Star Wars Battlefront II Review

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Star Wars Battlefront II Review :

A star wars battlefront 2 review

by whackymacky Dec 13, 2010

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is a shooter game where you can play as the most famous characters from the star wars saga. It has online,splitscreen,and regular single-player to help you save the galaxy. You can finally play as jedi and you can play the best star wars game of all time. You can play maps from all over the galaxy and some new maps that aren't even real. You can change the options in the game such as: music,SFX,voice,camera speed,and brightness. You can play your training,space overview,galactic conquest,rise of empire,and instant action. In instant action you can customize your battle by changing: your reinforcements,number of flag captures for CTF,number of points needed for assualt,and heroes. So it's kind of cool you can do this.

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9Story line
You start out as a rouge clone who tells his story fighting in the 501st. He starts as a young clone to an evil imperial. You play as him trying to crush the seperatist then crushing the rebellion.
The graphics are sort of like the movie but some things have parts that could not even happen in star wars. On top of that most of it is really good. The places iook more realistic than battlefront 1 and some places look like you're really there.
The sound is not perfect but sounds almost like the movies. I think they changed a couple of sounds from battlefront 1. But every single weapon,even from diffrent teams,sounds diffrent.
The gamplay added much more diffrent features. To roll you prees circle instead of x. And you can't crawl which kind of sucks cause that makes it easier for people to kill you. So I only think gamplay is the only bad thing they need to work on.
8Lasting Appeal
Overall Star Wars Battlefront 2 is a very good game. With good graphics,great sounds,not-so-great controls,and a perfect story line!
(Out of 10)


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dinoboy    wrote on dec 22, 2010 12:51 pm


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