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Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD Edition Cheats :

This page contains Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD Edition cheats list for Playstation 3 version. Now we have 61 cheats in our list, which includes 24 easter eggs, 3 glitches, 34 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD Edition on Playstation 3 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

ChEck Out The Tempting EVA In Her Hot, Sexy Bikini

by Unregistered Sep 25, 2012

Do you find EVA... attractive? Do you like her hot body, yummy big boobs, and firm tight butt? Do you want to see a little more skin, naughty boy? Well, you're in luck!

There are two ways to get this easter egg, and both can only be done when you're with EVA, after you exit the mandatory Cure/Pause menu. It won't work otherwise. The first way is to feed her R. Noodles and immediately go to the Cure menu. The second way is to shoot the two nearby Kerotans (1 is below log to the bottom right side of screen; you have to look using first person view from the starting point of the cliff on your bottom left side. 2 is behind the Golova tree in middle of the intersection in Area 2.), and then go to the Cure menu.

You'll see the stunning EVA wearing only her sexy black bikini. If you scan her, she'll do some seductive poses just for your pleasure. Grab a box of tissues, and have fun ogling, drooling, and... you know what else... over her fine, tantalizing body.

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YeT another metal gear acid password:

by iknowmyfuckin Jan 13, 2012

This guy is located in the back of groznyj grad main wing (The place with the shagohod). If you interrogate him he should say, "Metal Gear Acid password, K A R E N".

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WhAt do you like?

by orro Jan 13, 2012

When beginning a new game you are prompted with three questions:
"This is my first MGS game"
"I like MGS1"
"I like MGS2"
Selecting this is my first MGS game has the regular opening. Selecting I like MGS1 makes your stamina drop slower. Selecting I like MGS2 gets you a special intro.

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TiTle Screen Change

by NJ Ninja Jan 13, 2012

After beating the game once, Snake will have an eyepatch on during the CQC fights he has with the Russian guard at the title screen.

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SeE naked Raiden again

by jack tran Jan 13, 2012

When obtaining the uniform from Raikov, the guy who looks and attacks like Raiden, shoot him in the crotch to kill him. During your battle with The Sorrow, a naked raiden will walf down the river hiding his privates, complete with bluring.

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SeE an MGS2 Poster

by lilfickle Jan 13, 2012

During the cut-scene when Snake stuffs Major Raikov into the locker, on the door of the locker, there is a poster with a picture of Raiden and the text 'Metal Gear Solid 2' on it

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SeCret R1 Cutscenes

by jskin Jan 13, 2012

At the end of Virtious Mission, Hold R1 in the cutscene after Snake has healed himself. You will be able to look around when it is not indicated that you can and you can see The Sorrow's body.

After you've climbed the mountain, hold R1 during the cutscene where Snake is spying on Volgin on the base. You can see The Boss ride off on her horse and EVA do the "handgesture".

After being tortured, hold R1 as Ocelot leaves the room. The Boss does the "handgesture".

After defeating the Shagohod, hold R1 and when EVA goes to hug Snake you can see The Sorrow behind her.

After defeating The Boss, when her horse walks up, hold R1. You can see the ghosts of The Boss and The Sorrow.

When the President goes to shake Snake's hand, hold R1 and look to the left. Ocelot is outside the window.

When Snake is at the graveyard, hold R1. His eye tears up and you can't see much.

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SeCret R1 Cutscenes

by moregig Jan 13, 2012

At three points during the ending, you can hold R1 to look around in first person. It is not indicated that you can use R1 but it's there. There are some small hidden things that can only be seen this way.

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OcElot Time Paradox

by pac man666 Jan 13, 2012

After the cut scene where you first meet Ocelot, knife (or shoot if you have the Patriot) him to death. Once you kill him the game over screen will pop-up and say "OCELOT IS DEAD." Cambell will then yell at Snake for creating a time paradox.

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MoTion Capture Actors

by reed Jan 13, 2012

During a cut scene, if you see the name of the character, the name in the parentheses is the voice actor. If you hit O, the name will change to the name of the character's motion capture actor.

