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Call of Duty: World at War Cheats :

This page contains Call of Duty: World at War cheats list for Playstation 3 version. Now we have 25 cheats in our list, which includes 6 cheats codes, 4 unlockables, 3 easter eggs, 9 glitches, 3 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Call of Duty: World at War on Playstation 3 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Easter Egg - Music Easter Egg to play "Beauty of Annihlation" in Der Reise

by NinjaUmbreon Aug 21, 2009

The first one is a music Easter Egg. First, in the room that has a picture of a dog (hellhound) and human (zombie), there are two brains in containers: one on a cart next to the stairs with the debris, and the other on a shelf right across it. Hold square (or X on the X-Box 360) on them. The one on the shelf, you'll have to jump and press square/X and jump again and press square/X. The last brain is in the places where one of the Teleporters are. Go into the room where you can buy a Steilhandgrate of the chalkboard, hold square. After the while you'll here music, and "Beauty of Annihlation" plays.

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Easter Egg - Screaming Monkey Bomb

by NinjaUmbreon Oct 16, 2009

It's a pretty cool easter egg, but it'll waste your Monkey Bomb. Go to the furnace and throw a Monkey Bomb into the fire, and it'll start screaming. After it blows up, Samantha will say, "Why are you so cruel to Mister Monkey Mister Monkey just wanted to PLAY!"

It's kinda creepy though, but you should try it.

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Glitch - Invicailbilty

by gents Aug 17, 2010

If your on the side with quick reive then good but if your on the kar 98 side your going to have to dop alot of work for my if your on quick revvie then open the door the stairs and the next door. the room atfer the door is the glitch room yeah!!!!!!! anyway you open tyhe door at the end of a round keep a crawlwer then down your self in the corner to the heater rite there then wait till you die then come back to life go to the other side of the room where the grenades are aline your sight with ridge of them in the middle. then from there on out you can own zombies like me.
i have gotten up to level 279 with tht glicth.

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Unlockable - Unlockable: Clans that effect ur name

by Austin2211 May 28, 2009

When u write somthing it does somthign to ur clan

MoveMoves ur clan and ur name
Rainflashy colurs 0 goes between the dots
Yelwmakes ur clan yellow
Bluemakes ur clan blue
RedMakes ur clan Red
CyanMakes ur clan light blue
Grnmakes ur clan grn
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Glitch - Get Ray gun

by kinglouie Apr 03, 2009

On the second level when yuo get off that boat there a ditches they have puddles at bottom they are in a line all the ditches keep following them and it should say Pick up pick it up and there you go.

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Unlockable - Clan tags that effect your clantag

by xTwistedMindx Mar 23, 2009

Go to barracks and type in the following clan tags for a special clan tag

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Green clan tagtype GRN
Red clan tagtype RED
Light blue clan tagtype CYAN
Blue clan tagtype BLUE
Yellow clan tagtype YLW
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Code - Codes that effect your name online.

by cGub Jan 20, 2009

Enter as your Clan Tag

RAINMakes a rainbow scroll through your name.
....Makes an "o" bounce from left to right in your Clan Tag.
MOVEMakes your name bounce from left to right.
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Glitch - Nazi zombie glitches

by armarillis Jul 13, 2009

Die at the door next to the hell room then in the corner at the back next to the hell room there is a chip in the outfacing corner of the wall next to the ruble , jump and crouch into it and you shoul be sitting on the chip

in shi no numa
die next to the window next to the stairs then when you come back go crawl or jump and crouch into the corner infront of the window you died at next to the sandy rubly bit near the wooden bit (that is a door you can open)

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Easter Egg - Play "Hide-n-Seek" in Der Reise.

by NinjaUmbreon Aug 21, 2009

You need an upgraded weapon, I think the place where you can buy an M1A1 Carbine, go to the barrier (not the wall), get on the sandbag on the floor and you see a red box (something that looks like one of the object that activates electric barriers. Shoot it, and a weird ring will form and go up in the sky. They'll say "I want to play a game... Let's play Hide-N-Seek!" You have to find 2 bears and a Monkey Bomb. The first teddy bear is in the room with the Trench Gun. Go near the cages and inside it you'll see a teddy bear with a Juggernaut and a M1911 Colt. Shoot it. Then go outside to the mainframe. Look up the building at the left, in the windows the teddy bear is looking down at you. Shoot it. Now for the Monkey Bomb, go in the room with the Thompson and fireplace. Go to the fireplace, it may be a bit hard to see, but inside it you see the Monkey Bomb. Shoot it.

