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Nazi Zombies Cheats :

This page contains Nazi Zombies cheats list for Playstation 3 version. Now we have 18 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 1 easter egg, 5 glitches, 11 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Nazi Zombies on Playstation 3 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Nazi Zombie Winning Technique (Nacht der Untoten)

by acle Jun 17, 2009

At the beggining dont buy any guns, untill you run out of ammo.
For the first 2 levels just stab that zombies as they die in 1 or 2 knife melees. At level 4 buy upstairs then if u have enough buy the other set of stairs down 2 the help room, DO NOT OPEN THE HELP DOOR!!!!

One player waits by the shelves at the bottom of the stairs while another 1 runs around in the help room covering all windows, if you are playing with 4 players do the same but 1 window 4 each player (other then 1 that needs 2 cover the wall) u should get up 2 at least level 20 if done correctly.

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Glitch - Trench gun glitch

by reecebyrne99 Jun 11, 2009

This glitch will make all zombies pile up at the trench gun, and you will get lots of cash !

and it's still unpatched !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Glitch - Gold glory

by Unregistered Feb 19, 2010

Go into help room and go up to the random crate then wiat for the question mark on the crate to go completely go gold (got to time it right!) you should get the ray gun or 0nther siik ass gun!!! like browning

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Secret - Berriers glitch on zombie verrackt.(callofduty world at war)

by Unregistered May 02, 2011

in order to do this glitch you must be on the side with the kar 98 kk.

you have to down your self in the door way let your self die, and when you come back you get in the corner with the cabinet and stay there.

caution: if you are NOT touching the cabinet the zombies will come at you and down you.

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Easter Egg - Shi No Numa strange/ creepy easter egg

by Bakerboy72683 Apr 09, 2012

In shi no numa, in the starting room go up to the hanging guy, A.K.A Peter's friend. Keep on throwing grenades near where he is, and he will eventually hit the ground. (But he will still be attached to the rope.) Now, if you walk into Peter's friend, your character will mysteriously pass out, the screen will turn black and white, and the game automatically resets. Pretty creepy, huh?

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Code - Der Riese. easy level 20

by Unregistered Jan 17, 2011

on zombie verruckt. i think its called. do not buy any guns. use pistol and ur knife. wait till u get 3450 points. (somewhere in round 3) run and buy the upstairs then the second door and finally the door into the electric room. If u can get the plasma gun, save it to about round 10. once u get to about round 7-8 go down those stairways in the elctric room and stay there. get the plasma gun or and just shoot the zombies when they come down the stairs, while also repairing the barrier next to you. u should easily get to round 17. also if u get about 4000 points, go get the speed cola. hopefully u can get some max ammos.

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Secret - More than 2 guns in first map

by Jfhmanuel Aug 02, 2010

First you have to be in the help room, there has to be a crawler, you can't have a pistole, revolver, or ray gun (sucks), and you need 3 people.

you have to have a person kill thyself then you kill yourself right in front of him... then have the third guy revive you but at the same time you have to be holding [square] so you can automatically revive the other guy and you will have nothing in your hand....

good luck

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Glitch - Multiple guns

by XxUnderatedxX Aug 02, 2010

First you use the mystery box so you have two guns then you get your team mate to down thereselves next to the box then you use the mystery box and start reviving you frend as you are reviving them it shud come up with trade weopon trade it then carry ojn reviving you shud now have 3 weapons and it can be used for more (this also works on der riese aswell as shi no numa

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Secret - Shi no numa UNLIMITED GUNS

by Unregistered Jul 21, 2010

First get a teddy on first mystery box. then go to shack where it teleported to. save up for mystery box and soda. use mystery box but dont take gun. buy soda and take gun b4 you finish using soda. the gun should replace soda and you should have 3 guns ( if you have two weapons ) you can keep doing this 4 more guns as long as you remember to let the gun pop up b4 you get soda. if this doesnt work let me know cuz i think it works on both systems... will work on der riese if ur quick but box and soda might be too far apart.

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by reecebyrne99 Jun 24, 2010

To do this secret u av to go to the comm room open all the comm room doors. go to the right side and turn left there should be a telephone there beeping press the square button until the phone whispers "i know when your weeping" then the phone will play the one!!! Ive been waiting for the one!!!

