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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Cheats :

This page contains Tony Hawk's Pro Skater cheats list for Playstation 2 version. Now we have 3 cheats in our list, which includes 2 cheats codes, 1 secret. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater on Playstation 2 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Code - Cheat mode

by samrocks Jan 05, 2009

pause the game while on one of the places and enter the codes below. when u entered the code the screen will shake and that is the sign that the cheat is done. for lots of money cheat go in carrer mode so it will be easier for u to go and upgrade your favourite player. I would prefer do the code thing in career mode.

Cheat mode- Hold L1 then press X,X,X,square,square,up,down,left,up,square,triangle,Xtriangle,O,X,triangle and O.
double moon phisics- Hold L1,left,up,left,up, down,up,sqaure,triangle,left,up,left,up,down,up,sqaure,triangle.
Low phisics mode- hold L1,X,square,left,up,down,up,square, triangle.
perfect balance- Hold L1, right,up,left,square,left,up,square,triangle.
extra money- Hold L1, X, down, left, right,down,left,right.
fat skater- Hold L1 X,X,X,X,left,X,X,X,X,left,X,X,X,X.
Thin skater- HOld skatedr- Hold L1, X,X,X,X,square,X,X,X,X,square,X,X,X,X.
Fly mode- when u do cheat mode this will be unlocked. Here r the controls for flying-
Float up-Hold X
fly forwad- Hold triangle while in the air
turn left-L2 and Turn right- R2
Drift left- L1 and Drift right- R1
Kid mode- turn on in cheats which is in option (once u did the cheat mode)
I hope u like these cheats and i will be posting more later

Cheat modeevery cheat will be unlocked new charcters too
double moon phsicswhen u jump u will go in space( good for makeing points)
low moon phsicsu will be not go that high but u will higher then a normal jump
perfect balancewhen u jump on a rail u will have perfect balance on it
extra moneyu will get more money
fat skaterit will make your skater fatter
thin skaterit will make your skater thin
fly modeu will fly in the air
Kid modeyour character will be kid
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Code - Hey!

by Unregistered Nov 24, 2008

Here are a LOT of codes, maybe all. To do, go to pause menu, hold L1 the whole time, and press the following. If entered correctly, screen should shake. This is part 1
Part 2 is hints
Part 3 is special tricks
Part 4 is secret stuff

Circle, Right, Up, Down, Circle, Right, Up, Square, TriangleMEGA CHEATS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Triangle, Right, Up, Square, Triangle, Left, Up, Square, TriangleLevel Select: soft reset maybe...
Square, Circle, Up, Left, Left (quit and restart a game to use)BIG heads. Like, HUGE. LOL
Square, Triangle, Up, DownStats go up to 10
X, Square, Square, Triangle, Up, DownStats Max
X, Triangle, Circle, Down, Up, RightSpecial Meter full: now the Burntwist is a prime factor :)
Square, Circle, X, Up, DownStart in random locations, maybe a coffee shop
Square, Left, Up, TriangleTurns off displays: Yikes! Was that 25,000 points or 1?
Right, Up, Square, TriangleTurn off/on blood (They shouldn't of put it there in the first place)
Square, Left, Up, Square, LeftSloooooooooooooooooooooooow Moooooooooooootion LOLZ
Next are:Hints!
Get all thirty tapes in Career mode with any one character.Skate as Officer Dick: you're busted!
Start a game in any mode as Officer Dick. Now pause, hold L1 and press Triangle, Up, Triangle, Up, Circle, Up, Left, Triangle. Exit the game and return to the selection screen.Private Carrera (cheap way) [Screen will not shake] {Restart a run as P.C., game will freeze:(}
Get the gold in all three competitions with any one character.See skater's video ending (Choose 'View Replay' to see their ending)
Get three gold medals with Officer Dick.Neversoft bails video:
Next is...Special tricks
1st is:Tony Hawk
Right, Right, CircleKickflip Mctwist
Down, Right, SquareSignature move (in booklet) 360 flip to mute
Left, Left, Square540 Board Varial
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Secret - Signature Moves

by cGub Sep 26, 2007

Signature moves are performed when the Special bar flashes yellow.

* Private Carrera
Somi spin -- Left, Down, Circle
Well hardflip -- Right, Left, Square
Ho-Ho-Ho -- Left, Up, Square + Circle

* Andrew Renolds
Backflip -- Up, Down + Circle
Heelflip to Bluntside -- Down, Down + Triangle
Triple Kickflip -- Left, Left + Square

* Bob Burnquist
Backflip -- Up, Down + Circle
One-footed Smith -- Right, Right + Triangle
Burnt Twist -- Left, Up, Triangle

* Bucky Lasek
Fingerflip Airwalk -- Left, Right + Circle
Kickflip McTwist -- Right, Right + Circle
Varial Heelflip Judo -- Down, Up + Square

* Chad Muska
360 Shove-it Rewind -- Right, Right + Square
Frontflip -- Down, Up + Circle
One-foot 5-0 Thumpin -- Right, Down + Triangle

* Elissa Streamer
Backflip -- Up, Down + Circle
Primo Grind -- Left, Left + Triangle

* Geoff Rowley
Backflip -- Up, Down + Circle
Darkside Grind -- Left, Right + Triangle
Double Hardflip -- Right, Down + Square

* Jamie Thomas
540 Flip -- Left, Down + Square
Frontflip -- Down, Up + Circle
One-footed Nose Grind -- Up, Up + Triangle

* Kareem Campbell
Casper Slide -- Up, Down + Triangle
Front Flip -- Down, Up + Circle
Kickflip Underflip -- Left, Right + Square

* Officer Dick
Assume the Position -- Left, Left + Circle
Neckbreak Grind -- Left, Right + Triangle
Yeeeehaw Front Fip -- Down, Up + Circle

* Rune Glifberg
Christ Air -- Left, Right + Circle
Front Back Kickflip -- Up, Down + Square
Kickflip McTwist -- Right, Right + Circle

* Tony Hawk
900 * -- Right, Down + Circle
540 Board Varial ** -- Left, Left + Square
360 Flip to Mute -- Down, Right + Square
Kickflip McTwist -- Right, Right + Circle

* Maneuver requires a lot of air.
** Half-pipe and street courses only.

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