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LittleBigPlanet Cheats :

This page contains LittleBigPlanet cheats list for Playstation 3 version. Now we have 11 cheats in our list, which includes 7 unlockables, 3 glitches, 1 secret. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing LittleBigPlanet on Playstation 3 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - Costumes

by KingdomRoxas1 Nov 26, 2009

To unlock the costumes listed below on the left, complete the corresponding stage listed on the right in its entirety.

* Bunny TailThe Collectors Lair
* Chicken BeakThe Dancers Court
* Chicken GlovesGreat Magicians Palace
* Chicken TailElephant Temple
* Cowboy BandanaThe Mines
* Cowboy BootsBoomtown
* Dinosaur MaskThe Construction Site
* Dinosaur TailLowrider
* GooglyEyed Glasses
Senseis Lost Castle* Green Sock Puppet
Subway* Japanese Festival Headband
The Terrible Onis Volcano* Japanese Festival Robe
Endurance Dojo* Jeans (with belt)
The Mines* Leather Gloves
Boomtown* Monocle
The Meerkat Kingdom* Moustache
Burning Forest* Neon Helmet
The Bunker* Pirate Coat
Get A Grip* Pirate Eye Patch
First Steps* Pirate Hat
Skate To Victory* Pirate Hook
First Steps* Pirate Shorts
Get A Grip* Ringmaster Jacket
Swinging Safari* Ringmaster Top Hat
The Meerkat Kingdom* Roman Armor
The Darkness* Roman Helmt
Skulldozer* White Eyes
The Frozen Tundra* Wooden Sword
The Wedding Reception* Yellow Head
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Glitch - Neon Skeleton Skin(can be done after patch)

by Unregistered Oct 27, 2010

The neon skeleton skin has been patched, but there is another way to get it. Here it is:

Reset your skin, then go into Create mode. Get a piece of material and electrify it. Have your fingers ready, then push down to stop floating. When you get zapped, hit left to rewind. Repeat this process until you spawn with a glowing skeleton skin! Oh, and save it so you can pick it at any time.

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Unlockable - METAL GEAR SOLID Trophies

by dgmm7797 Jan 07, 2009

These trophies are unlocked by completing tasks that deal with the METAL GEAR SOLID expansion. There are 9 Bronze Trophies and 2 Silver Trophies.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Ace Act 3 and Act 4 (Bronze)Ace Act 3: The Mission and Act 4: The Level Factory.
Ace Act 5: The Boss (Bronze)Ace Act 5: The Boss.
Diamond Hunter (Bronze)Destroy the 5 hidden target diamonds in Act:4 The Level Factory.
METAL GEAR SOLID Booty Master (Bronze)Collect all of the METAL GEAR SOLID prize bubbles.
Paint Sharer (Bronze)Publish a level containing the METAL GEAR SOLID Paintinator Powerup.
Paint Splurge (Bronze)Fire 5,000 paintballs.
QuickFire Artiste (Bronze)Fire 40 paintballs in 5 seconds.
Rexecutioner (Bronze)Destroy the Metal Gear REX boss.
Speedy Rexecutioner (Silver)Destroy the Metal Gear REX boss in under 2 mins 30 seconds.
Thrifty Painter (Bronze)Complete Act 3: The Mission firing less than 125 paintballs.
Virtual Survivor (Silver)Achieve a score of 3,750 in the VR Survival Challenge.
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Unlockable - Trophies

by cGub Oct 24, 2008

Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

The Gardens (Bronze)Complete all levels in The Gardens.
The Savannah (Bronze)Complete all levels in The Savannah.
The Wedding (Bronze)Complete all levels in The Wedding.
The Canyons (Bronze)Complete all levels in The Canyons.
The Metropolis (Bronze)Complete all levels in The Metropolis.
The Islands (Bronze)Complete all levels in The Islands.
The Temples (Bronze)Complete all levels in The Temples.
Expert Creator (Bronze)Complete all levels in the Tutorials.
Artist (Bronze)Place a sticker.
Homemaker (Bronze)Place 10 stickers or decorations in your pod.
Fashion Sense (Bronze)Choose a costume for your sackperson with at least one item on your head, at least one item on your body, and a material.
Forager (Bronze)Collect 25% of the prize bubbles on the story levels.
Sticky Fingers (Bronze)Collect 50% of the prize bubbles on the story levels.
Treasure Hunter (Bronze)Collect 75% of the prize bubbles on the story levels.
2X Multiplier! (Bronze)Get a 2X Multiplier.
8X Multiplier! (Bronze)Get an 8X Multiplier .
Incredible Speed! (Bronze)Travel at incredible speed.
Incredible Height! (Bronze)Travel to an incredible height.
Friendly (Bronze)Complete a level with more than one player .
Party Person (Bronze)Complete a level online with 3 other players who are on your friends list.
Socialite (Bronze)Complete a level online with 3 other players who are not on your friends list.
Top of the class (Bronze)Win a 4-player game.
Traveller (Bronze)Complete a community leve.
FIRST! (Bronze)Be among the first 10 people to complete a community level.
Opinionated (Bronze)Tag a community level.
Neighbourhood (Bronze)Watch Heart 5 community levels.
Networking (Bronze)Heart 3 authors.
Talkative (Bronze)Post a comment on a community level.
Creator (Bronze)Build and save a level with the thermometer more than 30% full.
Team Creator (Bronze)Build and save a level with more than one player with the thermometer more than 30% full.
Publisher (Bronze)Publish a level.
Look what I made! (Bronze)A level you published was played by 5 or more people.
Just Beginning (Silver)Complete all the main path story levels.
20X Multiplier! (Silver)Get a 20X Multiplier.
Hi Score (Silver)Collect 1,000,000 points over all levels you have played.
Booty Master (Silver)Collect all the prize bubbles on the story levels.
Dr Frankenstein (Silver)Create a living creature with at least 2 eyes, 2 legs or wheels, and a brain.
Crowd Pleaser (Silver)A level you... 

