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Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD Edition Cheats :

This page contains Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD Edition cheats list for Playstation 3 version. Now we have 72 cheats in our list, which includes 4 cheats codes, 7 unlockables, 24 easter eggs, 3 glitches, 34 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD Edition on Playstation 3 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Easter Egg - Check Out The Tempting EVA In Her Hot, Sexy Bikini

by Unregistered Sep 25, 2012

Do you find EVA... attractive? Do you like her hot body, yummy big boobs, and firm tight butt? Do you want to see a little more skin, naughty boy? Well, you're in luck!

There are two ways to get this easter egg, and both can only be done when you're with EVA, after you exit the mandatory Cure/Pause menu. It won't work otherwise. The first way is to feed her R. Noodles and immediately go to the Cure menu. The second way is to shoot the two nearby Kerotans (1 is below log to the bottom right side of screen; you have to look using first person view from the starting point of the cliff on your bottom left side. 2 is behind the Golova tree in middle of the intersection in Area 2.), and then go to the Cure menu.

You'll see the stunning EVA wearing only her sexy black bikini. If you scan her, she'll do some seductive poses just for your pleasure. Grab a box of tissues, and have fun ogling, drooling, and... you know what else... over her fine, tantalizing body.

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Secret - Zooming/Camera-panning During Cinemas

by siaxp Jan 13, 2012

At any time during a cut scene you can zoom in on the action by pressing the Triangle button. The harder you push it, the closer it zooms in. Also, while zoomed in you can pan the camera around using the left analog stick.

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Secret - Volgin's lightning

by rock-hock Jan 13, 2012

When fighting Col. Volgin throw a Russian glow cap and it will absorb his lightning attacks for a little bit.

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Secret - The End's Mercy

by daniel17br Jan 13, 2012

While fighting The End, climb a tree onto a ledge that is easily accessible to the old man. Lay down and take out your sniper rifle, go into first person, and search the trees, not necessarily looking for The End. You will eventually hear his footsteps behind you, but do not turn around. You will get a short cut scene where The End finds you and shoots you one with his rifle. Instead of killing you he says that you don't deserve to die that easily. He then proceeds to pick Snake up and carry him to the nearby jail where he will eventually awaken.

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Secret - The End starts the battle with less Health/Stamina

by juniorofmars1 Jan 13, 2012

If you shoot The End with the SVD (sniper rifle) at the Ponizovje Docks, but DO NOT kill him (he'll wheel himself through the red door), he will start with less Health/Stamina when you fight him later in the game.

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Secret - The 3 Sons Snakes

by JAMIELOL Jan 13, 2012

During the final battle with The Boss, equip the Thermal Goggles and search for 3 snakes in the field. These snakes are Snake Liquid, Snake Solid, and Snake Solidus. Anyone who has played 'Sons of Liberty' will notice that they are the names of the three 'Sons of Big Boss'. Each snake has a great taste and recovers a great amount of stamina.

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Secret - Taming The Bees

by pissed Jan 13, 2012

After getting the hornet stripe camo (defeating The Pain via stamina kill) you have the ability to "tame" bees while wearing the hornet stripe uniform. Heres how you do it (while wearing hornet stripe camo): Shoot down a beehive while underneath it (or close enough to it so the bees fall NEAR you). The bees will then be swarming around you! Now go attack some enemys (or go near them) so they can feel the pain.

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Secret - Starving and poorly equipped enemies

by :.AliceDaBabe.: Jan 13, 2012

Throughout the game, you will find several storehouses of food (Where you'll find items like Instant Noodles and Calorie Mates) and ammunition (Often where you find new weapons). If you have some TNT in your inventory, plant a piece inside a storehouse, stand back, and detonate it. You'll know the trick worked if the room becomes charred and black. If you do this to a food storehouse, enemies in the nearby screens will complain about their hunger, helping you detect them easily. If you destroy an ammo warehouse, guards will have only one clip of AK ammo, then they will switch to a pistol, and eventually they will have to use a knife.

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Secret - Snakeís dream

by pinballpoopoo Jan 13, 2012

When Snake gets puts in the jail cell. Save the game and turn the system off. Turn it back on and go to your saved game file. Load it and you will see a mini-game were you are this Zombie hunter guy and you can go around and kill zombies.

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Secret - Skip The End boss battle.

by memed Jan 13, 2012

After caves and after the river with the guards on the hovercrafts, enter the next area and a cutscene will begin. As soon as the cutscene ends pull out your SVD sniper rifle and aim it at The End in his wheelchair. Before he gets taken away, shoot the guard in the head, then shoot The End in the head a few times. If done corectly The End will say something and explode. Later in the game when you get to the jungle where the fight was supposed to be, you wont have to fight him and the jungle will be filled with guards from the Ocelot unit.

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Secret - Revolver Ricochet

by t fulton Jan 13, 2012

As demonstrated by Major Ocelot early in the game, the bullets on the Colt Single Action Army revolver are capable of ricocheting. Simply equip the SAA and fire at a non-volatile structure such as a rock formation, metal crate or wall and watch the bullet deflect off the surface. If mastered properly, this can be used to shoot enemies hiding behind structures or even around corners!

