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nov 14, 2011Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim [ PS3 ]   Submitted

need help finding a cure to being a vampire because i cant walk in towns anymore without almost dying PLZ HELP!!!!


Secret - Two ways to cure being a vampire:

to cure being a vampire first feed on someone(because after 4 nights of not feeding on anyone everyone attacks you) after feeding go to morthal go talk to the bartender she/he should point you toward the guy who can help you he should tell you where to meet him than you will need to get certain objects for him then meet him at the circle thing at around 12:oo am(midnight0 to 4:00am and he should cure you or you can go to all the campanions quest up until you become a werewolve and then continue until you can cure werewolve or you can stay as a werewolve