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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Cheats :

This page contains Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 cheats list for Playstation 3 version. Now we have 3 cheats in our list, which includes 3 unlockables. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 on Playstation 3 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - Character Unlocking Guide

by rehavard2 Mar 20, 2013

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Ao (Support)Defeat mizukage in chapter 1.
Cee (Support)Defeat the Raikage in chapter 1.
ChiyoObtain 520,000 ryo.
Choji (butterfly mode)Complete "The rumbling coast" in chapter 7.
Chojuro (Support)Defeat mizukage in chapter 1.
DanzoDefeat danzo in chapter 2.
DaruiDefeat Kinkaku and Ginkaku in chapter 7.
DeidaraObtain 570,000 ryo.
Foo (Support)Defeat danzo in chapter 2.
FuuComplete "The last battle" in chapter 10.
Gaara (Great ninja war)Defeat the 4th kazekage in chapter 9.
Gaara PTSObtain 290,000 ryo.
HakuComplete "Threat of the seven swordsman" in chapter 6.
HanComplete "The last battle" in chapter 10.
HanzoDefeat hanzo in chapter 6.
HidanObtain 720,000 ryo.
Hinata PTSObtain 170,000 ryo.
Itachi (Reanimation)Defeat itachi in chapter 9.
Itachi (Totsuka blade)Obtain 800,000 ryo.
JiraiyaObtain 400,000 ryo.
JugoDefeat the Raikage in chapter 1.
Kabuto (Snake cloak)Defeat kabuto in chapter 5.
Kakashi (Boyhood)Obtain 330,000 ryo.
Kakashi (Twin lightning shiver)Obtain 380,000 ryo.
KakuzuObtain 710,000 ryo.
KarinDefeat the Raikage in chapter 1
Killer Bee (Samehada)Defeat kisame in chapter 5.
KimimaroObtain 530,000 ryo.
KisameDefeat kisame in chapter 2.
KonanDefeat madara in chapter 5.
Kurotsuchi (Support)Defeat mizukage in chapter 1.
Madara UchihaDefeat madara in chapter 10.
Masked manComplete the Prologue.
MifuneDefeat hanzo in chapter 6.
MinatoComplete Prologue.
Mizukage MeiDefeat mizukage in chapter 1.
NagatoDefeat nagato in chapter 9.
Naruto (Massive rasengan barrage)Defeat the nine tails in chapter 4.
Naruto (Sage mode)Defeat Yamato in chapter 1.
Naruto (Tailed beast bomb)Complete "The last Battle" in chapter 10.
Naruto PTSObtain 130,000 ryo.
Neji PTSObtain 180,000 ryo.
ObitoObtain 330,000 ryo.
OrochimaruObtain 420,000 ryo.
PainObtain 820,000 ryo.
Raikage AyDefeat the Raikage in chapter 1.
Rock Lee PTSObtain 190,000 ryo.
RoushiComplete "The last battle" in chapter 10.
Sakura PTSObtain 160,000 ryo.
SasoriObtain 580,000 ryo.
Sasuke (Eternal Mangekyo)Complete the Fragment.
Sasuke (Kirin)Obtain 390,000 ryo.
Sasuke (Taka)Obtain 400,000 ryo.
Sasuke PTSObtain 140,000 ryo.
SuigetsuDefeat the Raikage in chapter 1.
The 1st HokageObtain 850,000 ryo.
The 2nd HokageObtain 850,000 ryo.
The 3rd HokageComplete Prologue.
TobiDefeat madara in chapter 1.
Tobi (great ninja war)Complete "The last battle" in chapter 10.
Torune (Support)Defeat danzo in chapter 2.
Tsuchikage OhnokiDefeat mizukage in chapter 1.
UtakataComplete "The last battle" in chapter 10.
YaguraComplete "The last battle" in chapter 10.

