATAT. It wipes out a good majority of health. Enjoy!!!!!!

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Glitch - Go through the wall!

by whackymacky Oct 01, 2010

go to mos eisley and be empire or CIS. Start at the warehouse. One of the corners has a ammo droid. Jump on it and run towards the wall. You'll either die or go through the wall! You can kill enemies but they can't kill you! But you might want to get out of the wall if someone is capturing the command post. And if the ammo droid is broken,you can't do this.

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Code - Glitch-go in the wall!

by whackymacky Oct 01, 2010

on mos eisley choose empire or CIS and start at the warehouse. In one of the corners there is a ammo droid. If you jump on it then run you'll either go through the wall or die. So be careful! This will either help you win, or help you lose. If you go through the wall you can kill anybody,but they can't kill you! But you might want to get out when they start capturing your cammond post. And you can't do it tf the ammo droid is destroyed.

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Glitch - Regaining health without depot.

by Dsbspider Jan 20, 2010

Pilots have portable dispenser health and ammo on them to give to other people in combat.
When you are running low on health and ammo, you can use your portable dispenser health and ammo to regain your health. How you do it is you go L2 and then L1 when you are a pilot to throw your dispenser health and ammo in front of you.
And then your ready to keep on fighting.

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Code - All planets historic campain only

by robina Jul 03, 2008

circle,squer,circle,squer, or squer,circle,squer,circle
press theese at the historic campain

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Secret - Easy kills on Hoth

by Unregistered May 26, 2008

Be a rebel. spawn at echo base. get into snowspeeder. instead of taking down walkers, use your forward firing laser cannons to take down enemies. I tried it I got 100 kills

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Easter Egg - The lightsaber on kashykk

by Unregistered Oct 08, 2007

there is a lightsaber on kasyyk ilands on battle front 1. it is at one of the huts and it is red

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Glitch - Sniper!!!!!

by Navarre Nov 09, 2009

Ok in swbf1 go to bespin on either side there is a glitch that will allow you to snipe moving ships - :bad - :D anyway go to the take off point on the far end (either side) and go off to the side of it where there are three of those tube-like things go between them and get on the floor to crawl and then go sideways> and youll be in the glitch(if you do it right).

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