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Afrika Trophies :

This page contains Afrika Trophies list for Playstation 3 version.We have description of 45 Trophies right now. Also you can find at this page guides about reaching these Trophies are written by our users. Of course you can make some own guides for any Afrika Trophies.

Hippopotamus Yawn

Complete Mission "The ultimate big mouth... You know who!"

Cheetah Hunt

Complete Mission "Hunting at 60 mph"

Approach African Buffalo

Complete Mission "Photo for 'Nature Power' magazine"

Baby African Elephant

Complete Mission "Looking for material for a new picture book"

African Elephant Showering

Complete Mission "African Elephant cooling off in the water"

Wild Dog Hunt

Complete Mission "The endangered African Wild Dog"

African Elephant Trumpet

Complete Mission "Urgent! African Elephant's powerful roar"

Leopard Hunt

Complete Mission "A silent hunter that sneaks up on its prey"

Wildebeest River Crossing

Complete Mission "The wildebeest herd's spectacular moment"

Mysterious Wall Painting

Complete Mission "Investigate evidence of indigenous people"

Hippopotamus Fight

Complete Mission "Victory hinges on the size of their mouths"

Plains Zebra's Intimidation

Complete Mission "Wrath of the Plains Zebra"

Masai Giraffe Necking

Complete Mission "Research Req: Fight between Masai Giraffes"

Gerenuk Eating Food

Complete Mission "Urgent! Photo for 'All About Mammals' guide"

Skull Collection 1

Complete Mission "Could you hunt down some animal bones?"

White Rhinoceros Fight

Encounter "White Rhinoceros Fight"

Collect Crittercam

Complete Mission "Crittercam retrieval"

Commemorative Photo with Masai

Complete Mission "Job: Piece to be included in photo book"

Mysterious Footprints

Complete Mission "Please go verify this rumor"

Lions Pride

Complete Mission "Lion, king of the beasts"

Nile Crocodile Hunt

Complete Mission "To my dear Nile Croc specialist!"

Pelican Cry

Complete Mission "Urgent! Need that bird call"

African Elephant Boss

Complete Mission "Mind risking your life for a photo?"

White Rhinoceros Family

Complete Mission "Thanks! Our book is flying off the shelves"

Travel side by side with troop

Complete Mission "Urgent! Publicity still for our documentary"

Sunset and Oryx

Complete Mission "The oryx and its long horns"

Skull Collection 2

Complete Mission "Clue to the mystery creature's identity"

Lion Hunt

Complete Mission "Job: The king's hunt"

Baby Cheetah Cry

Complete Mission "An adorable baby calling for its mama"

Sunset and Cheetah

Complete Mission "You're a hit! Got time for another?"

Complete Safari Mode

Complete Mission "The 'Nunda', a giant beast of legend"

Leopard vs Olive Baboon

Encounter "Leopard vs Olive Baboon"

Lion Fight

Complete Mission "Intergenerational battle between lions"

Cheetah on car

Encounter "Cheetah on car"

Discover Pygmy Hippopotamus

Complete Mission "The endangered Pygmy Hippopotamus"

Discover Black Leopard

Complete Mission "Black Leopard lurking in the dark"

Discover King Cheetah

Complete Mission "King Cheetah with snake-like patterns"

Discover Okapi

Complete Mission "The rare and cautious okapi"

Cheetah vs Warthog

Encounter "Cheetah vs Warthog"

Item Complete

Get all the items

Find Bottle

Find the "Bottle"

Jambo! AFRIKA!

Completed AFRIKA! Congratulations!!!

Mission & Big Game Trophy Complete

Complete all the missions and the big game trophy

Complete Animal Encyclopedia

Complete the Animal Encyclopedia

Sunset and Reticulated Giraffe

Complete Mission "A single shot that symbolizes Africa"

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