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Silent Hill: Homecoming Cheats :

This page contains Silent Hill: Homecoming cheats list for Playstation 3 version. Now we have 14 cheats in our list, which includes 1 cheats code, 10 unlockables, 1 glitch, 2 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Silent Hill: Homecoming on Playstation 3 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - Unlockable Weapons.

by SharinganMasta17 Oct 03, 2008

To unlock these two, just beat the game once, and follow the steps.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Circular Saw(used by curtis)On your Second play through, it is found in the Shepherds family garage.
Lasor PistolIn a subseqquent play though, it is found in Joshua's room on top of his foot locker
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Unlockable - All 9 Photos

by Shiny_Scizor Sep 14, 2009

Again, in order.

Also, finding all the photos is required to unlock the good ending.

Photo 1In Alchemilla Hospital, after you leave the linen room, it's on the gurney to your right
Photo 2Arriving in Shepherd's Glen, go into the Town Hall, and into the Mayor's office. There's a photo on his desk
Photo 3In the playground, it's next to the yellow slide on the left side
Photo 4In Josh's backpack on the fence of the Shepherd's Backyard
Photo 5In the hotel, right on the door after you've cut the painting
Photo 6In the poilce station, when you're running to the cheif's office, a Schism bursts through a door. Enter that room, and the picture will be on the table
Photo 7In the sewers, after you beat the Needlers and Siam, you'll see Elle's radio in a pool of blood. Go up into the little corner left of it
Photo 8In the doctor's office, in the room with the doll case, it's on the desk next to the door
Photo 9In the Baptisim Fountain at the church, on the bottom left wing
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Unlockable - Unlockable Weapons

by greatguy990 Feb 09, 2012

To unlock these two, just beat the game once, and follow the steps.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Circular Saw(used by curtis)On your Second play through, it is found in the Shepherds family garage.
Lasor PistolIn a subseqquent play though, it is found in Joshua's room on top of his foot locker if you obtianed the UFO ending
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Unlockable - Unlock Young Alex Costume

by tkessel1 Feb 09, 2012

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Young AlexUnlock all costumes
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Unlockable - Alternate Costumes

by hump_jojo Feb 09, 2012

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Bogeyman HelmetObtain the "Bogeyman" Ending
Deputy AlexObtain the "UFO" Ending
Order Soldier OutfitObtain the "Drowning" Ending
Orderly AlexObtain the "Hospital" Ending
Trucker AlexObtain the "Good" Ending
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Unlockable - All 5 endings *SPOILERS*

by moneybla Feb 09, 2012

Hers what you need to do to get all 5 endings.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Bogeyman endingDont forgive his father, dont mercy kill mother, and then don't save wheeler.
Drowning endingDont forgive his father, and mercy kill his mother
Good endingForgive Alex's father and show his mother mercy by killing her.
Hospital endingForgive his father and do not kill his mother.
UFO ending (you knew it was there)mustn't forgive thy father or mercy kill thy mother, but must save Wheeler.
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Code - Secret Outfit

by rones Feb 09, 2012

This code is entered at the "Press Start" screen. After Entering you should hear the sound of a page turning

up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, OUnlocks the Young Alex Costume
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Glitch - Silent hill homecoming glitch

by sawah Jul 12, 2011

Red Nurses glitch - using any weapon is to lure them to a hallway/doorway. Once there they get glitched out and seem unable to swing. I used the axe in the hallway and charged - they fell - repeat for all to make short work of them

Schizms glitch- (Shotgun - 1 blast after they rear up) if you don't have any shotgun shells is to lure them to a pillar or around a large unmovable object. Once there charge and wait - they wont swing but stand there and take your charge swings - ends them quick. Them not swinging at you is the glitch. 1 of this glitch i found in book

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Unlockable - Extra Costumes

by cGub Oct 03, 2008

Unlock these costumes for Alex after beating these certain endings.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Trucker AlexUnlocked by getting the "Good" Ending
Orderly AlexUnlocked by getting the "Hospital" Ending
Order Soldier OutfitUnlocked by getting the "Drowning" Ending
Bogeyman a.k.a. Pyramid Head HelmetUnlocked by getting the "Bogeyman" Ending
Deputy AlexUnlocked by getting the "UFO" Ending
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Unlockable - All 5 endings *SPOILERS*

by cGub Oct 03, 2008

Here is what Alex has to do to unlock the endings in the game.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
"Good" EndingForgive your father and kill your mother out of mercy.
"Hospital" EndingForgive your father and don't kill your mother.
"Drowning" EndingDon't forgive your father, but do kill your mother.
"Bogeyman" EndingDon't forgive your father, don't kill your mother, and don't save Wheeler.
"UFO" EndingSimiliar to the Bogeyman ending. Don't forgive your father, don't kill your mother, BUT do save Wheeler.
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Secret - Lost Can't figure out where to go

by Shiny_Scizor Sep 16, 2009

There's always a trail of bugs leading to the destination. Just look around for them and follow them.

