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Tony Hawk's Underground Cheats :

This page contains Tony Hawk's Underground cheats list for Playstation 2 version. Now we have 19 cheats in our list, which includes 4 passwords, 3 unlockables, 11 glitches, 1 secret. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Tony Hawk's Underground on Playstation 2 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Password - Play as Hidden Neversoft Skaters

by hyon Mar 11, 2011

By entering these names in the Create-A-Skater menu, you can unlock hidden skaters based on the designers of the game.

THEDOCAdam Lippmann
Alan FloresAlan Flores
Andy MarchelAndy Marchel
Big TexBig Tex
fatassBrad Bulkley
Akira2sC Surla
arrCaptain Cody
Chauwa SteelChauwa Steel
ChrisPChris Peacock
Chris RauschChris Rausch
Johnny OwChum
Dan NelsonDan Nelson
Daddy MacDana MacKenzie
DDTDarren Thorne
TOPBLOKEDave Cowling
Dave StohlDave Stohl
cromEric Grosser
YawgurtGary Jesdanun
GEIGERJake Geiger
Jason UyedaJason Uyeda
NSJEFFJeff Morgan
Jeremy AndersonJeremy Anderson
Joel JewettJoel Jewett
Guilt LadleKevin Mulhall
Marcos XK8RMarcos XK8R
woodchuckMichelle Deyo
Mike WardMike Ward
moreuberthanedMikey Ortai
NolyNolan Nelson
POOPERPaul Robinson
buffoonPete Day
deadendroadRalph D'Amato
1337Rulon Raymond
Stacey DStacey D
tao zhengtao zheng
HammerTed Barber
The KrakenThe Kraken
The SwinkThe Swink
TSUEnami!Todd Sue
Todd WahoskeTodd Wahoske
ZigZac Drake
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Password - Unlock Everything

by Noors Mar 11, 2011

Put in Cheats Menu.

havethemallUnlock Everything
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Glitch - Climb Up Walls

by 645 Mar 11, 2011

This glitch is quite simple. First enter the Moon Gravity code. Then run up to a building on foot. Jump towards the wall. Hold in the direction of the wall and keep hitting the jump button. If done correctly, you can keep jumping up and get to places you normally couldn't go. There also some bizarre areas not usually accessable either.

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Glitch - Inside barriered places

by thing thing Mar 11, 2011

Go up to a wall with Moon gravity on and be in stand mode. Constantly keep jumping and jumping into the edge of the map until you jump over the barrier. Then you can walk around inside houses or other neat places

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Glitch - Infinite Spin

by nevets284 Mar 11, 2011

In any of the Hangar Old School level, turn Moon Gravity ON, and go to any of the 4 corners of the level. Then, ollie up one of the vert ramps into the ceiling corner and you should stay there and never come down. While up there, you can do as many specials, tricks, spins you want. I have done many 900s in a row and got my spin up to over 50,000 before I got bored. The only way down is to press R1 and L1 to get off your board.

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Glitch - Lip Trick Any Rail

by pepo_pepi Mar 11, 2011

Air off a quarter pipe with a rail or other lip above it. Lip the rail/lip with a trick you can jump up from, such as a noseblunt, and jump up from it. Before you hit the ground, press L1 and R1 to get off your board, then quickly hit R1 again to grab on to the object you just lipped. Press down and wait for the run meter to run out. Walk around to the rail you want to lip. Caveman grind any rail you want, then ollie to another rail and grind it. You will proceed to do a lip trick on the second rail when you should be grinding. This is not limited to rails-you can do it on any grindable object.

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Glitch - Past the Level Boundary - NJ

by fjordi Mar 11, 2011

In New Jersey, get in the car and back it up past the corner just to the left and bottom of the screen(where it starts you over again for going past the boundary) and keep going in reverse as you get placed back on the screen with the red letters, after it says whatever(while still holding down reverse) you should go past that boundary in reverse and your car will go so far before melting into the the ground half way and glitching out madly.

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Glitch - Past the Level Boundary - Slam City Jam

by benk9 Mar 11, 2011

Right after the level starts, turn right and go towards Exit C. Get off your board, and stand stand at the corner (to the right of the sign saying ''To Concourse Level'', and jump up, grabbing the rail. Move as far left as you can, and climb up. You'll fall down beside the chairs. Staying as far left as you can against the glass without touching the chairs, walk forward untill you reach the stairs, then go up them untill you reach the top. At this point, you can run around through the chairs and everything else. However, you can go ever further out of the level. Run up any of the flat stairs to the blue seats, and run untill you reach the section under the red VANS sign (if you walk on the seats below, you'll die). Go up to the stairs, face the flat stairs heading up between the blue seats, and jump into it. You will fall through, land at the entrence, and will be able to walk outside of the building as far as the road, to be able to look at the flat vehicles. If you follow the road to the left or right, you can even walk through the doors of the building across the street, which is the Vancouver Hotel.

