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Demon's Souls Cheats :

This page contains Demon's Souls cheats list for Playstation 3 version. Now we have 9 cheats in our list, which includes 2 cheats codes, 1 unlockable, 1 easter egg, 3 glitches, 2 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Demon's Souls on Playstation 3 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Easy Souls

by ckjkj Apr 27, 2010

After defeating the first Boss at the Shrine Of Storms, your next task is to go to a room below. When you walk in you will be greeted by three Lesser Demons at the level you are on with more at the bottom. Kill the three at your level first, then walk back to the door that you used to enter. Use your bow, and shoot at the demon with the scythe (resembles death). This kills all remaining demons in the immediate area, resulting in approximately 4,500 Souls. Go to the Archstone from the Boss to teleport to the Nexus. Go back, and repeat the process as many times as desired. Note: Equip the Ring Of Alvarice (soul booster) to get approximately 5,250 to 5,500 Souls each time.

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Secret - Defeating the Red Dragon

by ckjkj Apr 27, 2010

To kill the Red Dragon on the bridge going to the Tower Knight, get a crossbow and 100 bolts. Go to the top of the first tower on the bridge. Kill the two archers. You will see three archer windows. Go to the one on the far right. This may require approximately 20 to 30 minutes, but it is worth it. Lock on to the dragon every time he swoops down to burn the bridge. You will eventually kill him, and get approximately 8,000 souls and his lead soul.

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Glitch - Item and Soul Duplication

by ckjkj Apr 27, 2010

For this cheat you'll need two people, Legendary Heros Souls, and an item you can drop from weapons to other souls etc.

Summon a blue phantom or black phantom. Have the phantom drop the items. Then, have him either quit game with the PS button or pull his ethernet cable out (not recommended). Summon him back in and have him drop more of the items and leave again. Each time he does this he'll keep his share of the items like he never dropped them and you can collect the copies.

You can do this with Legendary Hero's/Soldier's Souls. You can only do this with items you can drop. Not boss souls, sadly.

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Easter Egg - Fight the Old One Early

by ckjkj Apr 27, 2010

If you manage to beat the nigh-impossible Vanguard at the end of the tutorial you will be transported to a new area. You can see a massive dragon outside the windows. If you explore around, you can find many soldier's souls, and other items. However, once you run outside, the Old One will punch you straight in the face and kill you immediately, thus sending you to the Nexus anyways.

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Unlockable - Trophies

by cGub Oct 07, 2009

Complete each condition to get the allotted Trophies. There are 27 Bronze Trophies, 5 Silver Trophies, 5 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Strong Soul (Platinum)The One to obtain all trophies.
The One to connect the world (Gold)Guiding the beast of spread back to slumber once more, you have stopped and connected the World.
Wise (Gold)The One to acquire all the magics.
Saint (Gold)The One to acquire all the miracles.
Hidden One (Gold)The One to obtain all rings.
Soldier (Gold)The One to obtain all valuable equipment.
Incarnation of the King (Silver)Overthower of the Demon "Incarnation of the King".
Storm King (Silver)Overthower of the Demon "Storm King".
Yellow-Robe Elder (Silver)Overthower of the Demon "Yellow-Robe Elder".
The Maiden Asutoraea (Silver)Overthower of the Demon "Asutoraea".
God of the Dragon (Silver)Overthower of the Demon "God of the Dragon".
Old King (Bronze)Conqueror of the old king Doran.
King's Flying Dragon (Bronze)Overthower of the Demon "King's Flying Dragon".
The One to Master Hardness (Bronze)Obtained the best hard stone weapon.
The One to Master Sharpness (Bronze)Obtained the best sharp stone weapon.
The One to Understand the Difference (Bronze)Obtained the best Minagi stone weapon.
The One to Master Shock (Bronze)Obtained the best Nibi stone weapon.
The One to Master the Cutting Attack (Bronze)Obtained the best cutting stone weapon.
The One to Master the Viscous Bow (Bronze)Obtained the best bow by the steel spider`s thread.
The One to Master Poison (Bronze)Obtained the best mercury stone weapon.
The One to Master Fire (Bronze)Obtained the best dragon stone weapon.
The One to Master Blood (Bronze)Obtained the best sucking stone weapon.
The One to Master Life (Bronze)Obtained the best medulla stone weapon.
The One to Master the Moonlight (Bronze)Obtained the best moonlight stone weapon.
The One to Master Moon Shadow (Bronze)Obtained the best moon shadow stone weapon.
The One to Master Blessing (Bronze)Obtained the best dim light stone weapon.
The One to Master Shade (Bronze)Obtained the best thin cloud stone shield.
Phalanx (Bronze)Overthower of the Demon "Phalanx".
Knight of the Tower (Bronze)Overthower of the Demon "Knight of the Tower".
Battened Knight (Bronze)Overthower of the Demon "Battened Knight".
The Judge (Bronze)Overthower of the Demon "Judge".
Old Brave Warrior (Bronze)Overthower of the Demon "Old Brave Warrior".
Idol of the Idiots (Bronze)Overthower of the Demon "Idol of the Idiots".
Man Eater (Bronze)