Game Over.

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Code - Two Straiges for natet der unuton

by Unregistered Aug 20, 2012

1. you need only 3 people for this hint. First open the the help door and when everybody has good guns go upstairs and go around where the grenades are 2 people watch the door and 1 to watch the barrier. 2. you need at least 2 people for this hint open the stairs get the trench gun and go down stairs one watch the stairs and one watch the barriers.

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Glitch - Out of the map on zombie verruckt

by gonzola4 Sep 14, 2011

you must start in the area with the stairs and the juggernog to do this glitch.

1. go to the room on the right hand side of the stairs and let a zombie pull down all but one border then kill that zombie.

2. jump up at the window and you should float on the air.

3. let a zombie pull down the remaining border and while it is removing it, press start and triangle at the same time, un pause it and you should be able to go out of the map.

comment if it doesn't work =)

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Code - Naht der untoten

by darkmario Aug 15, 2011

there are 2 barriers with sandbags coming out get back by the left then jump on the barrier and u will be standing on it. How to get most kills play solo or online for this to the left there are 2 barriers go that way and look for a bucket crouch and knife the bucket to the barrier u want

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Glitch - How not to get hit in zombies need at least 2 people

by FANofPOKEMON Aug 11, 2011

go to the main room on nac der untoten and go near the carbine and stand in the corner and keep jumping. then the other player lays down and crawls under the player jumping if done right the zombies wont get you

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Glitch - Sitting on a Flakk 88 gun.

by jimster Apr 05, 2011

In the level Heart of the Reich go to the first gun of the four guns that need to be destroyed and lay down,(note that this best works after you kill its crew and destroy it). All you have to do to access this glitch is lay down next to the gun and then stand up, when you do so you will be standing on top of the gun and will be able to shoot all the enemies that you can see.

This glitch works in split screen mode too, try it with a friend.

*Note that by doing this you provide no cover for yourself and may be killed, also note that by standing on the gun your troops will not advance.

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Secret - Heart of Reich FG42, Panzershrek, and sniper rifle location

by jimster Apr 05, 2011

In the begining of the game you are told to go to the left of the area, near where you go , but BEFORE you see the building where your men are running inside, and heading towards the battle there is two boxes, laying against these boxes there are two guns an FG42, and an MP-40. Now pick it up and continue advancing, until you get inside the library or whatever it is, go to the area where the bad guys are and you will see a hallway, go down the hallway and there will be a room with an FG42, and grenades. Continue on the battlefield to where you destroy the flaks or antitank guns, on the way you will see molotov cocktails. After destroying the first crew there is a destroyed tank, leaning on the tank there is a panzershrek, it only has one ammo, so either use it on infantry or the next gun. The next FG42, and panzershrek are after you destroy the second gun advance up the stairs the Panzershrek is leaning against the wall and the Fg42 is up the other stairs, laying on the floor, assuming the man is dead. Continue onwards until you see the part with two buildings, with ladders go up the one on the left to find an FG42, on the floor, and a Panzershrek on the shelf. The building on the right has a panzersrehk on a shelf and a PTRS leaning against the wall. use a combination of these weapons to blow the enemy away.

In total there are

  • 4- FG42s
  • 4- Panzershreks
  • 1 PTRS
  • a few grenades
  • a few cocktails

I recommend you keep the machine gun you start with.

*NOTE There may be more Ptrs, but I haven't found any

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Secret - Nazi Zombie hint

by jimster Mar 22, 2011

I have noticed others have posted their strategies but I have one of my own and since it won't be too long to describe I will submit it as a hint.

when you first start run around until you see zombies now shooting them is good but if you shoot them a little bit then melee them you will get more points for killing them. I usually shot them 3-4 times then finish them with a melee. after you get 600 points or more buy the M1 Carbine, and use that for awhile. Keep playing in the same room until level 4 or 5. (during this time you may want to allow a few in so you can get double points or insta-kills, but you might also want to leave one in while you go get ammo and rebuild the barriers, note that the best zombie left is the slowest one.)

