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Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2 Cheats :

This cheat for Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2 [PSP] has been posted at 09 Jan 2013 and is called "Character Review". If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 1 other cheats for Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2, look them as soon as possible!

Secret - Character Review

by Unregistered Jan 09, 2013

HSG OT 2 has 2 lines of characters now, which means that there are 20 characters to choose from. Each one has their strengths and their faults, and I'll tell you which ones are worth using.


Carly: Carly's immediate flaw is her weak drive. This WILL add a couple of strokes to your game, but the rest of her stats are pretty nice. I don't recommend you use her at the beginning of your game, but if you hate Luke's weak curves, Carly can find an edge in your arsenal. Just add some power assist onto her, and it'll pay off big time.

Luke: Luke is generally solid overall. His real thorn in the side is his weak curves. Curves are crucial to your score, so Luke may add a bit of strokes to those who rely on curves. Luke's strengths are like most beginners: Big impact zone, and he has a stronger drive than the novice females. Anyone who wants a reliable character, Luke may be your man.

Alice: Alice's stats are generally a bit better than others, BUT she has the most disadvantages for a Novice: She's terrible in bunkers, and she sucks in the rain. Those who have trouble with those two setbacks should avoid using Alice. However, Alice is well worth the risk if you can overcome her disadvantages.

Malachy: Malachy may not look the part, but he's a huge step up from the first three. He's generally pretty good with spins, and his stats are generally higher than Novices. However, his control is a bit weak, and he doesn't make good approach shots (especially those in the 30-60 yard range, which are a pain in the ***). He is good in the bunker, though. He does draw the ball, but a draw is generally easier to handle than a fade. Overall, Malachy does have a few scars to his name, but they are all minor and can easily be overcome.

Frau Ada: This ain't your general useless oldie. Frau Ada is generally balanced in most regards. She does good in the rough, too. However, she is bad with spins. She has weak curves like Luke, and her spin is below average. However, anyone who can overcome this weakness can see some use of Frau Ada.

Montcalm: Montcalm is greatly balanced, and I recommend him in that regard. He does, however, not do well in bunkers, and he draws the ball. His setbacks are minor and don't have crippling value, so give him a go, as he can get good scores.

Lauryn: Lauryn is a bit of an oddball. She has a powerful shot, so heavy hitters will be using Lauryn once they obtain her. However, she fades the ball, something you don't see too often, so if you have trouble with fades, Lauryn is not for you. Lauryn also has weak control over the ball, so a Pin Hole is recommended on her. She also does poorly in the rough, which will discourage you from choosing her, however, If you can overcome these odd setbacks, Lauryn can be a very strong asset to you.

Mifune: Mifune defines power. His drive can go above the 300 range on average, so heavy drivers will be tempted to use Mifune. However, Mifune has a poor curve, so a sidespin is worth considering on Mifune. Mifune also draws the ball. Anyone able to benefit from heavy drives and can overcome his average stats can see a lot of use in Mifune. Mifune is also very awesome. I just had to add that.

Lee: Lee is quite weird. Lee has power comparable to Lauryn, and she has an amazing control stat. Her curves are the best of anyone in line 1, making her a great threat. However, she has a weak spin, and her impact zone, like many characters at this point, is only average. Lee is personally my favorite, as I like strong hitters, her shots don't go crazy, and I usually do some curve shots. The only thing that rains on this parade is Lee's negative attitude.

Chad: Chad is just weird. Like Lee, he has a nice drive and good control. He is actually great with spins, but his curves are mediocre at best. His weak points come from his high angled fade, and his poor performance in the rough. However, he makes up for it by doing well in the bunker.

I haven't actually unlocked Chad yet, so excuse me in that regard.


Mika: Mika is generally your balanced female golfer. She has no weak points at all, with the closest thing to a fault being her average curving ability. If Carly is too weak for you and you want reliability, Mika might be the golfer for you.

Rio: Rio is generally your dude who acts awesome. He has the strongest drive of all novices, and he has no weaknesses, besides his draw. Rio also does great in the rough, so anyone who needs a balanced player that has trouble with roughs, try Rio. He'll serve you well.

Alia: Alia is generally a bit worse than Mika. Why? She has the stats, but she does bad in the rough, and the stats of Mika and Alia are almost identical, meaning that Mika is the better choice on most counts. Alia is cute, though, so Alia has one advantage, at least.

Shu: One look at Shu might make you think that he's useless, but that's unfair, plus it offends the elderly. Shu is very balanced, and works well from bunkers. His only setback is his fade. Anyone who needs versatility and some help with bunkers should seriously consider Shu.

Julie: Julie is very balanced as well. She is good in every regard, but she has a weak spin on her. Julie makes up for it as she does well in the rough. Anyone who needs help with the second cut should consider Julie to help them out.

CJ: Ah, CJ, another version of Montcalm. CJ has great control over his shots, but he has many flaws. First, he has a poor curve. Second, he's bad in the rough. Finally, he fades the ball. However, CJ is very tempting to use, as his shots will get you out of a few jams.

Patricia: Patricia is very balanced as well. She has a big impact zone for a person of her level, and she has pretty good control over the ball. However, everyone has weak spots, even Patricia. She has weak curves, and she doesn't fare well against the rain. Her setbacks are only minor, though, so feel free to make a movie with her shots.

Logan: Oh, Logan, what a cool dude you are. Logan has THE strongest shot of all golfers, so power hoggers will immediately consider him. However, he lacks the ability to control the ball, dubbing him "The Loose Cannon". If you can get around Logan's lack of accuracy, tremble in fear of the athlete known as Logan, as he has the power to go for eagles on par 4s, double eagles, and the legendary albatross.

Holly: Holly is a woman with strengths and faults visible to the public. She has very good control over the ball, so accuracy isn't a problem. However, she has a weak curve, and her impact zone is a bit small compared to her peers. She also does bad in the bunker, but at least she has lost her inability to hit well in the rough. Holly is a great person to use, but you have to be aware of where she will fail, as she'll fail miserably.

Roger: Roger is like the Tiger Woods of HSG OT 2. He has a very nice drive, good control over the ball, and he can make some good curves. However, Roger has a small impact zone, and he doesn't gel with the rain, and his approaches aren't the best. He also draws the ball, which'll make you think twice about the Dark Lord of Golf. Roger is very similar to Lee, just that there's more to look at.


Gloria: Gloria is the secret character of the game (credit goes to the walkthrough on this page). Unlike other experts, her drive is weaker than the others, but she has amazing control over the ball. Her spins and curves are very nice, too. Her impact leaves something to be desired, but then again, she's an expert character. Her low point comes from her bad play in bunkers, but that's it. Gloria is a nice character to choose if you can get over her slightly weaker drive.

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