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Tales Of Graces F Cheats :

This page contains Tales Of Graces F cheats list for Playstation 3 version. Now we have 8 cheats in our list, which includes 6 unlockables, 1 glitch, 1 secret. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Tales Of Graces F on Playstation 3 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - Unlock Museum Mode

by JOCKER1 Jul 03, 2012

Beat the game once to unlock the Museum mode, which can be found under Extras. This mode contains a movie viewer, skit viewer, and a sound test.

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Secret - Prepare for big battles easier

by Aiden Apr 10, 2012

When preparing for a big fight, be it a boss or otherwise, there is a way to adjust your Accel Meter and Eleth Gauge accordingly before the battle. Use the nearest save point, then exit to the main menu. Go into "Trials of Graces" and repeat a challenge in your level range. This will not raise your level, skill point, or gald in any way, but will raise the arte count, Accel Meter, and Eleth Gauge and save it's status upon exit, allowing you to start the next fight in your favor!

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Unlockable - Lineage & Legacies

by DARK Apr 05, 2012

Complete the main story.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Lineage & LegaciesComplete the main story.
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Unlockable - Difficulty Modes

by mark97213 Mar 31, 2012

Difficulty modes that you can unlock in the game. It provides more experience, more SP, and a greater challenge.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
ChaosFight a total of 300 battles on Evil
EvilFight a total of 200 battles on Hard
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Unlockable - Grade Shop

by megabodyrocks151 Mar 27, 2012

After completing the game, make a new file for your save data. Access the Extras Menu from the Main Menu and choose New Game +.. You will be able to access the Grade Shop where you can buy extra stuff that affects your next game with the Grade Points you received upon completing the game.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
1/2 Experience10 Grade
2x Critical30 Grade
2x Damage30 Grade
2x Experience90 Grade
2x Gald70 Grade
2x Item Drops120 Grade
2x SP200 Grade
3x SP1000 Grade
5x Damage150 Grade
5x Experience400 Grade
Chain Capacity +130 Grade
Chain Capacity +2250 Grade
Dualize Discount100 Grade
Expand Inventory100 Grade
Inherit Arte Usage50 Grade
Inherit Battle Items60 Grade
Inherit Books10 Grade
Inherit Carta Cards200 Grade
Inherit Eleth Mixer70 Grade
Inherit Gald270 Grade
Inherit Herb Bonuses70 Grade
Inherit Shards90 Grade
Inherit Skills2500 Grade
Inherit Stamps30 Grade
Inherit Titles30 Grade
Mastery Bonus20 Grade
Maximum Eleth +500100 Grade
Maximum HP +1000150 Grade
Maximum Speed50 Grade
Skip Childhood10 Grade
Trade EXP for Gald50 Grade
Unlock Qualities50 Grade
Upgrade Eleth Mixer50 Grade
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Glitch - Charm Duplication Glitch (JP/KO/AS Versions Only)

by cam-eron Mar 27, 2012

This glitch will get you an infinite amount of Checks (AKA Charms) of any kind. The trick is to sell them so you can quickly max out your Gald and Stamp Cards (which is good for early Rare weapons and armor). Follow these steps: - Choose a Check to duplicate (e.g. Curse Check). Have a total of 3, and equip them all. - Choose a Check to sacrifice (e.g. Poison Check). Have a total of 2. - Go into your Dualize menu. - For item #1, select an equipped Curse Check. - For item #2, select the 2 Poison Checks, and dualize them all at once. - Exit to the shop menu, and go to Sell. - You will have 255 Curse Checks. - PROFIT: You can sell up to 127 of them at a time. Your supply will immediately revert back to 255. The glitched stock of 255 will remain in effect if you leave the shop, but there are 2 ways to correct it: - In the shop menu, sell over 127 of them. (Note: Negative values expend Gald). - Remove an equipped Curse Check. (Note 1: You can have another character equip a Curse Check, and reduce the supply to 254 without disabling the glitch.) (Note 2: This glitch can be done with different quantities than listed here, but 3:2 is the minimum. 4:3 is also possible; you just need to have one less Check than the type you want to duplicate.)

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Unlockable - New Game + Mode

by stinger98249 Mar 16, 2012

Beat the game to unlock New Game + mode, which saves your character level. It also applies a Double SP, so you can get to max level skills faster, presumably to unlock the trophies easier.

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Unlockable - Trophies

by TheKing6030 Mar 09, 2012

There are 37 Bronze Trophies, 10 Silver Trophies, 2 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
A Gentlemanly Triumph (Silver)Defeated a true Gentleman. Good show!
A Pact Fulfilled (Gold)Completed Chapter 8.
A Throne Reclaimed (Bronze)Completed Chapter 3.
Appellatrix (50 titles) (Bronze)Acquired 50 different titles for Pascal.
Bryce in 60 Seconds (Bronze)Defeated that jerk with the claw in a minute or less.
Captain Ephinea (100 titles) (Bronze)Acquired 100 different titles for Malik.
Captain First Class (50 titles) (Bronze)Acquired 50 different titles for Malik.
Childhood's End (Bronze)Completed Chapter 1.
Dispaters in 60 Seconds (Bronze)Defeated the monsters Richard sicced on you in a minute or less.
Emboldened (50 titles) (Bronze)Acquired 50 different titles for Hubert.
Empowered (100 titles) (Bronze)Acquired 100 different titles for Hubert.
Entitled (20 titles) (Bronze)Acquired 20 different titles for Hubert.
Epithetologist (100 titles) (Bronze)Acquired 100 different titles for Pascal.
First Flower (20 Titles) (Bronze)Acquired 20 different titles for Sophie.
Flower Power (100 Titles) (Bronze)Acquired 100 different titles for Sophie.
Fodra Queen in 60 Seconds (Silver)Defeated the Fodra Queen in a minute or less.
Full Flower (50 Titles) (Bronze)Acquired 50 different titles for Sophie.
Gagonged! (Silver)Defeated the Rockgagong.
Game Clear: Chaos (Bronze)Completed the game on the Chaos difficulty setting.
Game Clear: Evil (Bronze)Completed the game on the Evil difficulty setting.
Game Clear: Hard (Bronze)Completed the game on the Hard difficulty setting.
Game Clear: Moderate (Bronze)Completed the game on the Moderate difficulty setting.
Kurt in 60 Seconds (Bronze)Ended your fateful battle with Kurt in a minute or less.
Lambda Angelus in 60 Seconds (Gold)Defeated Lambda in the final battle in a minute or less.
Lambda in 60 Seconds (Silver)Defeated the materialized Lambda in a minute or less.
Lineage & Legacies (Silver)Completed Chapter 9. Next up: the Zhonecage! The what? Look to the skits for a hint!
Lionhearted (100 titles) (Bronze)Acquired 100 different titles for Cheria.
Mixer Maxed (Silver)Maxed out your Eleth Mixer by boosting its eleth capacity to 9999.
One with Oblivion (Silver)Defeated Lambda Theos. Impressive!
Openhearted (20 titles) (Bronze)Acquired 20 different titles for Cheria.
Polycarpus in 60 Seconds (Silver)Defeated the guardian of the ruins in a minute or less.
Queen Slime in 60 Seconds (Bronze)Defeated the ruler of all oozes in a minute or... 

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Tales Of Graces F Cheats


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