Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Cheats

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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Cheats :

This page contains Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII cheats list for PSP version. Now we have 12 cheats in our list, which includes 4 cheats codes, 4 unlockables, 2 easter eggs, 2 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII on PSP platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - New Game+ and New Game++

by ChaosKaiserX44 Jun 02, 2008

1.) Beat the game and wait until it tells you to save after the credits.
2.) After beating a data with new game+, save the game after the credits when prompt and you will start a new game++ data with all of the items you had in the previous save.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
New Game+Beat the game once.
New Game++Beat the game with a New Game+ save.
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Code - Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII

by Unregistered Feb 07, 2012
Left Down Up RightAll Items,accessories x99
Down Down Up Left Right L RAll Materia
Up Left Down L RMax Gil,SP
Right Down UpAll DMW
Up Down Left Right L RMax Stats
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Code - Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

by Unregistered Feb 07, 2012
Left Down Right Up X Triangle Circle SquareAll Items and Accessories x99
Right Up Up Down CircleAll Dmw 100%
Left Down Up Circle X TriangleMax Stats
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Code - Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

by Unregistered Feb 07, 2012
Left Down Right Up X Triangle Circle SquareAll Items and Accessories x99
Right Up Up Down CircleAll Dmw 100%
Left Down Up Circle X TriangleMax Stats
Up Down Right Circle XMax Gil
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Code - How to beat angeal when he shows you he can absorb genetic

by faithzsosa Nov 15, 2010

first before you go to battle add cura barrier regen drain and blizzard blade make sure to have alot of ethers so you can recharge on your mp also add the power wrist and the iron bangle to your items. alright so go and go through the talks. after he transformed use barrier and regen automatically and then switch to blizzard blade. make sure to have cura next to blizzard blade and the items pocket. go behind him and attack from behind. watch out he farts lightning. lolz anyways attack from behind. make sure to have a full life at all times. his final attack unleashed wrath can do about 1857 to 2278 damages. but if you put barrier and iron bangle should lessen the damage. after that if your lucky you will get genisis in modulating phase. other then that everyone else has got to survive two more unleshed wrath. but if you keep using barrier and regen and cura over and over. until you beat him. you should be fine. in the end of the battle you get angeals blade. hope this helps you out. :)

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Unlockable - Bonus items

by wesley12sosa Jun 25, 2009

More rare items

cactus thornSuccessfully complete mission 10-1-3 (adds 1000 needles to DMW).
tonberry's knifeSuccessfully complete mission 10-2-3 (adds Murderous thrust to DMW).
caith sith's megaphoneFind in a treasure chest in mission 8-4-3 (adds Courage Boost! to DMW).
moogle's amuletFind in a treasure chest during mission 8-4-4 (adds Moogle Power to DMW, and levels all equipped Materia to Master level).
magic pot tricksFollow the orders of a Magic Pot (adds Item Mugger to DMW).
ifrit materiaSuccessfully complete mission 8-1-1 (adds Hellfire to DMW).
bahamut materiaSuccessfully complete mission 8-1-4 (adds Mega-flare to DMW).
bahamut fury materiaSuccessfully complete mission 8-5-6 (adds Exaflare to DMW).
odin materiaSuccessfully complete mission 8-1-6 (adds Zantetsuken to DMW).
phoenix materiaObtained during "7 Wonders Of Nibelheim" quest (adds Rebirth Flame to DMW) at the fountain
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Easter Egg - Seven Wonders

by wesley12sosa Jun 25, 2009

* Seven Wonders of Nibelhiem

When you first come into Nibelhiem, talk to the boy on the east side of the town. He will tell you that there are Seven Wonders you can help him solve. Note: Do not go to the Mako Reactor with Sephiroth until the first two are completed.

First Wonder: Inspect the water tower to solve the Wonder of the town's red water supply. You will get the Phoenix Summon here.

Second Wonder: Inspect the painting of the girl in the guest room in the inn. Go back to the boy, then back to the painting. Walk downstairs to see if the innkeeper walks upstairs. If not, inspect the painting again. Slowly follow him without passing him or starting the scene with Sephiroth.

Third Wonder: When escorting Cloud and Tifa back to town, talk to each child in the intersection with the Mako Fountain. Take the path behind the children all the way to the end to encounter the "Wonder" bombs. Destroy all three of them before they explode by hitting them as they expand to make them shrink again. Once you defeat them, go back to the village and exchange the Gold Shard you received for defeating them for a Safety Bit.

Fourth Wonder: This Wonder is in the Shinra Manor about a laughing safe. Go to the northwest room on the second floor to find a piece of paper and the safe, which contains clues on how to open the safe.

First digit: Knowledge overflowing. Count the number of books not on the bookshelf in the room on the east side by looking through the keyhole. Count the books on the floor and on top of the book shelf.

Second digit: Unwelcome faces. Count the number of Dorky Faces in the east room on the first floor. They disappear and reappear but in the same places.

Third digit: Tasty reminders of home. Count the number of Dumbapple and/or cans in the room on the second floor in the back of the west wing. Also look for them behind or under furniture.

Fourth digit: Resting on all four feet. Count the number of chairs in the west room of the first floor.

Go back to the room, and put in the deciphered code, and find a Cactuar in the safe and the Vital Slash Materia. Return to the boy in town to find out about the Fifth Wonder.

Fifth Wonder: The boy speaks of bloodcurdling moans in the caverns of the Shinra Manor. Go to the caverns, and defeat four Sahagins. Go into the rooms on the side of the cavern, and unlock each coffin until you find a man in the coffin, who is none other than Vincent.

Sixth Wonder: Note: You must do... 

continue →

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Unlockable - Bosses

by possum May 20, 2009

Hard bosses hp mp attack and magic

angeal penance27800hp, 544mp, 37atk, 44 mag
sephiroth 2nd encounter31900hp, 9999mp, 40 atk, 38mag
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Secret - New game+

by starfox26 Apr 03, 2009

once u have compleeted the game click on load game on the opening screen and select your old file(the one u completed) now it should start again with the opening movie. DONT GET SCARED it is new game+. You start again but this time with the materia u last had in ur old game and u have the same stats as u used to & the same level

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Easter Egg - Massive damage

by possum Dec 01, 2008

1.get dmw
2.get sephoroth on dmw
3.get cissni
4.get into battle
5.get the cissni dmw
6.get the sephoroth dmw
(note you must get the dmw in order as i said for the damage to be massive)
this will do massive damage from help of the critical hits

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Unlockable - New Game+

by cGub Mar 28, 2008

Beat the game and wait until it tells you to save after the credits.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
New Game+Beat the game once.
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Secret - Hint: Avoiding Mission Battles

by mew_3_2004 Apr 17, 2008

Most battles in missions can actually be avoided, if you know what to do. Simply hug walls while you're running through areas and battles should be easily avoided. This trick will always work in round-shaped rooms, though it has less of a chance of working in other situations.

Written by Linked713

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