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Suikoden IV Cheats :

This cheat for Suikoden IV [Playstation 2] has been posted at 25 Apr 2005 by Unregistered and is called "Cheats - Unlockable: Cleared Game". If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up Unregistered and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 6 other cheats for Suikoden IV, look them as soon as possible!

Cheats - Unlockable: Cleared Game

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

On the deserted island after the ship is wrecked you can convince your party members to stay on the island and live there. Eventually they will agree and you will become stuck on the island. The character portraits will also be different. Note: This will end your game so have a saved game before deciding to stay.

Unlockable: The 108 stars of destiny
These are the ways to get all 108 stars of destiny.

* Hero- This is the person you control.
* Adrienne- Talk to her during the Kooluk attack on Obel.
* Agnes- She joins automatically when Elenor joins.
* Akaghi- After you defeat him and Mizuki he joins.
* Aldo- After Elenor joins you, go back to Hermitage island and you'll find him on the road in the back of Elenor's house.
* Ameria- On the day after you free Razril, go up to the top of the Hall of knights, talk to her and she will join you.
* Axel- After you defeat the Kooluk soldiers in the town square after being freed from the elves, his father tells him to join you.
* Bang- While you have the Golden Seal go to the Nay-Kobold village and talk to him.
* Bartholemew- Read issue #1 of Perrault's newspaper that has a section about Bartholemew then go to the house in the Nay-Kobold village and he will join.
* Basil- After freeing Razril go talk to him in the Main Square and he will join.
* Brec- When you have 50 stars of destiny and the golden seal enter your room by the door (Not by teleporting from the world map), he and Jango will join no matter what.
* Carrie- After you have freed Obel, put Yu in your support slot and go talk to her.
* Cedric- During the Kooluk attack on Obel talk to the owner of the inn, follow him to your HQ, and then talk to Louise.
* Chadli- He comes with your ship's HQ.
* Champo- When you have the Golden Seal, take Chiepoo with you to the Nay-Kobold trading post. When you are heading back to the ship, he and Nalkul will have stolen the golden seal, follow them back to the villiag and use Champo to get it back from the mice.
* Charlemagne- Talk to him after he agrees to pay for the damage that Helga did. Go back to the world map, talk to him again, go to the world map one more time, and finally he decides to join.
* Chiepoo- After you are exiled from Razril he will join you on the boat.
* Dario- He joins when Kika joins.
* Deborah- After the Middleport event go talk to her in the inn and she will join.
* Desmond- He joins you automatically after you first talk to Lino En Kuldes.
* Elenor- Talk to her on Hermitage island and retrieve the items on the desk in the cave.
* Ema- After freeing Obel talk to her and Gary for her to join.
* Eugene- After the Na-Nal event go talk to him at the inn. His mother will be demanding that you let him join.
* Etienne- When you have Reinbach put him in your party and talk to him.
* Flare- She automatically joins you after the sea battle with Colton.
* Fredrica- After you free Razril she is browsing in the equipment shop.
* Funghi- On the second day of freeing Razril go talk to him in the kitchen twice.
* Gareth- After getting Reinbach, put him in your party and go talk to Gareth and convince him to join.
* Gary- After freeing Obel talk to him and Ema and he will join.
* Gau- After recruiting Elenor go back to Hermitage island and on the road before you see Elenors house keep walking or running on the right-hand side on the way there and keep running on that side until he and four demon wolves ambush you. He will join if you ask him to, but if you don't he will battle you again and again until you let him join.
* Gretchen- On the second day of freeing Razril she will be waiting outside of the armor shop. Talk to her and she will join.
* Haruto- He comes with the ship HQ.
* Helga- Go to the inn on Nay, talk to the man in one of the four rooms and he will tell about a women having a rampage in Middleport. Go to Middleport and talk to the women standing across from Helga. She will yell at Helga and demand her to pay up. Charlemange will come up and pay the damages for her. She will then join.
* Helmut- After the sea battle with him at Razril ask him to join.