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Unlockable - All In-Game Weapons and how to get them

by Shiny_Scizor Sep 14, 2009

And their upgrades and post game scenario weapons

2nd try. First time it freaked out on me.

Combat KnifeFound in the mirror in Lady's Restroom in the Alchemilla Hospital
Steel PipeFound in the Shepherd's Garage
HandgunGiven to you by Curtis in his Junkyard
Fire AxeFound below the firetruck in Silent Hill
ShotgunGiven to you by Wheeler in the Police Station
Crowbar (Pipe's Upgrade)Found in Hell Decent. After you've climbed down a ladder, you have a choice to go left or right. Go left. Follow the path, until you get to a bunch of cages with corpses in them. Nearby should be a stopped fan. Duck under, and the crowbar will be there.
Ceramonial Dagger (Knife's Upgrade)Found in the underground cellar of Shepherd's Glen Town Hall
Chrome Pistol HandgunFound in the boarded up tomb in the Rose Heights Cemetary is Shepherd's Glen
BlueSteel ShotgunFound in the locker in the Father's hunting room.
Pulaski AxeFound in the Truck outside the Overlook Penitentiary in Silent Hill
Assult RifleFound in the Moon Garden in the Silent Hill Cemetary. You need the two gems: Garnet (Found on a bench near the Sun Garden) and the Turquoise (Found in a sink in the Toluca Lake Offices) Place them in the bust of Janus, and the key will come out. At the end of the Moon Garden, there's a blood splattered tomb. It's near the hole in the tomb.
Police Marksman RifleFound in the room 113 (the room that you have to break the glass in to get Wheeler) of the Lair.
Circular SawAfter beating the game once, no matter what ending you get, it'll be in the Shepherd's Garage
Lazor PistolAfter beating the game, if you got the UFO ending (Don't forgive your father, don't kill your mother, but do save Wheeler) It'll be in the brothers' room on the trunk
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Unlockable - All 18 Child's Drawings

by Shiny_Scizor Sep 14, 2009

Locations. In order, to boot.

Ironically, after you get out of the hospital, all of the drawings tell a story about Pyramid Head (or Bogeyman, in this game)

Child's Drawing Number 1Where Josh was drawing after you unlock the gate in Alchemilla Hospital
Child's Drawing Number 2After killing the three nurses in the Operating Theatre, cut open the monster mouth flesh door thing, and the drawing is right on the wall
Child's Drawing Number 3In the room where you get the Robbie the Rabbit doll, it's on the wall nearest the door
Child's Drawing Number 4After Josh runs off and the door opens, right where he was sitting, there's a drawing. (Like the first one)
Child's Drawing Number 5While running after Josh to elevator, there's a door that slams shut. It's on the door
Child's Drawing Number 6When you enter the playground, take an immediate right and it'll be on the wall
Child's Drawing Number 7In the backyard, on the left fence
Child's Drawing Number 8After you meet Elle and recieve the Radio, it's behind the Missing Persons board
Child's Drawing Number 9In the Hotel, in room 504, behind the dresser. NOTE: You can't directly access this room. You have to creep around to find your way in
Child's Drawing Number 10In Hell Decent, when you see Josh run and then a Smog spawns, it's behind you
Child's Drawing Number 11When you see Josh running away from behind a fan, immedeatly after you duck under it, there's a drawing
Child's Drawing Number 12In the Town Hall, in the boarded up room, behind the bookshelf
Child's Drawing Number 13After getting the Ceramonial Dagger and climb up into the Halloway Family Tomb, it's directly to your left
Child's Drawing Number 14After the house changes to the otherworld, it's in the boys' room, through the monster mouth flesh door thing
Child's Drawing Number 15In Silent Hill, there's a hole near the bait shop. Duck under for a save point and this drawing
Child's Drawing Number 16Inside the prison, when Wheeler makes a jump for the control room, go into the room to your left
Child's Drawing Number 17After Pyramid Head kills the Dad, it's on the back panel of the torture device
Child's Drawing Number 18In the Lair, go to room 211. It's in the boiler room, behind one of the trash bins
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Secret - Keep the Lazer Pistol at start of Underground level

by killer Feb 28, 2012

I know this is somewhat an older game, but I just learned a new trick. Here's what to do. You must have unlocked and select the cop uniform. When Alex first gets home, grab the pistol as usual by the bunk bed. Then proceed with the game. After the 2nd visit from the crypt, go back to the bedroom again grab the Lazer Pistol before darkness falls (I keep using it the whole time except when you have to use an axe or something to open doors). At the police station, all of Alex's weapons are stripped... BUT when Alex gets to the underground room, his pistol is still in his posession. That saves a lot of time killing at least 10 Order Soldiers and Curtis. It works for me.

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