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Fallout 3 Cheats :

This page contains Fallout 3 cheats list for Playstation 3 version. Now we have 18 cheats in our list, which includes 2 unlockables, 4 easter eggs, 4 glitches, 8 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Fallout 3 on Playstation 3 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Unlimited EXP.

by deoraven Apr 06, 2009

1) get 60 in sneak by level 10
2) choose the "mr. sandman" perk (available at level 10)
3) go to andale , and wait for the children to go to sleep
4) sneak up on the sleeping child and use the "murder" option
5) since kids cannot be killed , you can repeat step 4 for unlimited sandman kills and EXP. that comes with it.
6) repeat until you reach level 20.


the children (and parents) go to sleep at midnight and wake up at 5 a.m. it is recommended to have auto-save enabled , since it is possible for the game to glitch while utilizing this method and sending you to "never-never land" unable to return. The auto-save is handy while waiting the 19 hours for the kids to return to bed.

It is possible after waiting the 19 hours , that the child dosen't return to bed , if this happens , leave the house go to the neighbour's and repeat on the other child.

although it's "unlimited EXP." the cap level is 20 after that no more exp. will be gained but the sandman kills will still stack up.

no karma will be gained or loss , since the murder does not register.

it is a very quick way to get to level 20 , but you will not get the ammo , weapons and caps that you would normally gain from reaching level 20 by "legit" means.

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Glitch - List of PS3 Fallout 3 glitches

by Cheats_Central Jul 16, 2009

PlayStation 3

* Susie Mack's Test results sometimes skips completely and she walks out of the room (also on PC).
* When you have two followers, a follower (Jericho, Clover, Fawkes, Charon or Cross) and Dogmeat, there is sometimes a problem when entering a building that results in them not following you in. 99% of the time, this will cause the game to freeze or crash when you try to exit. It should be noted that the game will autosave when you exit, therefore there is the possibility of corrupting your data if you turn the PS3 off. The only solution to this problem is to reload a previous save before exiting the area. The only prevention is to keep Dogmeat at home, as it only seems to freeze when Dogmeat accompanies another follower. You can also turn the autosave function off so it won't corrupt your data if this bug occurs.
* When at the birthday party, your father will ramble on, and when the Overseer is supposed to give you the Pip-Boy 3000, the game will not crash but everyone will just stand there and you will remain in the fixed position. This cannot be solved by reloading; instead, turn off the system properly and wipe the disc.
* Watch out if people stop using voices. This will cause the dialogue text to skip by very quickly, and the player will miss out on whatever was being said. A possible solution to this is to simply restart the PS3.

Graphics glitches

* In the Birthday scene, Officer Gomez's left eye may stretch over the entire viewable screen and follow his head and eye movements.
* While in third person mode, if you back up into a wall (forcing the camera to zoom in and your character to become invisible), it will glitch if you walk out of it slowly and your body will become invisible (except for your head and your weapon). Reversible by switching in and out of third person and first person mode.
* Random objects blocking both PC and NPCs. If outside, fast-travel; if unable to fast-travel, load a previous save.
* PipBoy moves up a little in the screen each time you view it. Repeatedly viewing and hiding PipBoy will eventually render the whole PipBoy screen invisible. Keep opening and closing eventually will reset to normal.
* When shopping at Lydia Montenegro's at Tenpenny Tower, the merchant window lags; exiting results in pinwheeling or complete blackout. Restarting the game and reloading the autosave from entry into Tenpenny Tower usually fixes this.



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Secret - Unlimited XP.

by deoraven Mar 03, 2010

This trick can get you from level 2 to 30 in an hour and is a lot of fun to do.

The only requirements are that you have not yet completed Operation:Anchorage, and make sure you use the sniper rifle for the final quest "operation anchorage". Also you'll want to bulk up on .308 ammo by doing the "ammo" cheat.