when it comes to be too overwhelming, or the next round is expected to be difficult, run into the Hell room and go to the mystery box, or buy the Thompson, either will do, Hold them off a round or two by either running back and forth between rooms or going up the staircase inside the hell room, and remember to leave one left at the end of every round so you can get new mystery weapons or more ammo, or to rebuild the barriers, or to do all of these things. once it has become too dangerous to stay in those rooms open the staircase inside the hell room and run to where the grenades are here ALMOST every zombie will filter through the doorway, with a few coming through the window, but since the grenades are behind you you can throw a few at the doorway and fire any weapon you want, preferably trench gun, machine gun, or ray gun. This spot works best on split-screen since you can combine a the rapid fire of a machine gun with the power of a shotgun, or have two machine guns. Me and my nephew did this trick and we who are barely learning how to play Nazi zombies got to level 9 and we would have gotten to 10 if I didn't make a *** mistake.

In addition to this spot I found that in the Hell room where the wall divides part of the room is a good spot to ambush the zombies with grenades, shotguns or machine gun fire, even the Bazooka would be ideal in that spot, but be careful they can come from the window next to you or on the other side of the wall.

*Note if you feel that the corner where the grenades are is too risky then you can make a run for either the door you came in or the other staircase, and clear the debris there, however I recommend that you don't clear all the debris use it to your advantage.

I hope this... 

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Code - Ray gun on restistance

by Unregistered Oct 08, 2010

you go on the offline if online ur friends will mess it up. when shot the missle go on island on the right you'll find a puddle then look for another puddle next then see a dry spot like hole go in it then at ear of the end of the island where you are a flat puddle ad wait you will hear voices the statues will appear the you will find ray gun in they're mouth and you can get get headshots with it before shoot in the air so you won't think it's a ghost you can shoot. thank for your service.

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Secret - Good stratigy for shi no numa and turn on music (all maps)

by Unregistered Oct 08, 2010

Heres a good stratigy 4 shi no numa and how to turn on music on all maps first the stragity open up the warning door by the hanging guy and go to the random box then camp where the debris is theres no barriers behind you then by round 10 open up the comm room 3 zombies will come out of the swamp so be careful! get the wanderwaffe DG-2 and keep on running around the comm room the outside then once all the zombies are behind you shoot the wanderwaffe and blast em back 2 hell! and for the dogs buy betties and place them in corners all over the place downstairs where the random box starts out run wherever u put the betties and kill them then before you buy comm room buy joggernog and speed cola and thats that time for music for music om map 1 nacht der untoten by the random box theres a table and a radio shoot the radio and the music turns on theres at least 6 different songs. for map 2 zombie verruckt theres a toilet upstairs on the side with the kar98k and flush it 3 times the songs called lulliby for a dead man on map 3 shi no numa go to the comm room the inside and theres a phone beeping keeping holding square at it until u hear: i know ur sleeping then if ur playin as tank dempsey my favorite he will say: what are they gonna put a music easter egg in every map now! that song is called the one. and 4 der riese there are two green things on the side with the trench gun press and hold square at them then on the side with the thompson where the teleporter is by the type 100 theres on more press square at it and the music turns on that songs called buetey of annilathon. Hope the stragity helped and ya like the cool chazz and the stragitys only good for solo. GOOD LUCK!

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Glitch - Stair ledge (nach der untoten)

by XxUnderatedxX Jun 14, 2010

In the room you start go to the stair case jup into the corner and when you start falling press x and move to right a bit if it goes wrong u will fall and go into revive or wont land and fall on the floor. if u get it right u will land on a invisible ledge sometimes the zobies can get you and rarely they it is good when they come out the help u have a advantage cos they have to climb up the stairs leave comments if u unhappy with this glitch comment and if u like it comment aswell

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Glitch - Call of Duty: World at war-Castle glitches

by Austin2211 May 22, 2009

(before i start none of these glitches work anymore i think sorry) #1 those like a little house with 2 plants in front of it yeah and theres a wall like right beside it go to the wall in keep running into (it the corner before u run again) then u go underground..when u make underground u can run out of bounds.#2 theres a big building where people snipe go into that building theres a little ramp thing jump on that and run on top of that tall house thing....

