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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Cheats :

This page contains The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion cheats list for Playstation 3 version. Now we have 27 cheats in our list, which includes 2 easter eggs, 6 glitches, 19 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion on Playstation 3 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

MoVe Dead Bodies

by PunisherQ Jan 19, 2009

You can move around dead bodies with the L2 button. Just move the crosshars to what part you want to move, hold in L2, then slowly move awaywhile still holdind L2. This will help when there is something that you want that is under the body.

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by deoraven Sep 08, 2008

this is the single most incredible glitch/cheat in the game.

I have seen alot of people (here and on other websites) saying how you can be invulnerable to magic , if you wear your enchanted armor. There is a way to permanently enchant yourself with EVERY single enchanment in the game , without being forced to carry around un-wanted armor , and items.

Step 1 : you will need at least 4 scrolls of the same kind. At the very beginning of the game , in the IC's market district there is a shop called mystic emporium , there the elf sells 16 of the same scroll. It would be better if you had 4 of the same scroll , and 2 of another scroll.

Step 2 : cool you found a ring (could be an amulet or piece of equipement like a shield) but the enchantement is rather weak (or the armor is ugly) and you dont plan on keeping it , but where is the harm in getting the enchament without having to wear the item???

Step 3 : go into your items menu , DOUBLE-CLICK on your scroll that you have 2 of , then without leaving the menu , drop the enchanted item , now you should have two of them (sometimes the first attempt dosen't work try again).

Step 4 : Make sure you now have two of the same enchanted item , now equip one. You should see one ring highlighted as it is equipped and the other one "un-higlighted". Go into your items menu , DOUBLE-CLICK on the scroll you have FOUR(4) of , and without leaving the menu , drop the UN-EQUIPPED version of the item. You should notice that now BOTH items have been dropped. That means it worked. Pick the items up (if you want) , and try to re-equip the item. You should get a message saying "this item cannot be equipped now" that also means it worked. Check your status menu and the enchantment WILL be there permanently.

EVERY item that can be duplicated CAN be perma-duped. However , i have noticed that in one game i could duplicate the "shrouded armor" and the "black hand robes" but in a later game i could not. I am un-aware of why , perhaps i was wearing the items for too long now but that is speculations. NOTE : do not and i mean DO NOT perma-dupe any of the following enchantments : CHAMELEON , DETECT LIFE , WATER WALKING , NIGHT EYE , LIGHT. You might get tired of those enchaments and will be unable to revert to your former self , unless you reload an old save. NOTE : do not and i mean DO NOT perma-dupe the gray cowl of nocturnal because you will also perma-dupe , the infamy and bounty on the cowl.

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MaSter Wizard

by deoraven Sep 08, 2008

Most magic schools are easy to master. Follow this to master any or every school of magic early in the game.

1) Conjuration : the easiest of all , simply summon a ghost over and over , summoning is the easiest way to master conjuration.

2) Alteration : 2nd easiest to master , simply find a locked chest or door with an easy lock or harder. Cast "open very easy lock" over and over and your alteration will sky rocket.

3) Illusion : very easy to master , if you have an invisibility spell , cast it over and over , you can go about your missions , and cast invisibility in dungeons and caves etc , and your illusion will raise very quickly.

4) Mysticism : just as easy as illusion , cast a detect life spell over and over , you can go about your missions , and cast detect life in dungeons and caves etc , and your mistycism will raise very quickly.

5) Destruction : difficult to master unless you use this tip. Gain access to the arcane university , create a fire spell 3pts on self for 1sec. Cast the spell over and over , when you get low on health of magicka , rest for an hour , and repeat. Longer than the previous schools , but the reward is well worth it.

6) Restoration : the most difficult school to master. Healing yourself is a good way to raise your skill level , but try creating a restoration spell on TOUCH , approach people in the IC and heal them , also heal your followers , bodyguards , steeds and even the lil' skinned hound. Eventhough this will take a long time , it is still important to heal your followers , especially in the oblivion gates where npc's have a knack for getting themselves killed. You could also enter the arena and heal your opponent before he/she dies , effectively training yourself in sword play and armor as well.

All magic skills increase as the spell is succesful , regardless of its strenght , so weaker spells are more effective to raise your skill. Note: by mastering all your magic skills you might also have a harder time increasing intelligence and willpower later on in the game. A way to counter that is "perma-duping" how do you do that ?? stay tuned...

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EaSy Arena wins

by deoraven Aug 14, 2008

when you enter the arena , next to the gate there are two pillars , climb either one of them and you will be out of reach of your opponents. You can simply cast spells or rain arrows on your opponents without taking any damage at all. If your acrobatics arent good enough to climb all the way to the top of the pillar , usually one blow from your opponent will be enough to push you to the top , if not maybe a fortify acrobatics spell will help.