Before entering the simulation try to get at least 50 in sneak and concentrate on getting this skill as high as you can by the final quest of the sim. This will make things a lot easier on you. By choosing both explosives and sneak as 2 of your 3 tag skills you can also disarm the megaton bomb for a quick level up and add all the skill points in sneak.


1-Save your game BEFORE speaking to the quatermaster the VERY FIRST time. You'll want to pass the speech check to get the GAUSS rifle. This will make unarming jingwei much easier. Unarming him is important since he doesn't behave the same way unarmed as he would with his sword (making it easier to stay hidden from him later on). Plus if you did the "GARY" trick you get a pretty cool unbreakable version of the sword (not to mention the gauss itself). Since this speech check can be difficult to pass (especially at low levels) it's best to save and re-load should you fail.

2-Since you can only do the "XP" trick at the very end of the simulation where you meet and defeat gen. jinwei, then you can go about the simulation as you normally would BUT make SURE you choose the sniper requisition equipment for AT LEAST the final quest "operation anchorage". After speaking with the quatermaster and receiving your sniper rifle go inside the tent and bulk up on .308 ammo. To do so press on the ammo dispenser to fill your ammo (if not already full) then go into your inventory and drop the .308 ammo and then refill your ammo again. Repeat this until you have AT LEAST 1000 bullets (you'll need them) best to make it at least 2000 just to make sure. The reason the sniper rifle is needed is to speed up the process by getting 1-hit headshot kills. The combat shotgun works well if you already have at least 70 in small guns.

3-Now you got the GAUSS and you have your sniper rifle with at least 2000 bullets, there's only one last thing. Do NOT speak with sgt. montgomery at this point. The reason for this is that ONLY you and benji can actually hurt and kill jingwei so if you bring him along he'll kill jingwei a mere minutes, ruining... 

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Secret - Multiple Followers

by deoraven Feb 23, 2010

Perhaps some other user has already given out this trick but i noticed that i haven't so here it is.

During a "normal" playthrough of the game you should only be able to have one follower plus dogmeat. But by using a couple of tricks you can get as many as you please or even ALL of them, which enhances the RPing aspect of the game.

1) Dogmeat has a "Reserved" follower spot. So if you don't plan on keeping him or simply would rather have an extra follower than the dog then recruit him and then kill him. This will free up a permanent follower spot, that can be filled by any other follower so long as you fit the requirements (if any).

NOTE: make sure you already have a follower before killing dogmeat because the next follower you recruit will take his spot.

Also if you have the GOTY edition or the broken steel add-on then at level 22 you can select the perk "puppies" this perk gives you a new dogmeat whenever the old one dies. So you can keep killing the new dogs to get ALL followers. However, whenever the dog is killed a new one spawns at 101 almost immedietely so if you have puppies you might have to bring the dog with you where your next follower is and kill him there.

2) Cross : You can get cross the first time you meet her regardless of how many followers you have so long as you have good karma and do as follows.

When you first speak to her she'll mention your father, make sure you speak nicely of him otherwise she won't join you.

Secondly, at one point in the conversation with cross you come up with the following options:
"I want you to come with me."
"I don't suppose I could stop you."

You MUST choose the second one "i don't suppose i could stop you." This way she'll join you even if you have fawkes or charon (she wouldn't join you if you had either one of the two otherwise) and regardless of how many other followers you have.

3) When you meet Fawkes in the entrance of Raven Rock, he'll initially join you even if you have other followers. However, you will need to act quickly. Save immediately as you walk out of the large metal door of Raven Rock, before doing this. Before he speaks to you as you exit Raven Rock, you'll need to fast travel away from the location, pickup all other companions and then fast travel back. Fawkes may attempt to follow the Enclave soldiers that run away, and disappear (or be very hard to find), forcing you to reload and try again.

4) Clover: Make sure you have jericho as... 