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Code - Codwaw

by arooj Nov 16, 2010

how do you do glitches i'm confused and do the glitches work

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Glitch - Call of Duty: World at War-Roundhouse Glitches

by Austin2211 May 22, 2009

Theres only 1 i know so here we go.... 1irst of all go to the little thing that goes upstars where people snipe then jump on the railing and then lay down and try to sit back up and u go floating and its a good snipeing place.....(this glich dosent work anymore)

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Unlockable - Perks

by cGub Nov 13, 2008

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding perk:

Perk Slot 1

Special Grenade x3: Reach Level 4 (three special grenades, no smoke).
Satchel Charge x2: Reach Level 4 (two remote detonation explosives).
M9A1 Bazooka x2: Reach Level 4 (bazooka with two rockets).
Bomb Squad: Reach Level 16.
Bouncing Betty x2: Reach Level 24.
Bandolier: Reach Level 40.
Primary Grenade x2: Reach Level 44.
M2 Flamethrower: Reach Level 65.

Perk Slot 2

Stopping Power: Reach Level 4 (increased bullet damage).
Fireworks: Reach Level 4 (higher explosive weapon damage).
Flak Jacket: Reach Level 4 (reduce explosive damage).
Gas Mask: Reach Level 4 (protect against Tabun Gas).
Juggernaut: Reach Level 4 (increased health).
Camouflage: Reach Level 12.
Sleight Of Hand: Reach Level 28.
Shades: Reach Level 32.
Double Tap: Reach Level 36.
Overkill: Reach Level 56.

Perk Slot 3

Deep Impact: Reach Level 4 (deeper bullet penetration).
Extreme Conditioning: Reach Level 4 (sprint for longer distances).
Steady Aim: Reach Level 4 (increased hip fire accuracy).
Toss back: Reach Level 6 (reset fuse of picked up grenades).
Second Chance: Reach Level 9 (revive downed allies).
Martyrdom: Reach Level 20.
Fireproof: Reach Level 48.
Dead Silence: Reach Level 52.
Iron Lungs: Reach Level 60.
Reconnaissance: Reach Level 64.

Vehicle Perks

Water Cooler: Reach Level 4 (decreased turret overheat).
Greased Bearings: Reach Level 4 (increased turret rotation speed).
Ordnance Training: Reach Level 12.
Lead Foot: Reach Level 28.
Coaxial Machine Gun: Reach Level 40.

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Unlockable - Purple Heart- How to unlock

by xTwistedMindx Mar 25, 2009

It sounds confusing but all u have 2 do is die alot in a row Go on veteran and u will get it quick Please rate and comment=)

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Code - Bonus weapons

by cGub Nov 13, 2008

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding weapon or weapon attachment:

Bolt Action Rifles

Springfield: Reach Level 4.
Bayonet: Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 1 (increases melee attack range).
Rifle Grenade: Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 2 (grenade launcher attachment, replaces Perk 1 slot).
Arisaka: Reach Level 4.
Sniper Scope: Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 1 (increases accuracy and range).
Bayonet: Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 2 (increases melee attack range).
Rifle Grenade: Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 3 (grenade launcher attachment, replaces Perk 1 slot).
Mosin-Nagant: Reach Level 21.
Kar98k: Reach Level 41.
PTRS-41: Reach Level 57.


SVT-40: Reach Level 4.
Flash Hider: Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 1 (invisible on radar when firing, reduced muzzle flash, but shorter range).
Aperture Sight: Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 2 (precision sight).
Telescopic Sight: Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 3 (enhanced telescopic sight).
Gewehr 43: Reach Level 7.
Suppressor: Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 1 (invisible on radar when firing, reduced muzzle flash, but shorter range).
Aperture Sight: Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 2 (precision sight).
Telescopic Sight: Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 3 (enhanced telescopic sight).
Rifle Grenade: Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 4 (grenade launcher attachment, replaces Perk 1 slot).
M1 Garand: Reach Level 17.
STG-44: Reach Level 37.
M1A1 Carbine Reach Level 65.

Sub Machine Guns

Thompson: Reach Level 4.
Suppressor: Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 1 (invisible on radar when firing, reduced muzzle flash, but shorter range).
Aperture Sight: Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 2 (precision sight).
Round Drum: Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 3 (increased ammunition capacity).
MP40: Reach Level 10
Suppressor: Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 1 (invisible on radar when firing, reduced muzzle flash, but shorter range).
Aperture Sight: Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 2 (precision sight).
Dual Magazine: Successfully complete Marksman Challenge 3 (increased ammunition capacity).
Type 100: Reach Level 25.

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