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The Golden Compass Review :

Worst PS2 Game Ever

by sdan12 Aug 24, 2011

This game is about Lyra, a eleven year old girl who is the only one who can read the alethieometer, or as the title of the video game suggests, the golden compass. It has the ability to show what others wish to hide. Now the gobblers are snatching children and it's up to you to find out why. You can play as Lyra, Pan, and Iorek. You start out at Jordan College and go through the game from there all the way through the icy Artic. This game is based on the movie. The movie is really good but the game doesn't match up to it. I think this game could have been a lot better. But I wouldn't waste my time with this game if I were you. Out of 100 I would give this game a 23. It's just not that good.

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8Story line
The storyline is basically the same as the movie. The gobblers are taking children and you have to play as Lyra, Pan, and Iorek on an adventure to go find them.
The graphics are horrible. And I know that the graphics on the PS2 arn't always perfect but these are just absoloutly bad. You can barely tell who is who in this game.
The sounds are a little irritating. Whenever Pan is switched into another animal form the noise for that animal comes on and it's so irritating.
The gameplay is one of the worst things in this game. It's hard to stay balanced if your on a ledge. Or if your trying to use Pan in sloth form and your trying to jump, it's hard to stay on or even get onto the ledge without falling.
2Lasting Appeal
I can't stand this game. It is the worst PS2 game that I have ever played! I would not reccomend this video game to anybody. Trust me, this isn't worth buying.
(Out of 10)


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