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Glitch - Perfect Manual Without Using Cheat Codes

by slipknotter Mar 11, 2011

If you manual towards a wall (best to manual towards it slowly) and land it just before you hit the wall (i.e. Press the Up directional button) and time it just right, you will bounce off the wall and be still in your manual, except the balance meter is frozen, so you can do as many pivots as you like,. However, as soon as you jump you manual will be back to normal again.

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Glitch - Spine Transfer Glitch

by bekham 123123 Mar 11, 2011

Create a board and put two house boats made exactly the same and in the same direction so you can spine transfer over one little hut onto the plain quarter pipe. If you start on the plain side and spine transfer just as you pass by the little over hang, your character will stiffen and melt into and under the little overhang letting you do up to 11-16 tricks(best to do grabs) for massive amounts of points and to land it, simply jump off the board by pressing L1 + R1 then either let the timer run or throw in a few more tricks.

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Glitch - Stand-Off-Your-Board-Whil e-Tricking Glitch

by lumerd Mar 11, 2011

Go to New Jersey in Career Mode and begin grinding a looping rail (such as the train tracks), lip-tricking, or manualing. While doing this trick, pause the game, go to Options, then Watch Cutscenes. Select Muska Demo and skip through the two cutscenes, if you wish. Once the preview is over, return to the game to see your skater in a stand off the board posture. However, the trick will continue so the skater stands while grinding, lip-tricking, or manualing.

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Glitch - Use Pro's in Story Mode Mission glitch

by pa Mar 11, 2011

After you pick your team of 5 pro's, attempt the Vancouver Spine Challenge. Pick any of your pro's, and begin. Do the first part of the challenge, which are the three spines. After that, the game tells you to do a big combo, and if you dont git it right the first time, you fail. So, after doing the spines, intentionally bail, and the game will make that annoying screeching noise, the game will pause for a second, and restart you with your guy. Well, IMMEDIATLY after the game is bout to show your character, after the failure, press pause. If you did it right, your guy should be kind of crooked in the background. Now, pick Retry Last Goal and the game, if you did it right, should make that annoying screech sound again. After that sound, it will ask who you wish to skate with. Pick any of the pro's, but instead of the game loading up the mission again, it will just restart you again as if you failed the mission, but you will still be skating as that pro. Feel free to change levels, and do goals that you have yet to finish. You'll still have all of your C.A.S stats, and you'll still talk like him, but you'll be one of the pro's.

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Unlockable - Cheats

by bad man reece Mar 11, 2011

These cheats can be turned on or off through the start menu.

Always SpecialComplete 129/129 Goals.
Cool SpecialsComplete 129/129 Goals.
Flame (While Grinding)Complete 129/129 Goals.
Kid ModeComplete 129/129 Goals.
Moon GravityComplete 129/129 Goals.
Perfect ManualComplete 129/129 Goals.
Perfect RailComplete 129/129 Goals.
Perfect SkitchComplete 129/129 Goals.
RollerskatesComplete 129/129 Goals.
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Unlockable - How to unlock Secret Characters

by Js|n Mar 11, 2011

Go to the Options menu the Cheat Codes and put in the code.

UnlockUnlock by completing Story mode on Normal Or Sick difficulty settings.
Unlock Iron ManBeat the game on beginner and get Hot as Hell level and a secret character Iron Man.
Unlock The Offical T.H.U.G. SongThis code you can get if you play the motorcross demo and you have to win first place, but you can get it if you enter at the cheat screen HOLESHOT.
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Unlockable - Unlockable Car's

by 93 12 25 3 Mar 11, 2011

How to unlock some of the cars

Gardener's CartComplete the goal
Leaf Blo CartComplete either Cart Racer Goals in Vancouver
Pickup TruckComplete the Smash the Pineapples goal in Hawaii
Police CarComplete the goal where you have to Lose the Cops in Tampa
Russian CarComplete the Get the Russian Babes goal in Moscow
Street Racer CarComplete the Street Racer's Challenge in New Jersey
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Secret - Get the Kiss Band to play your favorite song.

by 10210USER Mar 11, 2011

First Get the K-I-S-S letter in the Hotter than Hell level. After the band starts playing their song, Pause the game, Go to Options, Go to Sound Options, Then Playlist. Now highlight a song then press Circle. Unpause the game and viola! Kiss is now playing your favorite song in THUG.