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Glitch - Unlimited Random Items

by deoraven Apr 07, 2009

1) gain access to paradise falls
2) get bad enough karma so that a slaver will randomly approach you with "your cut"
3) now that you know what he looks like you can repeatedly engage him in coversation for more random items such as ammo or meds...etc.
4) Repeat as needed , you can get several hundreds of each ammo , and stimpaks etc. for absolutely no charge.
5) sell the rest that you won't use for a great amount of caps.


I did this for 30 minutes and received around 500 5.56mm ammo , 200 10mm ammo , 200 5mm ammo , 100 shotgun shells , 100 .32 ammo , 50 .44 ammo , 50 .308 ammo , and 100 stimpaks.

Since the items given to you are random , you will get several food supplies and nuka-colas that you will probably have to sell , good news is that with a large amount of these items , you can rack up a nice amount of caps.

You will need bad karma in order for the slaver to appear , if not then very bad karma.

If you have a follower they can help carry some stuff , since you will probably have too much to sell , and you will probably empty out the clinic and "lock n' load". (this depends on how long you perform this glitch).

Since the Slaver will appear on numerous occasions , you can repeat this glitch many times , allowing you to have an infinite amount of free ammo , and stimpaks , as long as you keep a bad or very bad karma.

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Glitch - Unlimited 10mm SMG , and .10mm ammo

by deoraven Apr 06, 2009

1) complete "reilly's rangers" . and find the "holotape to moonbeam"
2) complete "stealing indepence" and speak with sydney (she has to survive)
3) give her the "holotape to moonbeam" and she will give you her "ulta" SMG and 50 .10mm bullets.
4) the speech pattern can be repeated indefenitly allowing to receive unlitmited "ultra" SMG's and .10mm ammo.


it is recommended to get the holotape before reaching the rooftop of the stateman's hotel , although you can return at any time.

it is recommended that you give sydney the holotape right after comepleting "stealing independence" since on her way to underworld she has a knack of getting killed , and the option will no longer be available.

Her "ultra" SMG comes fully repaired , and is quite powerful. Its condition however , decreases extremely quickly , which is why it is recommended to have several copies of it (25+) , so instead of repairing it , you simply swap for a new one. Keeping the extra copies in your home.

Having a follower is also advised , as they can carry hundreds of pounds of this weapon , since the SMG only weighs 5 pounds you can easily get 50 copies totalling in 2500 bullets as well.

You can sell the extra copies as well , allowing you to have a substancial ammount of caps at an early stage of the game.

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Easter Egg - Alien Crash Site

by deoraven Apr 06, 2009

the easiest way to find the crash site is to fast travel to MDPL-13 power station , and find the power lines heading north. Follow the power lines until you pick up the "Recon Craft Theta" radio signal. Then turn facing east following the power lines. When you start taking radiation (1rad/sec) you should be close enough to see the crash site. The alien craft is easier spotted during the day.


At the crash site , is a very powerful alien weapon "alien blaster" and 110 alien power cells. These cells are very rare to find in-game.

Since the crash site is available any time during the game , it makes for a very attractive place to discover at the very beginning of the game , and could be the first destination after reaching megaton. Making the strenght of the weapon extrmely useful for low-level characters allowing you to breeze through the first half of the game.

The radiation coming from the crash site is rather low , and shouldn't become a problem since finding the crash site and the items will be done rather quickly , radiation poisoning shouldn't be a problem.

Dogmeat can be used to retrieve the weapon and ammo.

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Secret - Getting Firelance at the beginning of the game.

by deoraven Apr 06, 2009

Firelance is a very powerful alien weapon that can only be acquired after a "U.F.O. random encounter" is triggered. There is a way to trigger this encounter at the very beginning of the game.

