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Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage Cheats :

This cheat for Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage [Playstation 3] has been posted at 28 Oct 2009 by deoraven and is called "Gary 23 glitch". The Cheat have a rating 2 by 2 our users. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up deoraven and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 1 other cheats for Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage, look them as soon as possible!

Secret - Gary 23 glitch

by deoraven Oct 28, 2009

It is possible to keep your inventory from the simulation. This means that you can keep your Winterized Combat Armor, Gauss Rifle, Jingwei's Shock Sword and whatever weapons you got from the Quartermaster (ie:Trench Knife, Assault Rifle, Combat Shotgun, etc.) and then receive your reward from the VSS Armory in the Outcast Outpost.

This is possible by exploiting an inventory glitch where the player's inventory from the simulation is not removed until after the player returns to the Outpost. To perform this glitch, do the following steps in order and remember to save before performing the glitch because it will take several attempts to achieve this. Also note that the player should not have started the simulation already, otherwise it is impossible to do and I would suggest loading a previous save if you really want to keep your simulation items.

1. - To set this glitch up, the player needs to talk to Protector McGraw and then to Specialist Olin to get the Neural Interface Suit. After you equip the suit, open the simulation pod but DO NOT sit down on it.

2. - Go into the locked room where Gary 23 is and then drag his body back into the pod room. Lift his body into the pod, bending him around the foot rest. His legs under the foot rest, and his head on the top, in the middle of the foot rest. You should be able to interact with him by looking all the way down, while on the chair. Save now, and enter the chair, if his head is in the middle of the screen, and obviously in range if you look all the way down, you have him right. Also, make sure his body is within the shell's range, so you don't get him fracked up... You will notice him get fracked up if he gets moved out of the pod, or begins having seizures. ***It is most important here to be looking at the body when the simulation starts as if you were going to search it but the option will be unavailable at this time*** What I did was I took about four of those wooden boxes and stacked them and them put Gary 23 on top of them so he's right in front of me when I sit down. This really worked but sometimes when you put the boxes on the Pod they dissapear, don't worry though they'll appear when you try to put stuff on them.

NOTE : if you wanna make sure that you this will work , just kill all the outcasts in the room , and place them in the pod as well. Killing them won't make the rest of the outcasts hostile towards you as long as you don't leave the simulation area to return to the capital wasteland before entering the simulation.

3. - Enter the simulation and play through to Paving the Way. From this point on everything in your inventory will be taken out of the simulation, so remember to get your weapons package and Gauss Rifle (speech check) from the Quartermaster and to pick up all the ammo found along the way. It is recommended to also perform the All Requisition Weapons/Ammunition glitch (i'll explain this in further detail next.) in order to maximize the amount of weapons and ammo you "bring home". Continue playing up to Operation: Anchorage (quest).

NOTE : during "guns of anchorage" don't waste your time doing the ammo glitch since once you start "paving the way" you'll lose all weapons and ammo up to that point. From "paving the way" it's highly suggested to exploit this ammo glitch as much as possible with as many different weapons as you can , because once you leave the sim you won't be able to return a second time.

4. - Play through the quest, disabling the pulse field and make your way to the doors of the Chinese Compound. At this point make sure you have a save before going in. Once you enter, pick the speech option 'I'm going to kill you SO MUCH'. Shoot the Shock Sword out of General Jingwei's hand. Pick up the Shock Sword and then kill him. Make sure you are not in the southern end of the compound because General Chase may catch you in a speech and send you back to the Outpost without making another save. As soon as you kill General Jingwei, run North toward the Chinese Soldiers and turn around to find where General Chase is and then make another save (you can overwrite your last save if you want).

NOTE : make a save before you kill gen. jingwei in case gen. chase catches up to you before you have time to save your game after you've killed jingwei. This is important especially if you've chosen not to kill the outcasts and place them in the pod before entering the simulation , since you will surely need a few reloads if only gary 23 was placed in the pod to use this glitch.

5. - Now talk to General Chase and he will send you back to the Outpost. During the loading screen, you can hold down the right analog stick , while hammering the X button (A button for xbox360 players). When the screen goes black (with clock like animation) keep tapping X with your view constantly pointed down. This should stop your crosshairs right on Gary's head if you bent him around the foot rest (or one of the outcast members if you chose to kill and put them in the pod as well). If done properly, you will be able to search his body. If you were too late, you will examine his body with the 'real world' inventory. If you open it up properly, usually during the black screen, you will have your 'simulation' inventory. If you do have your sim inventory, put all your items on his body (weapons , armor and ammo). You will then regain your 'real world' inventory quickly after you 'regain consciousness' and your view returns. Exit, talk to Protector McGraw (if he's still alive), and then search Gary 23's body to retrieve your weapons from the simulation. Combined with the following two bugs, a player can leave the simulation with tens of thousands of bottlecaps worth of ammo.

NOTE : sucess rate is obviously much higher with the extra outcast bodies in the pod , not to worry since none of them are useful for any other quests , and you won't receive any extra reward for keeping McGraw alive. You will still gain access to the armory and all its contents , regardless if you killed the outcasts or not. If by misfortune , you are unable to "search" gary or any of the outcasts , simply reload to before gen. chase apporoaches you at the end of the simulation and try again. If by great misfortune you have placed the bodies too far from you (which shouldnt be a problem if you killed all the outcasts since their bodies will almost fill up the pod) then you'll have to start the simulation over again , which is why its best to make two save files one before you enter the sim and one before you leave it , just in case.

REWARDS : besides having access to the armory , any "simulation" item you bring back with you are un-breakable and will never need any repairing......EVER. Especially useful for the unique gauss rifle. You can also try to shoot weapons out of the power armored troops to get un-breakable miniguns , fat mans etc.

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Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage Cheats


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