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Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Cheats :

This page contains Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep cheats list for PSP version. Now we have 53 cheats in our list, which includes 4 cheats codes, 15 unlockables, 1 easter egg, 33 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep on PSP platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - Gaining abilities

by crazyice Sep 02, 2010

Abilities such as Last chance, Combo Boost and HP Boost can be obtained through Command Fusion. You must combine two commands and add a item which will give the command an ability to learn. For example, if you combine Cura and Cura, and also add a Rise Crystal, the result will be a Curaga command with the ability "Air Combo Boost". Once you master this Curaga command, the ability "Air Combo Boost" will still be available even if you unequip the command

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Secret - Easy Leveling for everyone!

by StarlightRush1 Oct 05, 2010

Completed Final Chapter but stuck against Mysterious Figure? Or even against Vanitas Sentiment?! Well do not fear! There is a easy way to train!
First Make sure you have The abilities EXP chance and EXP walker.
EXP chance boosts your EXP by x2 when your health is under 25%
EXP walker gives you on EXP for every step you take.
Now make a command Deck of 4 Mega Flares!
Mega Flare can be made by melding 1 Fission Firaga and 1 Crawling Fire. Get 4 of these and meld them together once their max level. Now you have Flares! Go to the command deck option and click Choose Deck. Now choose Deck 3 (so your current deck will remain where it is for after you have leveled). Add all your abilities again and a decent shoot-lock (not that any of this is necessary) and most important fill your 8 slots with Mega Flare. Now go to Radiant Garden and go to the reactor. First of all land in the save point near merlins house entitled "Castle Town". Now get your hp below 25% (I recommend turning all HP+'s off as it will make it a lot easier). Now once your HP is below 25% (I normally have once more/Second chance on so I keep 1 HP if anything does go wrong) Go to the reactor. Through the Fountain Path and through the Adequet* to get to the reactor. Now run into the center and run out again, You should see a bunch of unversed. Now use 1 Mega Flare. Now use the other one to take town the 2nd wave of enemies. (NOTE: mega flare takes out 1-3 waves of enemies) One defeated and you have your HP under 25% and EXP chance on, you should get at least 4000EXP. Now run out and repeat the process. In 5 minutes you should have 70K EXP.
Extra Info:
You will only need the abilities EXP walker, EXP chance and once more on - the rest of the abilities are not needed.
I got my Ventus from level 32 - level 90 in 6 hours.
Do not collect the health items after the enemies are defeated - simply leave the area and re-enter to reset the enemies.
Hope I helped.

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Secret - Easy Leveling For Ventus.

by StarlightRush1 Oct 04, 2010

Make sure Final Chapter is done. You may be able to do this with Aqua and terra as-well, I'm not sure -
Equip a deck of:
Mega Flare
Mine Square
Bliz zaga
Sonic Blade
Head to the reactor in Radiant Garden. As soon as you see the Tank Topplers use Mega Flare to take care of them. Then as soon as you regain control over Ven use Mine Square then Thundaga. Seeing as this takes about 1 minute to do. In 15 minute you will have 30,000 exp. Which is an easy way to train for unlocking Ultima or the secret bosses.

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Secret - Beating Mysterious Figure

by StarlightRush1 Sep 21, 2010

The Mysterious Figure is a powerful boss and one of the more powerful enemies in the game. Its attacks are varied and hard to predict, similar to those of the Lingering Sentiment. Not only is it immune to all status effects, but it has a great deal of HP as well. The boss is very swift, each of its attacks leaving the player little chance of surviving them with more than one HP. The Mysterious Figure will attack whenever an opening to do so presents itself, but the player has a chance of safely casting Curaga while Terra, Ventus, or Aqua attempts to recover from its attacks. While one might think the key to victory is the most powerful Deck Commands possible, it is actually the swifter, less powerful abilities that are better suited for this opponent. The player's best bet for survival (and possibly victory) would be the Shotlock. Each time the player executes a Shotlock, a temporary invulnerability will be gained. Also, Dodge Roll (Ventus only) is another option to dodge boss's attacks. These methods may allow the player to prevent taking damage from the boss's overpowered techniques. Due to the heavy reliance on these special abilities this battle calls for, however, the player should stock up on Elixirs and other items to refill the Focus Gauge before entering the battle. It is also best that the player use the strongest Keyblade available.

The Mysterious Figure has a variety of attacks, all of which can kill the player instantly if unprepared. It mainly attacks by battering the player with its swords, and can replicate itself to attack players from all sides. Another attack involves it shooting an X-shaped blast of energy at the player, similar to Vanitas and Vanitas's Lingering Spirit. The Mysterious Figure has an attack similar to Sonic Rave in which it quickly darts around hitting the player and hoisting him or her high into the air. Its other attack is to shoot a tornado at the player which, if hit, will blow away the player's deck commands, similar to Marluxia's Whirlwind to the Void Sleight. The Mysterious Figure can use Mega Flare, wherein it shoots a large fireball which explodes on contact with the player. it can also conjure many blue orbs that shoot lasers. The Mysterious Figure has an attack similar to Magnet Crash where it leaps into the air and pulls players up with and energy whip to damage them. It can charge at players while surrounded with fiery pillars. The Mysterious Figure can also cast a spell that rewinds a time a few... 