1) go to whilem's wharf.
2) save on the pier closest to the shack.
3) to the east near anchorage memorial is one of many places that trigger random encounters.
4) swin across the waters , to east , towards anchorage memortial.
5) looking at the map on your pip-boy , you should see and island where anchorage memorial is situated. On the very western edge of this island , where there is a stone straicase , is where the random encounter is triggered , swin there.
6) look to the sky (preferably during daylight) and look for and explosion , if nothing happens then re-load your saved game. (be prepared to re-load a half a dozen times)
7) if the explosion is triggered then simply go look for the weapon , there are also 24 power alien cells that drop from the crash.
8) with this powerful alien weapon , the early part of the game is extremely easy. Go do some questing.


it is very important to save before crossing the river , otherwise you might receive a different random encounter or simply nothing at all. With a little patience you will eventually get it , it took me 7 re-loads , on the 8th try the explosion was triggered.

the explosion is very easy to see in daylight , you will see a long trail of black smoke in the sky , followed by a loud bang , and an explosion in the sky. You will probably see the weapon fall as well.

firelance desintegrates rather quickly compared to other weapons , but even at poor conditions it is still much more powerful than other weapons at early levels.

coupled with the "alien blaster" you should breeze through the early half of this game.

Dogmeat can also be used to retrieve "firelance" and the alien power cells.

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Secret - How to get fat man easy early on in game.

by Unregistered Feb 02, 2010

Ok everyone i was playing through the campaign and as I got to the galaxy news radio station I started fighting the super mutants after i killed the super mutant behemoth i searched all dead bodys in the area and found the fat man on a brotherhood of steel member.

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Secret - To get laser rifle

by sweet_kid Nov 25, 2009

To get the laser rifle you have to go south of the bridge all the way at the end and you will see two tents and an army truck there will be ammo and there will be a robot and there will be people and they try to kill robot

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Easter Egg - Lincoln's Repeater

by Shadowstep Mar 17, 2009

This is a very nice .44m rifle, you can find it in the museum of history, when you first enter, go straight into the huge room with the mammoth in it, and turn left, you'll c a door, enter it, but b4 u do, u might want a machine gun, and a .32 rifle, theres alot of feral ghouls and glowing ones down there, so bring alot of ammo. when you enter the door you'll c sum stairs, after u kill all the ghouls, go up them and you'll c wat looks like a lunch room, go left and down the hall, you'll come up to hole in the wall, enter it and turn right, its in the display case. have fun with it.

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Easter Egg - More Alien power cells

by Shadowstep Mar 17, 2009

They're in fort independence (south, SW of megaton). its in their weapon vault, one thing, u have to pick the lock to it, its hard so, u might not b able to do it. but once u get in there, take a left and turn into the only door u can and go down the stairs and enter the door at the botttom, then you'll come up to a door the nedds to be hacked, jus go into the desk nect to it and get the access code thats in it, also, they're going to attack u on sight, that also means n e outcasts u might find in the wastes 2, go down the spiral stairs and go through another door, then you'll come up to a split in the hallway, if u have good hacking skills take a left and find the turret control conseol, and deactivate it, but if not jus take the right and shoo them wahen u get 2 them. the armory is at the bottom of the stairs and is the right door, the left door is some doctors room. once you pick the lock to weapon armory, you'll find alot of guns along with the alien power cells found in the ammo boxes on the table.

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Easter Egg - Finding dog meat

by pot59 Mar 11, 2009

Dog meat is found in scrap yard. On the world map is on the top right corner of the square that is two squares below the mine field. Follow the clear triangle on your compass if you are having problems finding it. Go into the scrap yard and look or listen for fighting. You will find dog meat fighting a Raider. Once the Raider is dead you can talk to dog meat and ask him to join you.

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Glitch - Flying deathclaw

by pot59 Mar 10, 2009

Go to the deathclaw sanctuary and stand up on a big rock and sometimes when you stand there a deathclaw might jump for you and then it will fly into the sky.