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Code - Easy way to get Demonbrandt

by brstrd Dec 15, 2010

I got the Demonbrandt basically as soon as i could beat that red-eyed soldier on the bridge (which was about soul level 10)

first, find the crossbow (or get a bow later in the game), and buy lots of bolts/arrows, or get some magic (of you don't start out with it in the first place). Now find a thief's ring (which you can find on the platform where you first meet Ostrava, or if you kill patches) and then kill Ostrava (or wait till world 1-4) for the Mausoleum key.

next, go to the mausoleum and kill the red-eyed soldier and open the door, and now make sure you have a LOT of time. (and make sure you have a thief's ring equipped)

target Doran, and shoot him with either a bow or magic, and when he comes towards you RUN AWAAAAYY!! to the bridge (you dont even have to pass half way), and when he starts to walk back to his first position, run up to him and give a good stab to the back, and run away again.

just repeat this over, and over again and soon (when about not even a third of his health is down) he will say that he is impressed or something and you can go get the Demonbrandt without him attacking you.

yaay you now have a really powerful weapon early on which will make things so much easier for beginners ^-^

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Code - Easiest Way to Amass Souls Quickly in this game

by Blitzmafia Oct 04, 2010

First more then likely you'll have to beat NG and NG+ for this but it is worth it

First time you beat the game make sure you do the good ending meaning don't kill the maiden in black just leave the old one

Next after the credits you should get The Maiden in Black Soul -important-

After going through the game save Biorr and then from the official get the bloody Key Ring

After you have the key go save Yuria the witch see teaches you the Magic Soul Sucker

After you've done that beat the game again in NG+ by this time attacking the witch and becoming a demon for the old one

You at the point after the credits should recieve the beast soul worth 200k and the (Red Eye Stone)- Challenges a player instead of invade works like blue eye stone but your a black phantom

Now all you have to do is equip Soul Sucker and have someone you trust Soul *** you or the other only 1 person can go at a time

After that person finishes

-IMPORTANT- The person who got soul sucked must quit the game or turn off ps3 that way the lvl doesnt change (sometimes you may lose a lvl but in long run easiest way to lvl.

Also remember there is no thing as a legit lvl 712

P.S. feel free to add me on the PSN user is the same here Blitzmafia for those who dont want to scroll up

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Glitch - Keep souls, get a chance to "do-over" if you die.

by cGub Oct 20, 2009

If you hit the PS button and select "quit game" or, alternatively but not recommended, cut the power to your PS3 immediately as your character dies before the game has a chance to auto-save, when you reload, you will be near where you were originally with all your souls in-tact. Make sure to do it quickly, you run no risk of damaging your save file if you do it this way.

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Glitch - Max souls

by Unregistered Jul 06, 2009

Patch 1.03 fixed the glitch but you can still exploit it by deleting the game data utility for demons souls and patch it again when your done...if your wondering how to do it, go to ps3 xmb and go to the game aisle and the very top would be the game data utility. Now for the glitch, you need two characters for this...character A and character B
go to the nexus and...
suicide A, then retrieve his soul...
Load B, then suicide B, retrieve his soul...

Load A, suicide, this time DONT retrieve his soul...
Load B and retrieve A's soul
Load A and retrieve A's soul...

Load B, suicide, DONT retrieve his soul...
Load A and retrieve B's soul...
Load B and retrieve B's soul...

Load A, suicide, DONT retrieve his soul...
LOAD B and retrieve A's soul...
Load A and retrieve A's soul...

and on and on...until you have all you need
remember to delete patch 1.03, you can only
do this glitch offline, since being online
on psn causes the game to auto detect new patches
so you have to sign out and delete the patch
to play the game before any patches..
(patches the hyena, hehehe)

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