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Tekken 5 Cheats :

This cheat for Tekken 5 [Playstation 2] has been posted at 03 Apr 2009 by Madd_dogg and is called "All secrets". The Cheat have a rating 4 by 6 our users and has been commented 2 times. Also 2 users added this cheat at them cheatbooks. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up Madd_dogg and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 5 other cheats for Tekken 5, look them as soon as possible!

Secret - All secrets

by Madd_dogg Apr 03, 2009

Alternate method of unlocking custom items
To perform this trick, you must first have completely beaten Devil Within at least once. Then when you start a new game (this trick also works if you use the Stage Select option), look for large red icons throughout the stages (they look like the tattoo on Jin's arm), usually in hard-to-reach areas. Each time you collect one and clear the entire stage (there are 8 in each stage), you will unlock a random custom item that you can normally buy for 500,000G. This allows you to save your G for other items.

Need help with Devil Within
Have you ever wanted to Devil Jin non-stop and not lose any energy Well then, Smurfie is your savior. All right before I tell you my secret, you need to do a few things first, you have to beat Devil Within on Medium Stage, its difficult, but worth it. All you do once you have completed this is when they ask you for what difficulty level AFTER you win Devil Within on Medium mode, you press:
L2, select, R3( The right Analog stick down)

Another way of Unlocking Devil Jin
Just keep playing everyone's stories till he appears. He will appear way soon before you get done with everyone's stories.

You don't just have to K.O. The other player to win. If you set the clock up to end quicker (30 Seconds etc.)

In order to win this way you need to:

1. Make sure the other player has more damage taken than you.

2. Keep the other person off of you.

This way you don't have to worry about losing.

Back attacks
I find it easier to stun your opponent momentarily and come up from behind with a huge back attack.

Beat jinpachi
The easy way to beat him is to be Yoshimitsu, when he goes to shoot you press O + X and Down, and he can't get you, get up and attack him, Yoshimitsu has good throws and good attacks use low manji Kicks and use his confusing moves like Vaccum Dance and Death Copter (I found this hidden move in Tekken 2)

Customize options
In Customize Mode, you can zoom in by pressing R1 and zoom out by pressing L1. Pressing both R2 and L2 resets the position of the fighter back to the default position. Moving the right analog stick rotates the fighter. And pressing the select button removes all of the menus so that you can get a better view of your fighter.

devil kazuya
on costomize press x with kazuya and put on him
devil horms,third eye,devil wings and use him in arcade press x on kazuya

A good way not to get too much heat on you is to always duck by pressing the down button, this will usually leave the opponent for an attack.

Easy level ups in Arcade Mode
When playing arcade mode simply quit the match before you lose the second round and you won't get a demotion or lose any experience.

Easy Money
First you need 2 characters, One you're great with, another you're ok with.

Use you 2nd character and raise their rank to Dan1 or higher and choose a strong opponent, then lose on purpose. On continue choose your best fighter, win the match. You'll usually get 2,000+ per match. Just make sure you don't demote your character.

Easy money
You can earn money in arcade mode. If you play higher ranked CPU opponents, you will be rewarded with a higher amount of G after defeating the opponent. The money earned per fight in arcade mode ranges from 800G to about 4000G. In arcade mode, you will also encounter random roulettes which will multiply your winnings. You can also collect money while playing 'Devil Within' and are rewarded an extra 100,000G upon completing the quest. Additionally, the fastest way to get some money in the bank at first is to unlock the endings for all characters by completing story mode with everybody. This will get you 100,000G per character for the first time through only.

Easy Perfect with Devil Jin - By Sten
Trying to get Tekken Lord Rank with Devil Jin I just found an interesting way of winning many battles.

Start out by doing d/f 1,2 then quickly do u/f O,O,O,O. after that use b/ 1+2 and HOLD it, the computer will walk forward not knowing what to do and you'll give them a powerful blast.

After they fly through the air run up and use 0~X (demon scissors). That should finish them off really quick.

note: Although you can use this tactic many times, over using this method in every match, like any other kind may result in you getting hit or worse.

Results may vary when using this against other humans.

Easy win on Jinpachi
For an easier way to beat Jinpachi pick Hwoarang and do his X (X4) kick combo on him. Or you could try O (X4)

Easy win with Law and Lee
Press Triangle(2), then use the Blind Elbow combo (press Triangle(4)) three or four times.

Use Lee's Acid Storm three times (Right, X(4), Circle).

Easy win with Raven
If you want to get Raven to a high level quickly or you need to defeat Story Mode with Raven you can just hit > then R1 for a powerful hit and wait til they get up. Right before they are able to attack, repeat the same thing.

I finished Story mode with Raven in 00:03:17

Easy Win: Asuka
1st pick to play a match as Asuka.
Once the match has started press and hold X and the directional button facing your opponent. Asula should start spinning and eventually kick your opponent. Now wait till your opponent starts to get back up.
Relaunch the attack until your enemy dies.

Extra Cutscene
If you fight with Yoshimitsu in Story Battle, you can get an extra cutscene when you fight with Raven. When you fight with Raven, lose the round and you'll get a funny cutscene.

