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Star Wars Battlefront II Cheats :

This page contains Star Wars Battlefront II cheats list for Playstation 2 version. Now we have 52 cheats in our list, which includes 4 cheats codes, 1 password, 2 unlockables, 2 easter eggs, 20 glitches, 23 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Star Wars Battlefront II on Playstation 2 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Cheats - Space walk

by warboy433 Nov 27, 2006

To activate this cheat go to any space mission. Then get into a ship, take off, and when half of your ship is out of the hangar tap x. If you do this correctly, your ship will land in space, so you can get out and walk in space! This does not take your life away.

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Cheats - All thte Cheats + Tips

by Dark Lord of the Sith Sep 13, 2006

up, down, left, down, left, right Funny comic book captions appear when you attack a Rebel as a Wampa
up, up, up, left, up, down, up, up, left, down, down, down, left, up, down, down, left, right Alternate Sounds
up, down, left, down, down, left, down, down, left, down, down, down, left, right Infinite Ammo
Up, Up, Up, Up, Left, Up, Up, Down, Left, Down, Up, Up, Left, Right No HUD
Down, Down, Down, Up, Up, Left, Down, Down, Down, Down, Down, Left, Up, Up, Up, Left Right Alternate Soldiers
Up, Up, Up, left, down, down, down, left, up, up, up, left, right Invincibility

Slow motion sounds
Pause the game in Story, Instant Action, or Galactic Conquest mode and press

Cheat Effect
Up(3), Left, Up, Down, Up(2), Left, Down(3), Left, Up, Down(2), Left, Right. Slow motion sounds

Unlock new weapons and abilities.
Unlock special bonuses and advanced weapons by performing certain actions.
Unlockable How to Unlock
War Hero (Damage Increase) 24 Points
Guardian (Shielding) 16 Points
Endurance (Energy Recuperation) 8 Points
Regulator (Flechette Shotgun) 8 Kills with Shotgun (within one life)
Marksman (Particle Beam Rifle) 6 Headshots with Sniper Rifle (within one life)
Technician (Vehicle Regen) Slice into a Vehicle
Demolition (Guidable Rockets) 4 Critical Hits vs. Vehicles (within one life)
Frenzy (Elite Assault Rifle) 12 Kills with Blaster Rifle (within one life)
Gunslinger (Precision Pistol) 6 Kills with a Pistol (within one life)
Private (Control 1 unit) Have 000-019 Medals Total
Sergeant (Control 2 units) Have 020-099 Medals Total
Captain (Control 3 units) Have 100-299 Medals Total
General (Control 4 units) Have 300+ Medals Total

Start With Advanced Weapons
In order for these bonuses to take effect, switch between your weapons
Unlockable How to Unlock
Precision Blaster Get Legendary Status in Gunslinger
Elite Assault Rifle Get Legendary Status in Frenzy
Guidable Rockets Get Legendary Status in Demolition
Vehicle Regen Get Legendary Status in Technician
Particle Beam Rifle Get Legendary Status in Marksman
Flechette Shotgun Get Legendary Status in Regulator

Unlock special soldiers
How to unlock the blacked out soldiers
Unlockable How to Unlock
Magnagaurd Get 8 total points in battle
Droidika Get 12 total points in battle
Clone commander Get 8 total points in battle
Jet trooper Get 12 total points in... 

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Code - Bests cheats in the galaxy!

by miniman6717 Nov 30, 2009

At any time any place you will be able to play in invicibility and infinitie ammo by go on the pause menu and typing in...

up,down,left,down,down,left,down,down,left,down,down,down.Infinitie Ammo!
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Easter Egg - Wampa funnies

by running22 Aug 06, 2007

during the hoth hunt session when you are a wampa press pause and hold L2 and R2 and input up down left down left right for some eggy printed commentary.