* Hervey- He joins when Kika joins.
* Igor- After you have the three Los, go back to Mordo island and talk to him without any of the Los in your party.
* Izak- After the island of Iluya is destroyed look for him in the center of the former town square with a flower seed in your inventory.
* Jango- When you have 50 stars of destiny enter your room by the door (Not by transporting from the world map), he will join you whether you like it or not.
* Jeane- Talk to the people in Na-Nal and hear about a "Rune master that's at the shop." Head to the Rune shop and ask to see her and ask her to join.
* Jeremy- Have Mitsuba in your party and talk to him in the Na-Nal square.
* Jewel- You can get her to join your party if you choose her after the fight with the senior knights or when you free Razril.
* Karl- After freeing Razril, go to the courtyard in the back streets of Razril and ask him to join.
* Katarina- When you have at least 30 stars of destiny talk to her in Kika's bedroom.
* Kate- Have Mizuki in your party and go to the former town square and ask her to join.
* Keen- Have Sigurd in your party and go talk to him behind the sign on the Middleport docks. Return again without Sigurd and talk to him. He will join for a mere 10,000 potch. You can reduce this to 9,999 potch but that is all.
* Keneth- You can get him to join you if you choose him after the fight with the senior knights or when you free Razril.
* Kevin- Talk to the Nay and ask for his help. He will refuse but will send some people along with you. Keep going from the world map then to talk to him until he finally introduces you to Kevin and his wife Pam. They will both join.
* Kika- She joins you at the nest of pirates.
* Konrad- Have Katarina in your party and go talk to him at the Razril inn.
* Lilan- Cast Shiramine's net at the Nay harbor and then sail around the island. Go back and pull up the net. Lilan will be caugt with and she is also a sister of Lilin. Lilin wil convince her to join.
* Lilen- After Taisuke joins you, head back into the cave one more time on the deserted island to get Lilen.
* Lilin- When you have 10 stars of destiny sail out of Obel and you will meet her again. She asks you to help her from a ship that is hunting mermaids like Lilin. Defeat all of the men on the ship and you will get back on your ship. Lilin will only join if and only if you shoot the merchant ship while it is retreating.
* Lilon- After the event with Snowe at Razril, sail back to the nest of pirates and she meets before you enter the port.
* Liloon- When you have the other four mermaids and the Golden Seal, sail to Iluya and go down the stairs at the port and you will see her.
* Lino En Kuldes- He joins you after the attack on Obel.
* Lo Fong- On Mordo island get into the hotspring and refuse to pay the 10,000 potch fine. You will then have to battle the Los. Defeat them and they all join.
* Lo Hak- Same as Lo Fong.
* Lo Seng- Same as Lo Fong.
* Louise- She comes with your ship HQ.
* Manu- Go to the inn at Na-Nal and talk to him.
* Mao- At one point Tov informs you that he is scared about a room that he doesn't remember building on the fifth floor. Press the action button in front of the door and you'll soon be let in by a guy who grows mushrooms in there.
* Maxine- First go to the Na-Nal square and fight her. Then Go the Stonecutter's field on Nay. Finally go to inn at Razril and she decides to join.
* Micky- He joins when Reinbach joins.
* Millay- After you hear about her in Middleport, go to the Na-Nal beach with Reinbach in your party and defeat the goons around her.
* Mitsuba- Go to Na-Nal and talk to a man named Reinhold who talks about her. Go to the village square and talk to her. If she loses she joins you, but if you lose you'll have to pay her 1,000 potch. This is a one-on-one duel against you and her so be careful.
* Mizuki- She joins you if you beat her and Akaghi on Obel.
* Nabokov- After freeing Obel go talk to him at the appraisal shop and he joins you.
* Nalkul- He joins you as soon as you get the Gloden Seal back which he stole.
* Nalleo- He joins when Kika joins.
* Nao- When you have Mao, a little later on Tov will say that he hears someone else now in the secret room. Go in and Nao will be growing mints.
* Nataly- Go talk to her in the ruined village on Iluya.
* Nico- He comes with your ship HQ.
* Noah- After freeing Obel go into the royal palace and find her behind the throne. Talk to her and wait until she says that she hasn't eaten for three days and ask her to join.