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CaSting Master spells , without being a master.

by deoraven Aug 14, 2008

if you mastered any of the magic schools , go to the alter of spellmaking and create any master spell that you havent mastered yet , and add any spell from the school you have mastered until the dominant spell becomes of the school you have mastered that way you can cast ANY spell from ANY school. EX: i mastered mysticism , that allows me to add "reflect spell" to a created spell. I havent mastered restoration , by creating a restore health 100 pts , cure poison/disease/paralysis i would need a master rating in restoration BUT by adding relfect spell for several seconds the spell now becomes a mysticism spell , and i am able to cast the spell eventhough i havent mastered restoration.

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by deoraven Aug 14, 2008

several spells can be stacked as long as they are a different spell. EX: create a feather spell 100 pts for any amount of time , give it a name , then create the same spell (or different one) and give it a different name , then cast both spells , and notice how they have stacked.

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FrEe Training!!!!

by deoraven Aug 13, 2008

Instead of spending lotsa gold and countless hours searching and working for master trainers , go to the arcane U. and create a drain skill 100pts. spell on self for 1-3 secs. Before speaking to ANY trainer cast the spell on yourself to have your skill drained to 0. That way you will be able to train the drained skill for 0-50 gold no matter how advanced you are until you have mastered it.

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WaLk on Lava !!

by deoraven Aug 13, 2008

If you have a water walking ring or amulet , it can also be used to walk on lava. You will still take health damage but will be able to quickly finish any plane of oblivion in no time.

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PeRmanently Clone Yourself

by deoraven Apr 30, 2009

Using the Skull of Corruption it is possible to create a permanent clone of yourself. Clones usually disappear after the 30 second time limit but there is a way to make a clone of yourself last forever.

1. Go to a cave that you do not mind never entering again with the Skull. This cave should have an NPC near the start. Capstone Cave, west of Bruma is ideal.

2. Kill all NPCs in the cave except for the NPC at the start. The NPC at the start should not detect you as you do this. 100% Chameleon or Invisibility is greatly helpful.

3. Move all the dropped weapons into containers, onto the bodies, or just hang on to them.

4. Drop the Skull by the NPC at the start and initiate combat.

5. Disarm or disintegrate his/hers weapon. Having no other choice, he/she should pick up the Skull and blast you with it. (If the NPC is casting spells at you rather than picking up the Skull, simply Silence him/her.)

6. Kill the NPC quickly.

7. Pick up and drop the Skull. The reason for this is to ensure that the skull does not get cleared out when the cave respawns.

8. Run out of the cave. Your clone should follow you out. When he does, he will be permanent until you re-enter the cave.


Because you cannot re-enter the cave, you cannot have your clone and the Skull of Corruption at the same time.

You are free to kill your clone and his body will not disappear. This makes him the ideal warrior to lead around with the Staff of Worms.

If you want to loot your clone, simply save and reload in the same area as him.

There is another method if you have access to an alter of spellmaking and have high level Mysticism.

1. Create a spell that has 100% Reflect Spell on touch.

2. Go to a cave with a killable follower.

3. Clear out the cave and move all weapons to the dead bodies.

4. Tell your follower to wait as far as he/she can from the door while still keeping it in sight.

5. Cast your reflect spell on him/her.

6. Back up to the door and fire the Skull of Corruption at him/her.

7. Drop the Skull of Corruption before the blast hits your follower.

8. Kill your follower.

9. Run out of the cave before the Corruption effect wears off.

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MaSter Merchant

by deoraven Aug 14, 2008

Mercentile is one of the toughest skills to increase especially if it is a minor skill but there is a very easy and effective way to "master" mercantile. Simply gain access to the arcane U. and create a fortify mercentile spell 100pts. 1-3 secs. The spell is very cheap to make and cast , simply cast the spell before speaking to ANY merchant and you will be able to invest 500 gp , getting you better deals. Same can be done with speechcraft , security etc. NOTE: with the armorer skill , you WILL need to be a journeyman (50) in order to repair enchanted items. Once you are a journeyman , casting the fortify armorer spell , will allow you to repair it beyond 100% regardless if you mastered it or not.

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LeVel 99!!!

by deoraven Aug 13, 2008

Following the normal run through of the game , your max level would be around 53 or so. If you are one of those hardcore gamers , there is a way to gain a level of 99. Simply commit a crime and serve out your sentence , doing so will decrease a few of your skills , sometimes major ones allowing you to train the decreased skill and leveling up accordingly. This process is slow but effective.

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EbOny Armor at level 1 !!

by deoraven Aug 13, 2008

South of the imperial city is an ayleid ruin called "vindasel" , in the ruin lies a powerful enemy named umbra. She carries a full suit of ebony armor , and is available at any time during the game. She is in fact quest-related but by the time you receive the quest ebony armor should already be available. She is tough , especially at lower levels but the 5 minute fight is worth it , you will gain a full suit of ebony armor (although at low levels it is actually of orcish strenght) that will last you for 10-15 levels , and the most powerful sword in the game and until you complete the related quest the sword will remain weightless , not a bad deal for a guy straight out of jail.