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MoDern Day Gaming Mags in 1964

by yoelalan Jan 13, 2012

If you look around in the military bases throughout the game (Groznyj Grad, Graniny Gorki, etc.) you can find several modern day gaming magazines on tables, including EGM, GMR, and a few others. Shoot these magazines with a weapon and they will open to a page about Snake Eater. Shoot them again and they will flip to the back cover.

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MeTal Gear Acid Password

by chaseman88 Jan 13, 2012

When entering "Graniny Gorki Lab, 1F" (An area in which you must wear the scientist disguise), interrogate the first guard you see in the lobby. The 3rd time you interrogate him, he'll reveal a password for Metal Gear Acid: "J E H U T Y"

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MaKe Eva vomit

by Rebel17 Jan 13, 2012

Similar to making Snake spew, when you're escorting Eva to the lake, go into the cure option in the Survival Viewer to look at Eva and then use the analog sticks to spin her around several times. When you resume gameplay, Eva will vomit. Repeat this enough times and she will complain about stomach cramps and say other funny comments but this will also diminish her stamina quicker.

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LiStening to Granin

by frank833 Jan 13, 2012

After your meeting with Granin, his door will become locked to you but you can still listen to him inside his office. After a few minutes he will start mumbling some curious things while half asleep.

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KoJima Game's models

by SHXDJ Jan 13, 2012

In the office of Granin, there are models of things from other games Hideo Kojima Made. There is a model of Metal Gear Rex from Metal Gear Solid 1, A model of Metal Gear Ray from metal gear solid 2, and a model of Jehuty from Zone of the enders 1 and/or 2.

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JoHnny Sasaki deja vu

by rickyilham Jan 13, 2012

After being captured and waking up in the cell, throw back the food 3 times to see the scene where the soldier tells you his and his sons name (Johnny). Now wait a few minutes, Johnny will bend over, hold his stomach and will then run to the toilet. As a bonus, he will say some hilarious sentences like "Wow, that's a record!" or "Will that even flush?"

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HiDden poster in drone R1 scene

by samet Jan 13, 2012

During the intro scene for Operation Snake Eater, you have the opportunity to press R1 to view part of the scene through Snake's view (the interior of the cockpit). When you do so, if you look all the way up (past all the instruments), you'll be able to see a poster of Yumi Kikuchi, a Japanese voice actress who had parts in Comic Party, Mahoromatic, Kakyuusei, and other shows.

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GeT out of cell easy

by Freezy Jan 13, 2012

After Volgin leaves the room after torturing you, Snake and Eva will be alone when the R1 button is prompted you can see some one behind with a board and a Codec number writen on it when your in the Cell call it and It will say "The door is open now".

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GaMe Developers

by darkshadow2007 Jan 13, 2012

In the fight with The Sorrow, go to your backpack and take out your camera and take pictures of all The Bosses, including Th Sorrow's Dead body, when you look at it, you will see the faces of the Game Developers.

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ExTra scene in Quick Draw

by dfdfdfdfdfdfdftty Jan 13, 2012

At the end, when you do the quick draw with Ocelot. Pick the gun on the left, when you can shoot do not shoot at all. A hidden cutscene will happen with Ocelot talking about why you didn't shoot the gun.

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EvA's Dream of Snake

by mew gx Jan 13, 2012

When you are in the woods with Eva, shoot her with the tranquilizer gun. Walk right up to her while she is asleep (you may have to crouch). She will begin saying interesting things in her sleep.

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AnOther Metal Gear Acid Password

by verity Jan 13, 2012

In the Snake Eater Mission, go to compound area where the Hind sits. You'll know it's the right area because you'll see the Hind (Helicopter) grounded with noone piloting it. Interrogate the guard closest to the front door entrance of the largest building two or three times and he'll give you a password for Metal Gear Acid: V I P E R (Viper).

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AnOther Acid Password

by Magus Jan 13, 2012

Its the guard you see on the second floor, when you first enter Groznyj Grad Weapons Lab: East Wing. Interrogate him to get the Acid... Password... X M E I G H T.

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An Old Favorite

by cutie-lil Jan 13, 2012

While traveling with EVA, grab her, and interrogate her. She'll tell you a code that involves directions but then she'll say that she doesn't remember the rest of it. The code EVA was talking about was the famous 30 lives cheat code from Contra on the NES.

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