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Unlockable - Unlock stuff

by marz99 Feb 16, 2009

Beat lvls in the game to get this stuff

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Lion and ZebraBeat first lvl in Savanha
Zombie girl & boyBeat first lvl in The wedding reception
Mexican boy & girlBeat first lvl in explosives or something like that
StickersRandomly or win lvls
ColoursRandomly or win lvls
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Unlockable - Aceing a level prizes

by cGub Oct 30, 2008

This is a list of Costumes you win once you complete a level without dying.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Bunny TailThe Collectors Lair
Chicken BeakThe Dancers Court
Chicken GlovesGreat Magicians Palace
Chicken TailElephant Temple
Cowboy Boots and Leather GlovesBoom town
Cowboy HatSerpent Shrine
Dinosaur MaskThe construction site
Dinosaur TailLowrider
Googly Eye GlassesSensei's Lost Castle
Green Sock PuppetSubway
Japanese Festival HeadbandThe Terrible Oni's Volcano
Japanese Festival RobeEndurance Dojo
Jeans with a Belt and Cowboy BandanaThe Mines
MoustacheBurning Forest
Neon HelmetThe Bunker
Pirate HatSkate To victory
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Glitch - Dancing platform (like a spell)

by STCats007 Dec 12, 2011

This is really funny. You can't get trapped in the "dancing chamber" if you don't want your sack to be all AAA! D:

To make this glitch:

1. take platformed (three layered) spikes and turn them upside down. Glue together the ground.

2. take any material (cardboard works best) and make three layers making a wall (be sure the walls attach to platform).

3. Set both walls on fire. touch it and see what happens.

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Unlockable - Aced levels costumes

by gonzola4 Oct 05, 2011

these are the costumes and the corresponding levels u need to unlock them

pirate costumeace all levels in gardens
ring master costumeace all levels in savannah
roman costumeace all levels in wedding
cowboy costumeace all levels in canyons
dinosaur costumeace all levels in metropolis
japanese festival costumeace all levels in island
chicken costumeace all levels in temples
neon costumeace all levels in wilderness
yellow head costumeace collector the last level in wilderness
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Unlockable - Prizes for 100% completion of the level

by SpookybutGroovy May 24, 2010

Unlockable:How to unlock:
The Gardens Concept and The gardens concept with frame :First Steps 100%Fairy tale concept and fairy tale concept with frame :Get a Grip 100%
Bunny Tail and The Gardens :Skate To victory 100%Savannah Concept and Savannah Concept with frame :Swinging safari 100%
Big cat and Big cat Concept with frame:Burning Forest 100%
The Savannah and The pink scarf :The Meerkat Kingdom 100%wrestling ring with frame and wrestling concept
The wedding Reception 100%Theme Characters Concept with frame and Theme characters Concept
The Darkness 100%Graveyard Concept, The wedding concept with frame, and Skulldozer
Skulldozer 100%Boom Town concept and boom town concept with frame
Boom town 100%Anteater Concept and Anteater concept with frame
The Mines 100%Sheriff Zapatas explosives machine, The mines Concept with frame, and The mines concept
Serpent Shrine 100%Early Sackboy and Early sackboy with frame
Lowrider 100%Grabbing Machine, Rock God, and Rock god with frame
Subway 100%Boss concept, boss concept with frame, and a monster truck
The Construction site 100%Temple concept, temple concept with frame, and a mystical dragon
Endurance Dojo 100%Big Sumo, The islands Concept, and The islands concept with frame
Sensei's Lost Castle 100%Terrible Oni, Islands city concept, and Islands city concept with frame
The Terrible Volcano 100%LBP concept with frame, Background Enviornment Concept
The Dancers Court 100%Costumes concept and costumes concept with frame
Elephant Temple 100%LBP cosmos concept, magicians box, and cosmos concept in a frame
Great Magicians Palace 100%Circus Concept, Circus concept with frame
The Frozen Tundra 100%Bad Witch concept, Bad witch concept with frame
The Bunker 100%Jumping Tank, Very first LBP concept, Very first LBP concept w/frame
The collectors Lair 100%The collector boss, The collectors pod, and the collector
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Secret - Checked out3 if you have these items skin:white nit hat:woodin wig

by GangstaG Jan 06, 2010

Equip title items then you can do this change white nit all the way up to the neck then change the color black get it from the stickers page then change woodin wig to all black then you look like a ninja killer

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Glitch - Make objects that you can walk through.

by Tom_Ato Nov 30, 2009

First, get the object of desire, and put a protected brain on it. Next, make a button, put it on one shot, and attatch it to the brain. Push the button, then press up to make it pause. Save the object after the brain has fallen off, but before the object disappears. Put an emitter somewhere, and make it emit the new object with a lifetime of infinity. then save.

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