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This cheat for Trapt [Playstation 2] has been posted at 22 Jun 2010 by ReNveLaTioNs and is called "Dark illusion". If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up ReNveLaTioNs and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 1 other cheats for Trapt, look them as soon as possible!

Glitch - Dark illusion

by ReNveLaTioNs Jun 22, 2010

Location: Mansion Hall
How to Activate: This is probably the easiest dark illusion to activate in the
game, and you can do so right at the very beginning of the game. First off you
will need to light the candles on the right side of the hall using a trap. Any
trap will do, but you'll probably find it easiest with a projectile wall trap.
Once the candles are lit, lure the enemy into the bloodstained area in between
the candle stands. Conversely, you can wait until the enemy enters the target
area and then light the candles. Either way, the dark illusion will activate.
Be careful not to stand on the target area or you will end up the victim

Location: Mansion Belfry
How to Activate: Another easy dark illusion to trigger. In the belfry there is
a ball and chain that drops from the ceiling in regular intervals. When the
ball and chain drops to the floor use a powerful trap (such as a smash wall) to
swing the ball and chain into the bell, which will destroy it. This arms the
dark illusion. To trigger it, simply lure an enemy into the circular
indentation on the ground where the bell was (make sure you don't enter the
area yourself).

Location: Mansion Basement Stairs
How to Activate: This dark illusion is tricky to activate, and even trickier to
catch an enemy with. It's interesting to note that this dark illusion activates
regardless of whether or not a victim is in the target area. The key to
activating this one is to reunite the Devil's Head with the Devil's Body. First
you will need to set a floor trap underneath the Devil's Head that can dislodge
it from the ceiling. An earthquake bomb works, as does hellfire. Next you will
need to set a push wall on the wall aiming towards the Devil's Body at the
bottom of the first set of stairs near the L junction. Note that if you try to
use a wall trap that uses great force (like a smash wall or evil kick) the trap
will not activate. To activate the trap, first dislodge the Devil's Head with
the floor trap. This will cause the head to roll down the stairs. Activate the
push wall so that it pushes the head towards the next set of stairs as it
p***es by (this requires timing). If you timed it correctly the head will roll
down the stairs to the base of the Devil's Body, whereupon the dark illusion
will activate. The target area for the dark illusion is the bottom square at
the base of the stairs underneath the Devil's Body. Note that it is very
difficult to activate the dark illusion and keep an enemy in the target area at
the same time without serious timing.

Location: Palace Clock Hall
How to Activate: This dark illusion requires a bit of setup. First off you will
need to activate the pendulum behind the clock. You can do this by either
hitting it with a trap, or knocking an enemy into it. You can also run into it
yourself, but will take some damage doing so. Once the pendulum is activated
the cuckoo will activate and the clock will now be armed. Next you will need to
set an immobilization trap on the yellow square on the bridge. When someone is
on the yellow square, a switch will light up near the bridge. Set a trap (I
recommend the pendulum) near the switch. Now all you need to do is lure an
enemy on the square, immobilize them, and then activate the switch with the

Location: Old Castle War Room
How to Activate: If you've read my rave on the cannon combo trap previously,
you pretty much know how to activate this dark illusion. First set an
immobilization floor trap adjacent to the cannon on the stairs next to it. Then
set a push wall adjacent to the cannon and floor trap. Wait next to the
activation switch for the cannon, which is conveniently nearby. Immobilize the
victim with the floor trap. Before you activate the push wall, activate the
switch for the cannon. When the cannon is activated, use the push wall to push
the victim into the cannon and the dark illusion with activate.

Location: Old Castle Guardroom
How to Activate: This dark illusion is a bit tricky to activate. You basically
need to electrify the water so that the waterwheel activates and begins
spinning quickly, and then throw someone onto the waterwheel spikes before it
slows down again. I recommend using a spark rod to activate the wheel. How you
get the enemy onto the waterwheel spikes is up to you, but remember that when
you activate the spark rod the entire water area becomes electrocuted; going
into the water is not an option.

Location: Old Castle Entry Hall
How to Activate: Now this one's a real doozy. First off, you'll need to ignite
all four flame spouts in the room. You can use a flare rock, but it's probably
much easier to use a fireball trap. Once all four flames are activated, set an
immobilization floor trap between the two electric pillars near the entrance.
Then set a trap near the activation switch near the top of the stairs on the
right side of the room. To activate the dark illusion you will need to trap
someone in the electric pillars and reach a pulley at the top of the stairs
near the knight statues while the enemy is still being electrocuted. The key to
this is to not activate the pillars right away. First immobilize the enemy, but
do not activate the pillar trap right away. Move up the stairs. When you're
about halfway up activate the switch using the trap. This is to give you enough
time to reach the pulley before the electric trap wears off. Once you reach the
pulley at the top, and the enemy is still being electrocuted, the dark illusion
will activate.

Location Sealed Room
How to Activate: Arming this dark illusion is relatively simple. You need to
knock down all four pillars at the top of the room. As you knock down a pillar
a beam of purple light appears on the ground. When all four pillars have been
knocked down a purple glowing rectangle will form around the circular
pentagram. All you need to do is lure the final boss into the pentagram to
activate the dark illusion. Note that you can enter the purple glowing area,
but avoid the center circle; otherwise you'll end up activating the dark
illusion on yourself and will be killed instantly. The only problem is that the
boss will never willingly enter the pentagram. The key to getting the boss to
activate the dark illusion is to use the vacuum floor. When you use the vacuum
floor near the boss, the boss will quickly move away from the trap. If you can
get the boss between the trap and the pentagram, the boss may end up
inadvertently on top of the target areas as it avoids the vacuum trap. It
doesn't work all the time, but it's the most reliable way I've found so far to
get the boss on the pentagram.

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