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Heavy Rain Review :

Heavy Rain

by ktourtillott2 Mar 20, 2013

HEAVY RAIN is a fantastic game, I got it on my eleventh birthday. I really prefer HEAVY RAIN i was only playing on my other game i got on my birthday, then my friend Keyuntae was playing it i watched him and as soon as he left I jumped on my bed and started plying it and i thought it was cool. Oh ya, kids under age 10 please be advised that there is sexual nudity in this game and there is no censored option. And this game is only available for the PS3, not the Xbox 360. So if your intrested and do not have a PS3 well you need one of those first.

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9Story line
The story begins on where you play the role of Ethan Mars, where his son has died by a car accident on his 10th birthday. Then you have weird visions and wake up with your other son Shaun kidnapped. you also play as 3 other characters Madison Paige, Norman Jaden, and Shelby.
The graphics are really good that you can even see the hair on there body. Just look at the cover of the game, that'll give you the awnser.
The sound is just like always what you would in real life, you waik you can hear them waik, you fight you could hear them fight but problem i have is *spoiler alert* when your on your first trial to save shaun you have to carefully go through electricial wires if you stay there too long well ya.
The gameplay is well... not good not bad. You need to hold R2 then push the analog stick to waik. There is some quick time events especially in fighting. The playstation move is compatible for this game (if you want to lose some weight.)
10Lasting Appeal
The final stage is impressive, the level changes in many different ways, either if any of your 4 characters die the final level changes with a lot of combat at the last level
(Out of 10)


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