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Secret - Der Riese Win strategy (Use a modding system.)

by Unregistered May 31, 2010

Mods you use: 1.Invincible 2.Fly

What you do: Fly above where the zombies can get you(so you never die if the invincible mod does'nt work.) Get as amny points as you can. When you have around 30k, buy 2 random weps (until you get the ones you want until 27k), Pack-a-punch your weps, and all the perks. Remember, hover ABOVE the zombies attack range, and also, if you hover too high, so do the zombies.

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Secret - Nazi Zombies CoD Tool cheats

by Unregistered May 18, 2010

First,get a cheat system and enable cheats that you like best.(some cheats you will need)
Start up Nazi zombies at Der Riese.Then,get a Arisaka and get some headshots for a few rounds.
Now get a good gun,(if you open the left door and garage door you can access a mystery box from there)
Then enable super jump and jump the courtyard fence.This can provide a point to where you can skip opening some doors.From there you can access the right side and activate the electricity so you can access the left side.Now get up to the left side and go through the garage,take a left,and open the door.You can access a teleporter from there.Use a speed walk cheat and link it.(remember to pause and kill zombies while doing these!)Now visit where you activated the power,and open the door next to it.You can link another teleporter from here.Go to the bridge and keep heading that way to reach anoter teletorter.Link it.Now go to the courtyard to open the Pack-a-Punch system.Now jump to he left corner to go through the machine.Head left to see a tiny wall jump on it.Now you are immune to zombies and dogs.
(be careful,soon zombies will be able to jump at you,so be ready.)To get back to the courtyard,you keep jumping on the right side of the system until you come out.Let the zombies group up at the mainframe until you can throw a grenade and get a lot of kills.(leave 1 zombie alive so the next round won't start until you kill this time you can get ready)Upgrade your guns until from the points you earn.Have fun killing zombies!(I do this and can survive as many rounds as I like)

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Glitch - Verrukt root beer barrier

by reecebyrne99 Jan 04, 2010

Once power is on or off buy upstairs and down urself on top of the pile of rubble. let the other players kill the other zombies when ur back to life if u have enough money to get a gun get 1 if u want then go to the root beer machine (u know where the wire is run jump crouch against the wire then where u downed urself is where the zombies pile up !!!!!! (only works on the Kar98K side!!!) i tried this glitch and got up 2 wave 21!!!

thank u for ur atention


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Secret - Helpful nacht der untoten SOLO strategy

by Bakerboy72683 Apr 10, 2012

For the first 2 rounds, just knife the zombies. (I do it up to round 4.) Then, once you have enough points, open up upstairs. Stay up there to about round 5. Then, buy downstairs, and stay in the help room (DO NOT OPEN HELP DOOR!) until you get the raygun, and the flamethrower. Once you have those 2 weapons, go back to the room you start in, and go over and camp by the help door. Just keep on using the raygun and the flamethrower and the raygun, while running around that one pillar by the help door, but remember, NEVER OPEN THE HELP DOOR! or else it ruins your strategy. This may work online too, but it's mostly for solo. Good Luck!

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Glitch - Multiple guns 2

by XxUnderatedxX Aug 02, 2010

First you get two guns then you use box til u get teddy then go to room were it is use box then buy perk and swap in bottle for weapon can b used for more weapons

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Secret - Der ries monkeys

by Unregistered Apr 05, 2010

Ok in map pack der riese :(make sure you play multiplayer nazi zombies) at the start use your pistol to kill zombies to get extra points make sure you get alot then thers a door on the left side of wear you start of open it and continuing opening the doors ahead. when your done you continue on the platform when you see that theres no platform left jump down . then you see a large area you see the mystry gun box aproach it crouch down twice in front of it make sure that your flat on the ground ok then use your points to open it and wait untill the gun comes up then press square on ps3 or x on xbox 360 to gain it the weapon that you have will be monkeys throw one using L1 or L2 IF ONE DOES NOT WORK try the other one ones you use it the zombies will chase it and when they touch thy will blow up (hint) use it for hell hounds it makes it easiar (only works on der riese)

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Secret - CREEPY

by ps2knowitall Dec 09, 2009

When you are in the part when you are in this little but big shack look around for a butcher table in 1 room. Walk up to it. It will say LOOK UP TO SEE THE LIGHT. There will also be a gun on the table.

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Secret - A Chest

by ps2knowitall Dec 09, 2009

Well, once you can see a staircase that at the bottom has stuff moving. Turn around and you see a crate. Open it to see a gun.

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