* Oleg- He automatically joins when you take him to Lino En Kuldes.
* Ornan- Talk to him when you find out about the hotel in the cave, while the Kolluk attack, or after the freedom of Obel.
* Oskar- He sneaks on board the ship after Deborah joins.
* Pablo- He comeswith the ship HQ.
* Pam- She joins when Kevin joins.
* Paula- Same as Jewel.
* Pecola- In the Middleport square talk to one of the women near the inn and she will give a book called "Interior Design Book." Make Warlock join then go to Deborah if you have the book and she will tell you about Pecola in the empty house. Go talk to her and she will join.
* Perrault- When you have the Golden Seal, go to the Nay-Kobold trading post and he will join.
* Phil- When you have at least 40 stars of destiny go to the pirates nest and he will join you.
* Rachel- When you free Obel, have Cedric in your support slot and go to the cave where the ship once was. Talk to her and pay her 5,000 potch to pay for Cedric's fines. She'll then join.
* Rakgi- He joins you after the second fight with the golem.
* Ramada- He joins when you defeat Akaghi and Mizuki.
* Reinbach- After the discussion with his father he meets you on the docks and says that he will only join if you bring him the Rose Crest that Gareth at the Nay inn has. Get it and then bring it back to Reinbach.
* Reinhold- He joins you when you defeat Mitsuba.
* Rene- Search a bottle on the beach of Nay. It gives you a riddle. Sail east of Obel until you get to an island that is shaped like the riddle says.
* Rikie- She joins you after the second battle with the golem.
* Rita- Beat her at her own game at the Na-Nal inn and then ask her to join.
* Selma- After you are done battling the Kooluck soldiers in the square she will be at the docks and asks to join.
* Setsu- He joins after the naval battle with Colton.
* Sigurd- He joins when Koka joins.
* Snowe- This will only happen if one, you have the other 107 stars of destiny, and two, you allowed him to live in the other two encounters. First sail to Mordo island and talk to the man you usually gives information for 100 potch. He will tell you he saw someone shipwrecked in the ocean. Get on your boat and sail west of Mordo island until Nico spots Snowe. Ask him to join and he will finally.
* Taisuke- Go inside the cave on the deserted island and talk to him, he will ask if you can go get his clothes outside. Go get them and bring them back to him then go back outside for him to change. Go back once more and he'll decide to join you.
* Tal- Same as Keneth.
* Tanya- After freeing Razril go to the nest of pirates and talk to her.
* Ted- This can only happen once so pay attention. After you have freed Razril, you still have the Golden Seal, and you have at least 70 stars of destiny, sail to the waters in between Obel and the nest of pirates. Rest and save the game and head to the war room. You will see Lino En Kuldes and talk to him. The ship will then shake and Nico will yell that a ship has appeared out of nowhere. You will meet a man who wants you to meet the guide you follow him and you find yourself on a huge ship called the "Fog Ship." You will be traveling a long distance on the ship until you come to a large opening. The guide knows about the Rune on your hand and asks to join him. Refuse the offer and then you'll have to fight him. The guy who led you to him will unmask himself as Ted and helps you. Defeat the guide and get out of ship. Ted joins you under his graditude. (Note that you should improve Lino En Kuldes' weopon because he is a mandatory character in this part)
* Tov- He comes with the ship HQ.
* Travis- After freeing Obel go into the ruins, defeat the golem again and go talk to him. He says that he will join if you use an escape talisman. Use one and meet him again. He will then join.
* Trishtan- After freeing Obel put Yu in your support slot and go talk to him.
* Ugetsu- After Elenor has joined you sail to Na-Nal and talk to him on the docks.
* Viki- Talk to her on your way to Nay-Kobold village. She vanishes. On your way back talk to her and she joins.
* Warlock- When you have at least 80 stars of destiny and have freed Razril, go talk to Pablo and he tells you about Warlock. Go to the empty house in Middleport and choose 27 potch. You will fall down a level and keep walking until you have to face a dragon. Beat and then continue to Warlock's room. Talk to him and he joins you.
* Wendel- After freeing Obel talk to her on the docks.
* Yu- During the Kooluk attack talk to him and he'll join.

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