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Unlockable - My favorite bobble heads

by pot59 Mar 10, 2009

You must go to all these places to find them. Hint:The house in Arlington Cemetery North with the luck bobble head in it also has a shrine to Abraham Lincoln.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
StrengthMegaton in Sherriff Lucas Simms House.
PerceptionRepublic Of dave on a bookshelf on the right in the Museum Of Dave.
EduranceDeathclaw sanctuary at the entrance on the table next to the rotting Brahim corpse.
LuckArlington Cemetery North in the basement on a shelf diectly below the stairs inside the house to the north.
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Unlockable - Ps3 Online Trophy's

by cGub Dec 04, 2008

Earn and unlock these by complete the task that it asked to be done online sometimes offline.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Agatha's Song (Bronze)Completed "Agatha's Song"
Ambassador of Peace (Bronze)Reached Level 14 with Good Karma
Big Trouble in Big Town (Bronze)Completed "Big Trouble in Big Town"
Blood Ties (Bronze)Completed "Blood Ties"
Data Miner (Bronze)Hacked 50 terminals
Doesn't Play Well with Others (Bronze)Killed 300 people
Escape! (Bronze)Completed "Escape!"
Finding the Garden of Eden (Bronze)Completed "Finding the Garden of Eden"
Galaxy News Radio (Bronze)Completed "Galaxy News Radio"
Harbinger of War (Bronze)Completed "Following in His Footsteps"
Head of State (Bronze)Completed "Head of State"
Keys are for Cowards (Bronze)Picked 50 locks
Last, Best Hope of Humanity (Bronze)Humanity (Bronze) Reached Level 20 with Good Karma
Mercenary (Bronze)Reached Level 8 with Neutral Karma
Oasis (Bronze)Completed "Oasis"
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Secret - Infinte EXP.

by Unregistered Dec 01, 2008

first u have to get the sandman perk and be at least level 10. to get the sandman perk you have to have at least 60 to your sneak skill. there are some kids in the game who can't be killed. so go to andale go into one of the main houses at about 1 o'clock and sneak into one of the houses. use the murdering perk that comes with the sandman perk on one of the kids as many times as u want . u get 50 EXP. everytime u use it. it is helpful earily in the game but can help anyone .

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Secret - Location of all bobble heads

by armarillis Jan 26, 2009

strength: break into sherrif lucas simms house in megaton. You'll need a lockpick skill of over 50.
perception:It's in the republic of dave, in the museum of dave.check the bookcase on the right
endurance:look at the table next to the rotting corpse inside the deathclaw sanctuary
charisma:check inside the cloning lab in vault 108
intelligence: have a look at Dr Li's table in the Scuence lab in rivet city and you'll find the head
agility:make sure you've got a good amount of protection as you'll find this head inside a small and highly radioactive office in Greener Pastures Disposal
luck: head to the arlington cemetery north and go into the basement. It's on a shelf under the stairs in the northern house

barter:Head over to the evergreen mills and go to the market bazaar. find the raider trader who doesnt attack you and look on the shelf behind, where its at the top-right
big guns:in fort constantine, go to the basement of the CO quarters and look inside the wall safe
energy weapons:this ones in raven rock on colonel autumns desk
explosives:its at the WKML radio station head through the door to the sealed sewage tank
lockpick:go to the bethesda ruins and go to the east section . Its on the top floor near the door to the bridge
medicine:when you are 16. check on your fathers desk in vault 101
melee weapons:just before leaving the underchambers in the dunwich building in the bottom left of the whole map look on the floor by the door
repair:this bobblehead is in arefu, in evan kings house. You'll need enough skill to pick an 'average' lock
science:go to the living quarters in vault 106.It's in the left corner, in a room with a brightly lit bookcase. Look at the middle right section of the shelf
small guns:head to the training room of the national guard depot. Walk through it and the offices to the main room. flick the power switch on the left to enter yhe armoury and you'll find it on the shelf
sneak: get to the yao guai tunnels and search a metal box in the den.It's on the right side of the map beside some water
speech:It's on a table in the eulogys pad in paradise falls
unarmed:go west from casey smiths garage in rockpolis. You'll find it by argyles body, under some tattered banners

and thats all of them
Note:if you need help finding the locatians just ask and i can try help you find them

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