Fast Money
If you want fast money on Tekken 5 or Tekken 6, simply do the following:

Pick a character that you're good with, but don't really care for customizing. Then move them up rank by rank until you get to something high like Warlord. Reset your character in customize, and work your way up again. Now you have all this money for other characters. Hope you enjoy!

Free Items
After completing Devil Within, play through it a second time. Various items will be scattered around for you to pick up for free.

Gaining ranks quickly
In order to gain ranks quickly you must play opponents of the same rank as you are or higher. When defeating CPU opponents of the same rank as your character, it usually only requires three to five wins to get a promotion. After your fight has ended in arcade mode, you can select one of three opponents with the D-pad. You cannot always select an opponent with the same rank, but do so when one is available; you will have your character rank maxed out quickly.

Get 2 costumes with Asuka
Buy a costume for Asuka Kazama for 500 000G. She gets a schoolgirl costume when you select her with triangle. If you press circle, she gets a black geisha costume.

get out of corner
When you are against the wall in a fight push the directional buttons back and up toward the wall and your player will run up the wall and perform either a backflip, kick or a punch to the opponent. repeatedly push the buttons if it doesn't work and it will. its useful sometimes. i dont believe anyone else knew that :-) take that to the bank

Get rich quick
To get money quick simply pick your highest ranked player. Once you have start fighting against another high ranked player. Try and lose the match. Once you have lost pick one of your low ranked characters and try and win.
You should get payed a lot extra for beating a higher ranked opponent.

Getting expensive items for free
You can get a number of the high priced items for free when you play the Devil Within mini-game a second time after you have already completed the quest. Various expensive items will be scattered around throughout the game.

Help For The Rolett
When the rolet spins and right when it stops quickly tap up or down and it will go the direction you want it to instantly if don't correctly

Jinpachi's movie
To unlock Jinpachi's movie in Theater mode, you have to lose to him and get a game over using any character in Story Battle mode

Kill a Frog
In the Secret Garden Stage. If you look closly at the ground some where you will notice there is a Frog. If you or your opponent gets knocked in the air and lands on the frog it while die and its angel will float upward.

Like taking candy from a baby...
I am a big fan of the Tekken series, and have been playing it for years and i am very good at it...To be good at Tekken you must understand the basic moves from the 1st one cause the 1st one forms the basis for the other versions. Anyways...I have almost all my fighters at Tekken Lord mode and got there very quickly, but the quickest with Paul Phoenix. Here's how...When the announcer says "fight"...press (down + square and then triangle) for a 2 hit combo, but hold triangle in cause there are 2 versions of this move...1 where u just press triangle and 1 where u hold triangle in for a delayed but more powerful shot which every Tekken Lord will block and be sent sliding along the floor with the sheer force of the punch. This is a good thing because as soon as they get hit backwards while blocking, you press (back + square and triangle together) to execute Paul's super unblockable shot. Your opponent will 90% of the time walk right in it leaving them with very little life left. Under game options you can turn guard damage "on" so that you can easily finish the opponent off after delivering the power shot from Paul even if he/she blocks.

Look like Ken with Paul
Customize Paul with long hair or a ponytail, and for the gloves buy yellow or red ones. He should now resemble Ken from the Street Fighter series.

Look under Julias skirt:
Choose practice mode. Select Hwaorang as player one and julia as practice dummy in her Indian clothes(press TRIANGLE). As Hwoarang, use a special attack to knock julia down. julia may be facing belly up or down. when she is down, move behind her to see under her skirt.

Make Even More Money
In Devil within Mode, besides just gathering points by killing etc. If you get

50 hit Combo
Beat the Level Fast
Take little damage as possible
Try not to get hit during the Boss battle
Find/gather as much points as you can
Try to K.O. As much enemies as you can
Don't let your life go empty

If you can do most of that, you're rank will be S which will Multiply the points you earned! You can make 100,000s of points! It worked for me

Metrosexual look with Jin
Go to custom mode and use costume 1 (Square). Set the head to metrosexual hairstyle, face to orange sunglasses, color 1 to plum, color 2 to plum, and color 3 to plum.

Mokujin wooden block sounds
When playing as Mokujin, hold Down at the loading screen until the fight starts. Mokujin will sounds like a wooden block when blocking.

Special item
On devil within stage 4-2 theres a room and when you look in front of you and you will see a wall with a lightning bolt on it when you do transform into devil jin and push L1+square to do a straight devil beam. You will have to beam the door 2 times, once you blow up the door platforms will start popping up then get out of devil mode. Star jumping on the platforms but be careful they will fall if you are on them too long. Travel through the room and you will see the item floating aboce the ground... and there you are an special found easy

Star Blade in Arcade History
You have to unlock Star Blade from Devil Within. Go to the first room in Stage 4-2, there is a breakable wall underneath the higher ledge. Transform to Devil Jin and press L1+Square to blast at the wall.
There will be some tiles appear after the wall is destroyed. Jump over the tiles and move on to the next room. There will be a spaceship from Star Blade in the middle of the room. Collect it and continue to beat Stage 4 to unlock Star Blade.

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