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Hints - Darth maul attack

by vctreco12 Apr 24, 2007

at darth maul's last attck(the one where he jumps and spins) hold the attack button and he will spin his light saber

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Cheats - Unlimited grenades

by Unregistered Feb 22, 2006

Up, down, left, right, circle, spuare, triangle.

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Secret - Walk on the Spaceship

by fieryman61 Jul 06, 2009

To do this certain trick u must choose space mission and aquire a spaceship(preferably a LAAT or trasport veichle).After you keep on taking off and lianding until when u land u don't see the shield(can take some practice).when u get out youll just be outside the hanger.if u want to goof off the,AI(computers)will spawn and you can push them off to a legde were u u can walk on.if u fall off u lose health but its worth it.b a clone piolet and gather in a group of soldiers and place the time bomb to self-suicide!!its fun if u try it.another way to hav fun is aquaire a scout ship(republic starfighter etc)and hav a peer keep the door to the internal place open.and speed ur way in to see how far you can go in the internal place.

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Code - Diferrent soldiers

by Unregistered Dec 28, 2007

pause the game

down down down up up left down down down down down left up up up left rightyou can unlock different soldiers
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Glitch - Corasuant glitch

by whackymacky Dec 10, 2010

First choose Corasuant and pick any session but choose Clone Wars for ERA. Choose Republic and kill people until you have enough points for a jet trooper. Choose the library command post (the one with the bookcases) and start as jet trooper. Go down the hallway and go up the right stairs. Go between the square corner and use your jet pack to go up the wall. You'll go through the ceiling and if your careful enough you'll be walking on top of the jedi temple! You can go to a lot of good sniper spots. It's a pretty cool glitch you can even do online. So try it and kill some suckers!

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Secret - Jedi hero

by tbone6670 Aug 13, 2009

When you play instant action you can go to the options menu then click on hero you can set it so you get jedi after 1 kill and you can set it so you can stay jedi longer

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Glitch - No floor

by jimster Oct 07, 2008

have invinibility on geonosis and then leave the battle field keep going and eventually the floor will turn black and u will be able 2 walk on it without dying


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by Sentae Aug 22, 2008

you can force choke your enimies WHILE using force lightning!!!

to do this, use the emporer, or count dooku(yes them).
next switch force ability to choke then choke someone (duh!), then still choking(still holding L1), switch ability to lightning. hold L1 till well done(dead!)

discovered by: Darth Sentae
perfected by: Darth K

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Glitch - Barf out items?!?!?!?!?!?!?

by jeremy5521 Jul 30, 2012

first, go to jaba's palace, go to the rancor's lair. let him grab u, when he does, press start, choose "respawn" or whatever the heck its called, u will automatically die, and u will drop millions of items! also, when he puts u in his mouth, u floatin front of his mouth!!! LOL

hope i helped!!! XD

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Secret - How to destroy an AT-AT easly

by Cheatmano123 Dec 02, 2009

First be the Rebels on hoth then be the rocket launcher guy. After that go to the front of an AT-AT then put mines under the foot. The damage will be greater than shooting at it's neck.

Note: don't be too close to the AT-AT unless you have invincibility.

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Glitch - Tank in wall

by jimster May 25, 2009

Play Poliss Massa(spelling) on either thing conquest or CPF
CPF is perferred.
Play as the droids or the rebels there should be one tank visible on your map, go to it get in it. Then drive the tank to the middle forcefield and drive your tank up the stairs and push down full throttle and you should end up in the florr/wall, and the best part isyou can still drive your tank all
1. Find tank
2. get in tank
3. drive tank to middle forcefield
4. drive tank full throttle up the stairs and into the entry way.
5. move tank around and have fun destroying your enemies.

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Secret - Special weapons

by Unregistered Mar 11, 2009

if u have the special weapon (ex. elite rifle) at legendary when u start a battle u don't have the special weapon. simply change weapons twice and u will have the special weapon. if u changed to that weapon and u don't want the special weapon anymore just go to a command post and press triangle to access the soldier class thing (duh) and press x to choose the same class u had before. u wil have the "regular" weapon back.