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by Unregistered Jun 30, 2008


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Glitch - Very FUNNY!

by Unregistered Apr 21, 2008

In story mode on any diificulty, go to the part where u make ur own team and have to go to each level and do a goal. go to the one in Hawaii.When the guy tells u howw to do it dont skip it continue when he is completley finished talking.there will be video of a guy doin near the end of when he talks the screen will turn blue except for the skater.You will hear someone laughing MUwahahahahahaha. No seriously, he will.

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Cheats - Perfect Rail Balance

by CheatsGuru May 15, 2005

One of the last missions for New Jersey a street Warrior driver asks you
to do a trial run with his car.If you get his car back to him before
time runs out you can drive his car whenever you feel like it!

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Cheats - Perfect rail balance

by Unregistered Apr 30, 2005

Start at the entrance of the stadium (where the parked trucks are located, and where you get into the contest. From there, look at the tape. You should see it above the glass dome behind the subway-like spline entrance. Go down left from here and wait for a vehicle to drive out of the tunnel. Skitch it towards where you started from. Make sure you are on the left side of the car. When you are about to pass the subway entrance spline, get of the vehicle and spline the entrance from the side. This will launch you across the dome into the secret tape.

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Cheats - Lots of points (in a combo)

by Unregistered Apr 27, 2005

First of all, you can choose any skater that has a special trick that would go slowly with the "Cool Specials" cheat on(EX: Mctwist, Quad Heelflip). Make sure you go on "Too Easy Mode".
Then you can choose any level to skate. When the level starts, turn on the "Cool Specials" cheat. Then get special and go to a rail.
Jump and quickly do your special trick, and while he/ she is doing their trick grind the rail.
You should end up grinding the rail in slow motion. Now you can do anything in slow motion except a trick that goes slowly with the cheat on.
If you fall, go out of bounds, or do a slow motion special trick, you will come out of it immediately.
Don't worry, the game can't crash and the graphics will be a little bad when you're moving, but that's normal.

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Cheats - All FMV sequences

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2005

beat story mode.

any level: unlock IRON MAN from marvel comics.

normal or sick: gene simmons from kiss

sick: t.h.u.d ( if you dont no who that is look at the part where eric is skating at the begging of the game win you first turn it on the monster is thud)

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Cheats - Make Eminem in Create a Skater

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

I've found three Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 levels wraveled into THUG. Plus, a little hidden place:

1) Go to New Jersey. Go to the train station. Stand on top of the train station lip. Look to the left. You will see a flashing icon. Go out and get onto the ledge that its on. This will unlock the Old Skool level. To enter it, go to Change Levels and select Old Skool.

2) Go to Hawai. Go to the shop called the Tiki Shop which has a wooden Tiki outside. Jump into its mouth. You will go down a long tunnel. When you come out, make sure you hit the THPS2 symbol. Then go into the change levels thing and select Venice.

3) Go to Moscow. Hop onto the building which the Christmas tree lights are attached to. Grind along on the side away from the tanks and into the big window. Go up the stairs and get it. Then select Hangar.

4) This is just a secret skatepark. Go to Hawai. Go to the place where the car is. Face the opposite way that it is pointing. Do a Spine Transfer over the ramp. Voila!

Hope you enjoyed this.

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Cheats - Freeze Game Unlock

by Unregistered Apr 25, 2005

the moongravity cheat then go to Hawaii. Go to the pink hotel (the building that you jump towards when you have to do a Mctwist over the helicopter) and go to the side where there is a halfpipe and a black door. Jump up on to the yellow and red umbrella like banner. Go to the edge the of the banner and keep jumping up the side of the building. Eventually you will get to the top and fall into a room with a black door. Go half way through the doorway then go back in. The TV will make a beeping noise and you won't be able to move. (This will delete any unsaved history of the game.) Turn off the game system then start all over.
Submitted by: Chico Cavanaugh
Chico Cavanaugh

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Password - Tony Hawk cheats

by joejoephett Oct 02, 2007

Go to Menu Screen and choose:Options/MTX Demo and find cheat codes

rearriderperfectskiches(not sure if spelled corectly
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