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Unlockable - Character unlocking

by dominic Mar 13, 2013

Character unlocking.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Anko (support only)Win 20 VS. mode fights with Kabuto (Snake cloak) vs. Yamato with an S rank.
Fourth Kazekage (Reanimation)Acquire 4 million ryo.
Kinkaku & GinkakuDefeat Kinkaku & Ginkaku in Ultimate Adventure without taking damage.
Kurenai (support only)Win 20 VS. mode fights against Hidan with Asuma (Reanimation) with an S rank to get sweet payback, and Kurenai.
Rikudo SenninAcquire 10 million ryo Or collect all secret factors to unlock a new Ultimate Adventure side quest to unlock him.
Second Mizukage (Reanimation)Acquire 2 million ryo.
Second Tsuchikage (Reanimation)Acquire 2 million ryo.
Sound 4 (support only)Win 20 VS. mode fights with Kimimaro vs. pre-skip Gaara, with Lee as support with an S rank.
TeuchiVisit Ramen Ichiraku in Ultimate Adventure and spend 100,000 ryo.
Third Raikage (Reanimation)Acquire 3 million ryo.
Zetsu (black half)Win 20 VS. mode fights with Mei Terumi with an S rank.
Zetsu (white half)Defeat at least 50 white Zetsu during the 7 Swordsmen fight in Ultimate Adventure.
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Unlockable - Trophies

by livi4craig06 Mar 06, 2013

There are 42 Bronze Trophies, 4 Silver Trophies, 3 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
3rd Unit Rules!Got S rank in Threat of the Seven Swordsmen.
A Hidden MemoryUnlocked a Secret Factor.
Approaching Ninja World WarYou cleared Chapter 5.
Avenger on the MoveYou cleared the fragments.
Battle of Hidden LeafGot A rank in The Nine Tails' Attack.
Beyond the Ninja World WarYou cleared the last chapter.
Blasting OffPerformed a Ring-Out KO.
Burning Hidden Leaf VillageYou cleared the prologue.
Collected MemoriesUnlocked four Secret Factors.
Conquered FormidablesGot S rank in all boss battles.
Consummate Storm MasterYou won all trophies.
Crash the Five Kage SummitYou cleared Chapter 1.
Creeping ShadowUsed rear attack feature in a mob battle.
Dark Naruto ConquestYou cleared Chapter 3.
Defeated FormidablesGot four S ranks in boss battles.
End of the Coastline BattleYou cleared Chapter 7.
End of the WarGot A rank in The Last Battle.
First ChampionshipYou won your first tournament.
Fists of DeterminationGot S rank in The Rumbling Coast.
Five Kage at Full PowerGot A rank in Bet the Future.
Five Kage Summit InterruptedGot A rank in The Agitated Five Kage Summit.
Gain the Raikage's ApprovalYou cleared Chapter 8.
Gaining PowerGot A rank in Overcoming Hatred.
Gedo Statue, VanishedGot A rank in The Rumbling Coast.
Gem of a CardGot a ?x 5 Ninja Info Card.
Hero of the Ninja WorldGot S rank in The Last Battle.
Hidden ActionSuccessfully performed a Secret Action.
His AnswerGot A rank in Hero and Avenger.
HistorianCompleted the Ninja World Timeline.
Magnificent VictoryYou won the battle with a full health bar.
Memories In Your HeartSaw all Secret Factors.
Nearing the ClimaxYou cleared Chapter 9.
New Products in StockThe Tool Shop added to its ninja tool lineup.
Nine Tails OverwhelmedGot S rank in Overcoming Hatred.
Ninja World TravelerVisited all villages.
Promise of a RematchYou cleared Chapter 2.
Ready to RollYou customized your ninja tools.
Ruler of the BattlefieldTriggered Burst Attack in a mob battle.
Savvy ShopperUsed a coupon.
Taijutsu MasterPerformed a 50-hit combo.
Take This!!!Performed an Ultimate Jutsu Finish.
Tales That Live In An InstantSuccessfully performed all Secret Actions.
Team Ultimate FinisherFinished a match with Team... 

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