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Secret - Infinite block using saber

by jimster Feb 11, 2009

when u are a Jedi/Sith use all of yoyur stamina and when it is recovering QUICKLY press (When the stamina bar is just getting out of red)the block button if done at the right time u will notice that the bar doesn't go down anymore thus giving you unlimited block well at least until u attack

*NOTE there is only one spot that this works for so try your best to hit it, may take more than one try

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Secret - Easy way 2 get demolition award

by jimster Feb 11, 2009

first got to quick play instant action select the lv hoth then select the options menu and 500% then go up to unit count and select a small number 1, 2 , 3 , or 4then play the game as the rebels select the vanguard and pop up at a command post with the taun tauns/snow speedersget in or on one of them then fly or run over to the At-Ats since the unit count is a small number u will only see a few people allowing you to go to the At-At and fire your launcher at its neck 4 times and then kill yourself and do it over again

Even though there is only a small number of people they will still take all of your command post so u might have to go take them back and if you get bored and want to finish early then just take their command post and the game will be over allowing u to keep your Demolition points
Hope i helped

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Glitch - Falinng on genonsis

by jimster Oct 13, 2008

on theplanet genosis play as republic
then go to the command post thats is the highest
there u MUST be a jet trooper

fly to the outer side of the command post where the mountain building is the highest fall u should fall through it and end up in the command post when there if its urs switch ur character to a sniper and try to snipe u should soon fall through the floor but if u look up when u r falling u will se the floor

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Secret - Easy way to get legendary status

by jimster Oct 09, 2008

1st go to instant ation select desired levels then go to options and makethe unit count for conquest a low number like 1-4

now focus on killing the bad guys with any weapon u want until u recieve the medal if ur health runs low then find a health machine( this one works for endurance, frenzy, gunslinger,war hero, regulator, guardian, marksmen, or ne other gun)

now if u wnat demolition or technian u must play a level where u can slice a vehicle or hit its weak spots 4 times

4 demolition i suggest Hoth or genosis hit the AT-AT's neck or the cylinder of the AT-TE since these are command vehicles they do not require enemy men to be in them so these are easy medals

for technician i suggest Kayshak(idk the correct spelling) since the enemy uses vehicles alot in this one

play any level for the others but i usually play Mos Eisley

for gunslinger and frenzy u can also use space battles with a full unit count of 16 men

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Secret - Float ability!!

by Unregistered May 29, 2008

during Mos Eisly-assault
use boba fett or jango fett t fly onto the top of the huge tower next to the arena thing.once at thetop point the front of your body towards the wall, that u cant pass or will die bacause your not in the battle zone.Now look up a little and fly!when your highenough fly above the wall,no it will say your leaving the battle field so carefully walk back in withoutfall and youron an invisible wall!

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Secret - Ranks

by jimster Jan 24, 2008

private 1 -19 medals
segreant 20-99 medals
captain 100-299 medals
general 300 and above medals
these r not online

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Hints - Darth maul combo

by vctreco12 Apr 24, 2007

when maul does the attack where he jumps and spins hold R1 to get an extra attack

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Password - Ster wars battlefront 2 cheats

by kevinlee Mar 27, 2009

when your on the battle feild press stert then enter code

Down Down Down Up Up Left Down Down Down Down Down Left Up Up Up Left RightAlternate Soldiers
up up up left up down up up left down down down left up down down left rightAlternate Sounds
up down left down left rightFunny comic book captions appear when you attack a Rebel as a Wampa
up down left down down left down down left down down down left rightInfinite Ammo
Up Up Up left down down down left up up up left rightInvincibility
Up Up Up Up Left Up Up Down Left Down Up Up Left RightNo HUD
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Cheats - MUST READ!!

by Gunboy 605 May 15, 2006

Be sure to enter all the codes you want the first time you are on the pause menu!

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