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Secret - Revolver Freestyle Twirling Duel

by sherman555 Jan 13, 2012

Similar to the Quick Draw duel. When you meet Major Ocelot at Bolshaya Past Crevice, simply equip the Single Action Army revolver but instead of firing, use the R3 button (Right Analog Stick) to twirl your revolver repeatedly. In a secret scene, Ocelot will then confront you and also twirl his revolver to show off his freestyle twirling tricks. Depending on how you twirl your revolver, he will compliment or criticize you accordingly.

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Secret - Raikov's Bowel Troubles

by ryedur18 Jan 13, 2012

After destroying the food storehouse for Groznyj Grad, go to the bathroom stall that Raikov retreats to and drop some rotten food. Wait for Raikov to enter the stall and he will eat the food. The door will lock and Raikov will begin to experience some extreme bowel troubles! Knock on the door for some humorous dialogue.

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Secret - Quick Draw Revolver Duel

by wakwik2 Jan 13, 2012

During the battle with Major Ocelot, if you unequip your current weapon and stand out in the open for a few seconds, there were be a secret cutscene where Ocelot accepts Snake's challenge for a quick-draw duel. Ocelot will then stand and face off against Snake and the game will automatically switch to First Person View. Quickly equip your weapon again and when you're ready, aim your weapon and fire! (The object of a quick draw duel is to draw your weapon first and fire but not cheat by drawing too early.)

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Secret - Poisoning Enemies

by death from the dark Jan 13, 2012

Destroy a food storehouse and wait for the guards to start complaining about their hunger. Kill a poison animal (Such as a Poison Dart Frog) and equip it as a weapon. Throw it near a guard and he will eat it. In a few seconds he will collapse from the poison and die.

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Secret - Parrot to your advantage

by elijahcapers Jan 13, 2012

During your battle with The End, if you capture his parrot (use a tranquilizer pistol) and then set it free, the parrot will squawk and circle over The Endís head; revealing his sniper position and allowing you to shoot him. After you shoot him, The End will then relocate and you can recapture the parrot and repeat this method until The End is defeated. If you find it difficult to recapture the parrot, move to another Sokrovenno area and then return and the parrot should be perched at one of its usual spots. If you find it difficult to spot the parrot circling over The End, use your directional microphone and listen for The End scolding his [loud mouth] parrot.

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Secret - Open Locked Doors in Grozynj Grad

by loki6867 Jan 13, 2012

You can open all of the electronic doors that only open for Raikov by throwing a live captured animal in front of the doors to open them. When the animal crawls in front of the door, it will open allowing you to obtain the items before you get the Raikov uniform.

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Secret - Ocelot helps you

by sexyabe12121 Jan 13, 2012

When fighting Volgin, first phase, throw some man-made food (Calorie Mate, Rations, Instant Noodles, etc) to Ocelot, and Ocelot will give Life Recovery Medicine or SAA rounds in return!

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Secret - Make yourself fall asleep.

by 2galis08 Jan 13, 2012

You can make yourself fall asleep by equiping the hankerchief, and wiping it in the air about 3 times. After the 3rd time "Z's" will appear above your head and you will collaspe!

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Secret - Hint : Anger Volgin

by Ozzyblade Jan 13, 2012

When fighting Volgin the first time you can wear the Ivanís(Raiden's) mask and he will think you are the major and hesitate from attacking you. You will have a chance to shoot him a few times without him attacking. He will realize who you are after a while and become angry and attack more frequently.

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Secret - Get past The Sorrow easily

by wizo man Jan 13, 2012

When you have to face The Sorrow at the river, instead of following him, you simply crouch down on to the floor, and keep your head down and drown yourself. Then the usual cutscene will appear showing you escaping the battle.

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Secret - Fun with guards

by cheatman666 Jan 13, 2012

When dressing up as Major Raikov, you can get away with hitting enemies etc and they won't touch you. PLUS, you can also trigger the alert alarm by pressing triangle near one of the red alarm stations, this will send two or more guards to your area, where you can beat them unconscious and take any items they may be holding.

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Secret - Extra Waterfall Scene with Eva

by muhammed Jan 13, 2012

After you escape from the cell, don't use Cure to take out the transmitter in your back. If the transmitter is in you when you meet up with Eva behind the waterfall, there will be an extra very funny scene where she takes it out of you.

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Secret - Extra information in Codec screen

by nickyo7070 Jan 13, 2012

After so many calls, more "slideshow" images will open up for each person you talk to in your Codec. Each person has (at least) two additional personal information pages, usually accompanied by an interesting picture. To get this, call each person multiple times, after so many times, the images will open one at a time.

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Secret - Extra Cut Scenes

by chaitu Jan 13, 2012

When Snake is captured in the prison cell, do not eat the food the guard throws you. Instead, throw the food back out of the cell to the card. Continue to do this 2 more times for a total of 3 times and this will trigger a hidden cut scene.

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