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Test Drive Unlimited Review :

To buy or Not to buy?

by Marinator Aug 07, 2010

Ever thought of buying this game? Well, I will give my opinion about the game. First off, you land in Oahu, Hawaii. You then are taken to a rental car place where you rent a car until you get your own car. Then you have to go get a house, then you are free to explore Oahu. There are numerous challenges around the island, including Time Trail, Race, Point to Point and Speed Camera test. I have to admit, PS2 is the worst platform to get it on. You are better off getting it on the Computer as on the PS2, there are lots of missing things, including Ferrari's, Motorbikes, making your own character etc... It's good value for money as it takes a long time to complete and has a few decent cars including the McLaren F1, Lamborghini Murcielago, McLaren Mercedes

The online driving audience is obviously a big draw of Test Drive Unlimited, since so much of the multiplayer functionality has just been built into the basic gameworld. There is no quick-and-dirty multiplayer menu to jump into to find a match. You will have to log in to the online servers every time you boot up the game (and scroll through the exceedingly lengthy online agreement every time), but that's it. It's a little bit more convoluted than a standard menu system, since you might have to scan the various online race icons on the map, trying to find a race to get into, but in my testing, I found a decent number of competitors at several of the race hubs. It's probably also worth mentioning that Test Drive Unlimited doesn't offer any kind of single-console multiplayer, so if you want to play against friends, it'll have to be online. If you see another online player, all you have to do is flash your headlights at them, and they can choose to accept or decline the challenge; if they accept, you just pick a finish line somewhere away from where you're currently situated, and race to the end.

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8Story line
Alright, can get complicated at times when you are in one place one minutes, then the next minute, you are being chased by cops for hitting someone even though the other person totally pulled out in front of you
Pretty good, only a few downers including a few things that are flat and when you are in cockpit view, the rear view mirrors don't work
AWESOME, most of the cars have realistic sound when driving around the roads. The GPS that tells you where to go can't sometimes be heard, which can be annoying when in an important race
Pretty good. Includes different types of races and challenges that can be replayed whenever you want, which is good when saving up for a decent car
6Lasting Appeal
Depending on if you have the patience to complete it, it is good. It takes a LONG time to complete though which can be frustrating
(Out of 10)


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