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DJ Max Portable - Black Square Cheats :

This page contains DJ Max Portable - Black Square cheats list for PSP version. Now we have 3 cheats in our list, which includes 3 unlockables. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing DJ Max Portable - Black Square on PSP platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - Collection - Image Unlockables

by Do ball Aug 14, 2010

If you go to Collection, you will find a section called Images. These are locked from the beginning, but they can be unlocked with playcounts. Can you get them all? You might want to ignore the numbers that begins on each unlockable image as they are listed in that order.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
1. Proposer, Flower, Wolf part2 (Image 1)Play 3 Songs.
10. Fermion (Image 2)Play 65 Songs.
100. Nightmare (Image 1)Play 1000 Songs.
11. Fury (Image 1)Play 75 Songs.
12. Fury (Image 2)Play 85 Songs.
13. Get Down (Image 1)Play 95 Songs.
14. Get Down (Image 2)Play 110 Songs.
15. Get Down (Image 3)Play 130 Songs.
16. Landscape (Image 1)Play 150 Songs.
17. Landscape (Image 2)Play 170 Songs.
18. Colours Of Sorrow (Image 1)Play 180 Songs.
19. Colours Of Sorrow (Image 2)Play 190 Songs.
2. Proposer, Flower, Wolf part2 (Image 2)Play 6 Songs.
20. Grave Consequence (Image 1)Play 200 Songs.
21. Grave Consequence (Image 2)Play 210 Songs.
22. Heart Of Witch (Image 1)Play 220 Songs.
23. Heart Of Witch (Image 2)Play 230 Songs.
24. I Want You (Image 1)Play 240 Songs.
25. I Want You (Image 2)Play 250 Songs.
26. I Want You (Image 3)Play 260 Songs.
27. Remember (Image 1)Play 270 Songs.
28. Remember (Image 2)Play 280 Songs.
29. In My Dream (Image 1)Play 290 Songs.
3. Desperado (Image 1)Play 9 Songs.
30. In My Dream (Image 2)Play 300 Songs.
31. Jealousy (Image 1)Play 310 Songs.
32. Jealousy (Image 2)Play 320 Songs.
33. Stop (Image 1)Play 330 Songs.
34. Stop (Image 2)Play 340 Songs.
35. Stop (Image 3)Play 350 Songs.
36. Lovely Hands (Image 1)Play 360 Songs.
37. Lovely Hands (Image 2)Play 370 Songs.
38. Keys To The World (Image 1)Play 380 Songs.
39. Keys To The World (Image 2)Play 390 Songs.
4. Desperado (Image 2)Play 15 Songs.
40. Melody (Image 1)Play 400 Songs.
41. Melody (Image 2)Play 410 Songs.
42. Play The Future (Image 1)Play 420 Songs.
43. Play The Future (Image 2)Play 430 Songs.
44. Ready Now (Image 1)Play 440 Songs.
45. Ruti'n (Image 1)Play 450 Songs.
46. Ruti'n (Image 2)Play 460 Songs.
47. Secret World (Image 1)Play 470 Songs.
48. Secret World (Image 2)Play 480 Songs.
49. Son Of Sun (Image 1)Play 490 Songs.
5. Sweet Shining Shooting Star (Image 1)Play 18 Songs.
50. Son Of Sun (Image 2)Play 500 Songs.
51. Son Of Sun (Image 3)Play 510 Songs.
52. Son Of Sun (Image 4)Play 520 Songs.
53. Dear My Lady (Image 1)Play 530 Songs.
54. Dear My Lady (Image 2)Play 540 Songs.
55. Fever Pitch Girl (Image 1)Play 550 Songs.
56. Fever Pitch Girl (Image 2)Play 560 Songs.
57. PDM (Image 1)Play 570 Songs.
58. PDM (Image 2)Play 580 Songs.
59. The... 

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Unlockable - Collection - Movie Unlockables

by Do ball Aug 14, 2010

In your collection, there are 3 movies locked in the beginning. The opening and the ending are repeats, but the second is a special, a Live DJ Max Concert.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Black Square OpeningAchieve 10000 Combo in Freestyle.
DJ Max Live Miracle ConcertPlay 425 Songs.
Ending & CreditsPlay 703 Songs.
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Unlockable - Unlockable 4B Song Styles

by Do ball Aug 14, 2010

In your collection, some of the songs have HD or MX or RD style for 4B. However, you will need to play that song on Normal if you want to get it. For most MX and RD songs, it is unlocked through playcount.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Beat U Down MXPlay 515 Songs.
Dear My Lady HDClear "Dear My Lady" NM 4B Style.
Desperado HDClear "Desperado" NM 4B Style.
DJMAX HDClear "DJMAX" NM 4B Style.
Fury HDClear "Fury" NM 4B Style.
Get Up HDClear "Get Up" NM 4B Style.
Heart Of Witch MXPlay 220 Songs.
Higher HDClear "Higher" NM 4B Style.
Honeymoon HDClear "Honeymoon" NM 4B Style.
Honeymoon RDPlay 105 Songs.
I Want You HDClear "I Want You" NM 4B Style.
In My Dream HDClear "In My Dream" NM 4B Style.
Keys To The World HDClear "Keys To The World" NM 4B Style.
Lover HDClear "Lover" NM 4B Style.
Melody HDClear "Melody" NM 4B Style.
PDM HDClear "PDM" NM 4B Style.
Play The Future HDClear "Play The Future" NM 4B Style.
Ready Now HDClear "Ready Now" NM 4B Style.
Remember HDClear "Remember" NM 4B Style.
Ruti'n HDClear "Ruti'n" NM 4B Style.
Secret World HDClear "Secret World" NM 4B Style.
Shoreline RDPlay 1206 Songs.
Son Of Sun HDClear "Son Of Sun" NM 4B Style.
Stop HDClear "Stop" NM 4B Style.
Super Lovely MXPlay 618 Songs.
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DJ Max Portable - Black Square Cheats


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