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Call of Duty: Black Ops Review :

Call of Duty: Black Ops

by platinummaster8 Apr 04, 2011

What an outstanding job Treyarch have done with this game. Black Ops is brilliant from it's campaign to zombies to multiplayer. Also there is other mini-games that you can play via the computer at the main menu. Extra features make this a contender for the best Call of Duty title.

As I said this game was made by Treyarch, the same people who made World at War. Nazi Zombies is now just called Zombies. The campaign is different to the other campaigns with a fight for chemical weapons involved. The best CoD campaign since CoD 4: Modern Warfare.

Warning there is a few spoilers, like people who die in the campign and the name of a level.

Black Ops is an amazing game which is worth buying if you ever have the chance to. I've even got the game myself and it passes time and you only need 50 level to presteige.

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9Story line
In the campaign you take on the role as Mason, a SOG Solider who lost his memory. He is being interogatted to tell them about the chemical gas that the Russian Dragovitch has and how to stop it. You even go back to WWII in one level called Project Nova, where Dmitri(who you play in WaW) dies. 9/10
The graphics in Black ops include explosions, bullets, blood, gas and shading. The graphics are not better than Ifinity Ward's MW2. The graphics, in my eyes gets 8/10.
The sound in this game is similar to any other Call of Duty game. Helicopters, gun fire, explosions, battle phrases e.g "Kill comfirimed!". Overall I'd give the sound a 9/10 because, unlike in MW2 when there was a jet in the air all you could hear was the jet. Normally I would have gave it a 8.
The gameplay in this game includes flying helicopters, fire fights and building raiding. The online gameplay is good like in any other CoD but there is no Tactical Nuke which is a let down in some ways but it mean that a game won't end too early. Zombies is just contant wave of the undead. 10/10
8Lasting Appeal
I think Black Ops is an amazing game and deserves good ratings and more players than it currently has. I still think MW2 is better than Black Ops but this game will still go very far and will be sucessful. 8/10
(Out of 10)


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