Star Wars Battlefront II Review

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Star Wars Battlefront II Review :

Review for battlefront 2

by jimster Aug 18, 2010

I like this star wars game. Everything in this game is good except i miss a few levels from the first battlefront.

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9Story line
In Campaign mode you start off as clone assisting master jedis in eleminating the droids presence on planets, then you must assist anakin in defeting the jedi's then you path to the dark side leds you to crushing any rebellion forces in your path.
The graphics in the game make it seem like you are actually watching a star wars movie, except you control your sides destiny.
The sound in this game makes you seem like you are in a movie, you can hear the blasters firing bombs exploding vehicles being destroyed and characters giving battle crys.
The Gameplay consist of three modes campaign, quick play, and galactic conquest. Campaign follow the episode three story line. in quick play you can play classic conquest battles on one of the four sides play hunt, capture the flag or space and ground assualt. in G conquest you conquer the worlds.
10Lasting Appeal
This is truely a great game and I highly recommend it for all star wars fans. The only thing is it is missing some planets that would make the game better
(Out of 10)


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HellHound    wrote on aug 21, 2010 11:15 am
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jimster    wrote on aug 22, 2010 5:14 pm


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