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InCrese Block Skill

by PunisherQ Dec 08, 2008

Find a civilian in their house with nobody else in it, make the person your friend, lightly punch him/her, take out your shield, and wach your block stats go up. This prosses might take a while. It will also raise your heavy or light armor skill bepending on what type of shield you are using. You will still get hurt a bit depending on what blocking level is on the shield. (make sure that you don't kill the person, you might need them in another mission.) Press X when you want to stop fighting.

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SkOoma Drinkers and Free Spells

by sometookmysoul Aug 02, 2011

1. Skooma Guys

If your ever in Bravil this is something to check outThere are 2 guys usually outside their house (its up a flight of stairs) a bald guy wearing a reddy purple thing and a shorter guy i think . Sometimes you see Alchemists drink potions but these guy are drinking Skooma. Weird. And they still drink it when you talk to them

2. Free Spells

First equip any scroll you want (an expensive or unique one might be good) then drop it then use your spell and you still should still have the one the have dropped

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EaSy Master Armorer

by Shadowstep Apr 25, 2011

Okay, before we get too far into this hint. In order for this to be possible, YOU HAVE TO HAVE THE SHIVERING ISLES EXPANSION PACK.

There is two ways to find what your looking for, one way is a bit easier than the other, but it takes a bit longer to locate.

Okay now, upon entering the Isles, you have to pass the fringe. all fine and dandy and easy, kill the gatekepper and leave the fringe, choose which side you want, the demented or manic. now that your outside, open your map.


put your cursor on the city of New Sheoth, Crucible. make your way there.

When you enter Crucible, begin to look for a shop called "Things Found." the shopkeeper is an insane Kahjiit, she wants you to find three artifacts to prepare herself for the end of the world. one is the Amulet of Disintigration, thats what you need. just follow the marker to get to the building its in. (Milcher Tieras)


put your cursor the "T" in "The Hill of Suicides." Move your cursor straight up until you get to the words "Overlook Road," the building your looking for doesnt hav a map marker, so you'll hav to look around. but it'll only be a stones throw away. its directly below a giant spore tree. its called the "Milchar, Tieras"

Now that your inside the "Tieras", there are three lights of stairs you'll go down. but be carful theres creatures all over the place. After going down the third set of stairs, you will come to a room with two statues in it with a set of stairs. you'll want to go up the stairs, theres a door at the top of them that leads to the "Milchar, Chatterhall"

Inside the "Chatterhall", you'll see am urn in the middle of the room. It contains The artifact you want, but in order to get it you'll have to solve the puzzle. the puzzle is simple, in the room you'll see a set of stairs with a stone fixture with a flame. on the stone fixture you'll see a torch. you cannot pick up the torch, you hav to hold it by pressing an holding the L2 button. Now turn around, in the two corners diagonal from you, you'll see two more stone fixtures. You have to run, while still holding the torch, an light all three stone fixtures including the one you got the torch from. But you have to hurry, otherwise they'll go out before you get them all lit. after all of them are lit, you can open the urn. Inside is the "Amulet of Disintigration."

when you equip the amulet, one piece of armor and your weapons health will drop to zero, thus giving you the... 

continue →

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BeComing a Vampire

by PunisherQ Jan 26, 2009

In order to become a vampire you have to get into a fight with a vampire. If you are an Argonian its harder to get the desiese because of the resist desiese atrabute. An easyer way to do this is to get into the dark brotherhood. After a certin amount of quests one of the people will let u become a vampire. After three days of geting the vampire desiese, you will be a full vampire. You will have to sleep to become the vampire though. When you sleep after the three days you will have a dream about being being a vampire. After the you wake up you will notice that your skin has been turned pale and that your eyes are a redish kind of color. To stop this from happening you will have to go to a town chaple and pray.(If there is anything that you feel that I forgot to include the write a comment about it)

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SuPer Character

by Unregistered Jun 27, 2008

Get to lvl 17 or higher and go to oblivion get to the stone save and activate it then load the save untill you get spell absorbtion, get 7 of the same scroll (or more if you want) then click on it 2 times then drop the sigil stone pick up the sigil stones then enchant all your armor must be all armor and 1 ring and u are invulnerable to all spells!

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arMour n sleep

by Unregistered Jan 06, 2009

if you go to the roxey inn,close to sercen and moss rock cavern.there are two people im not sure if its levelled but i found two people, one with ebony armour(missing a shield only)and i think the other one had a ebony claymore.also they are killable so you can take their gear from their you get two quests from the bartender zero visibility and the gravefinders repose

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GeTting clean away

by russellgj May 15, 2008

Once you have obtained the cowl of the grey fox, you can commit any crime and get away with it. All you have to do is, just before you steal,kil etc. equip the grey fox cowl, then when you have finished,remove the cowl again and fines and infamy will be put against the grey fox, allowing you to keep a clean long as you can get the cowl off in time you can use it with guards around, they just run straight past you.

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