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Tekken 5 Cheats :

This page contains Tekken 5 cheats list for Playstation 2 version. Now we have 5 cheats in our list, which includes 2 unlockables, 3 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Tekken 5 on Playstation 2 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - All secrets

by Madd_dogg Apr 03, 2009

Alternate method of unlocking custom items
To perform this trick, you must first have completely beaten Devil Within at least once. Then when you start a new game (this trick also works if you use the Stage Select option), look for large red icons throughout the stages (they look like the tattoo on Jin's arm), usually in hard-to-reach areas. Each time you collect one and clear the entire stage (there are 8 in each stage), you will unlock a random custom item that you can normally buy for 500,000G. This allows you to save your G for other items.

Need help with Devil Within
Have you ever wanted to Devil Jin non-stop and not lose any energy Well then, Smurfie is your savior. All right before I tell you my secret, you need to do a few things first, you have to beat Devil Within on Medium Stage, its difficult, but worth it. All you do once you have completed this is when they ask you for what difficulty level AFTER you win Devil Within on Medium mode, you press:
L2, select, R3( The right Analog stick down)

Another way of Unlocking Devil Jin
Just keep playing everyone's stories till he appears. He will appear way soon before you get done with everyone's stories.

You don't just have to K.O. The other player to win. If you set the clock up to end quicker (30 Seconds etc.)

In order to win this way you need to:

1. Make sure the other player has more damage taken than you.

2. Keep the other person off of you.

This way you don't have to worry about losing.

Back attacks
I find it easier to stun your opponent momentarily and come up from behind with a huge back attack.

Beat jinpachi
The easy way to beat him is to be Yoshimitsu, when he goes to shoot you press O + X and Down, and he can't get you, get up and attack him, Yoshimitsu has good throws and good attacks use low manji Kicks and use his confusing moves like Vaccum Dance and Death Copter (I found this hidden move in Tekken 2)

Customize options
In Customize Mode, you can zoom in by pressing R1 and zoom out by pressing L1. Pressing both R2 and L2 resets the position of the fighter back to the default position. Moving the right analog stick rotates the fighter. And pressing the select button removes all of the menus so that you can get a better view of your fighter.

devil kazuya
on costomize press x with kazuya and put on him
devil horms,third eye,devil wings and use him in arcade press x on kazuya

A good way not to get too much heat on you is... 

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Unlockable - This the real way of unlocking the characters

by Unregistered Feb 29, 2008

Do the following to unlock various characters

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Jinpachi Mishima (Boss)Use GameShark or other similar device to unlock
OgreComplete Story Mode with all characters 2 times
Roger JrComplete Story Mode 1 time with any characters
Anna WilliamsComplete Story Mode 2 times with any characters
Baek Doo SanComplete Story Mode 3 times with Different Characters
KumaComplete Story Mode 4 times with Different Characters
Wang JinreiComplete Story Mode 5 times with Different Characters
GanryuComplete Story Mode 6 times with Different Characters
MokujinComplete Story Mode 7 times with Different Characters
Heihachi MishimaComplete Story Mode 8 times with Different Characters
Devil JinComplete Devil Within Mode
PandaSelect Kuma with instead of other buttons,press X
Eddy Gordo (All voice and move are changed to Man Style)Buy Extra Costume for Christie and press Triangle
Hell DemonBuy Extra Costume for Yosimitsu and press Triangle
1,000,000 GComplete Devil Within Mode
Funny MovieLose to Raven when playing as Yosimitsu in Story Mode
True King of iron FistUnlock Jin Kazama's Ending Movie
Unlock Character's Ending MoviePlay Story Mode with THAT Character and finish the Story
More Battle Stages in practice and Vs ModeComplete Devil Within Mode
Random Character SelectionComplete Story Mode 8 times with Different Characters
Funny Kuma(Bear) MovieComplete Story Mode with Kuma
Is there an Easier way for Fight Money? sure do ^_^Play in Arcade Mode until ur position is Tekken Lord
Star Blade Arcade Mode in Arcade HistoryShoot the unreachable Door in Stage 4 of Devil Within Mode
Easiest way to unlock Devil JinAfter u unlocked the Random Selection,if ur lucky,u can unlock him
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Unlockable - Some ways of getting DEVIL JIN

by Linker64 Oct 06, 2008

1.fight in 200 battles.
2.beat Devil within game mode.
3.use all or at least most of the guys and beat the game with each and one of them.( beat Jinpachi)

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Secret - The best character

by Sonic21 Mar 22, 2010

Is Howarang because if you presing x he does a special compo of Tolio Tsaki(the Korean name for high kicks i go TAEKWONDO and i know)and then press 0 he will do a Ti Tsaki(Korean name about the spin kick) and he knock down the opoment

Sonic21 from Greece

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Secret - Easy Jinpachi Fire Blast Dodges

by MasterJay27 Jan 06, 2010

Playing as Steve Fox:
Press x/o when the fire blast is just about to hit you

Playing as Jin Kazama:
Use mental alertness when the fire blast is just about to hit you

Playing as Devil Jin:
Use fly when the fire blast is just about to hit you/
Use infernal destruction/
Use cross infernal destruction

Playing as Panda/Kuma:
Use hunting

Playing as Ling Xiaoyu:
Use phoenix/
Use front layout when the fire blast is just about to hit you

Playing as Lei Wulong:
Use sidewind/
Use playdead

Playing as Lee Chaolan:
Use lee sliding

Playing as Yoshmitsu:
Use death copter/
Use death copter trick
Use indian stance vacuum dance (close range only)

Playing as Jack-5:
Use sliding attack when the fire blast is about halfway between you and Jinpachi/
Use giant foot stomp

Playing as Christie Monteiro/Eddy Gordo:
Use negativa

Playing as Mokujin:
Mimic everyone and their moves listed above

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Cheats - Tekken 5 Unlocks

by Unregistered Apr 27, 2005

Unlock Roger Jr.:
Defeat the game with Kazuya
Unlock Anna Williams:
Defeat the game in Story Mode 2 times
Unlock Baek:
Defeat the game in Story mode 3 times

Unlock Bruce Irvin:
Defeat the game in Story Mode 4 times

Unlock Wang:
Defeat Time Attack, Story or Battle mode 4 times

Unlock Kuma:
Defeat Time Attack, Story or Battle mode 5 times
Unlock Ganryu:
Defeat Time Attack, Story or Battle mode 6 times

Unlock Mokujin:
Defeat Time Attack, Story or Battle mode 7 times

Unlock Heihachi:
Defeat Time Attack, Story or Battle mode 8 times
Unlock School Girl Ling:
Obtain 50 wins in vs mode, then press R1 to select the character. Note: R1 must be set to RP + LP.
Unlock Eddy Gordo:
Eddy is an extra outfit you buy for Christie
(500,000G on console instead of the 400,000G price tag on the arcade version).

Unlock Devil Jin:
Complete Tekken: Devil Within mini-game to play as Devil Jin

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Hints - Best character

by Unregistered Aug 22, 2006

The best character is Christie and when you play as her hold forward and tap x and then o and then x then o over and over again this awesome move is so awesome when I use it my sisters say I cheat! You tap x and then o not at the same time though.

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