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Secret - Magic Mirror Boss

by StarlightRush1 Sep 21, 2010

The Magic Mirror is a fairly easy boss. It's primary move is to create reflections of itself after sinking into the reflective surface and rise with Magic Mirror copies in either a path or circle formation, which shoot fireballs from their mouths. However, the real Magic Mirror can easily be spotted, being the only mask that has a smile on it's face. Once the smiling Magic Mirror is attacked, the fake ones will vanish. The Magic Mirror can also maneuver as an attack, which is followed by frame-by-frame reflections of it's last few positions. It can also charge straight at you, an attack that can easily be dodged by moving to the left or right. Sometimes the Magic Mirror will float over you and shoot fireballs from above. When playing as Aqua, beware of the occasional white fireball the boss shoots as it can confuse Aqua, mixing up her movements.

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Secret - Leveling Commands with Terra

by Keysoldier Sep 20, 2010

A good place to level commands is Peter Pan's World. Follow these steps to get your commands from 1 to master.
1-Start in the cove and head over to cliff path right next the safe spot. Put on the commands that need leveling before you start fighting.

2-Start fighting and and make your way to mermaid lagoon. There you'll see more unversed to fight, but don't fall to the water.

3-After you're done go back to cliff path and defeat more unversed there.

4-Continue to the cove to save the game if you need and to change the commands you already mastered.

Doing these steps you'll be leveling up commands, shot locks, finish commands and even your own level. You get about 1477 XP every time you start from cove and get back (not including having the EXP Walker and EXP Chance ability on.)

Secret - Aqua Scenario ~ Maleficent Dragon (Boss)

by StarlightRush1 Sep 14, 2010

When Aqua fights against Maleficent's dragon form, she'll have Prince Phillip as an ally, as well as access to D-Links, Shotlocks, and Command Styles. It is important to realize that Aqua does not excel in physical attack, but she prefers to use magic to conquer foes. One should also take notice of the dragon's only weak point being its head and the fact that it only attacks the area directly in front of it. Thus, the player should use this to his or her advantage. So long as a hit-and-run strategy is used, minimal damage will be received.
At the start of the battle, the player should immediately Wheel Roll over to the dragon's side, occasionally bombarding her with Thunder, Blizzard, and Fire magic. This will eventually activate the Spell Weaver Command Style, but Aqua will not have a need for its benefits. If the player finds that Aqua is too far away from the dragon, the gap can be closed with Reflect Blitz or a similar attack. The Dragon may perform a biting combo, but this can be easily avoided with Wheel Roll. If one finds themselves in the dragon's attack range, use Detona-Square and immediately Wheel Roll away. As the dragon will occasionally rear back and land to create twin, short-range shockwaves, she will take heavy damage as she lands on the mines while Aqua avoids taking damage completely!
Occasionally during the battle, the dragon will breathe her signature, green fire, the fact that the player should be standing near Prince Phillip when he calls out to Aqua extremely important. Once the flames begin to spawn on the ground, Phillip will throw Aqua over the flames to attack the dragon once the player activates the command by pressing Square and then Circle when the on-screen prompts appear. The player should then resume the hit-and-run strategy, only bombarding the dragon with magic attacks, physical attacks only when it is safe to do so. As her HP dwindles, the dragon will launch off the battlefield and begin to fly around the area. Pressing Square and Circle again will allow Phillip to throw Aqua to the dragon's level, allowing a special attack to be landed. Aqua has a strong chance of landing on the dragon's back once this attack is completed, and it is now that she can attack the beast with physical attacks, such as the powerful Spell Weaver, if it is still activated. Magic can also be used to end the battle quickly. The Dragon is not difficult to beat. If the player follows a hit-and-run strategy and sticks to magic attacks... 

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Unlockable - Obtaining Void Gear and No Name Keyblades

by StarlightRush1 Sep 09, 2010

This game includes 3 Secret Keyblades: Ultima Weapon, Void Gear and No Name - Here is how to unlock Void Gear and No Name (Its called No Name as its only in the English version - Japanese don't get this keyblade) I have no idea how to unlock Ultima - but as soon as I know you will know!
Void Gear Stats:
Strength = +8
Magic = + 4
Length = Long
Critical -
Rate = ???
Damage = ???

No Name Stats:
Strength = +6
Magic = +7
Length = Long
Critical -
Rate: ???
Damage: ???

Void Gear:Defeat Vanitas's Lingering Spirit in Keyblade Graveyard.
No Name:Defeat the Mysterious Figure in Land of Departure
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Unlockable - Ultima Weapon

by StarlightRush1 Sep 09, 2010

I found out how to get it! Thanks to 654Tidus654's Youtube video on obtaining it.
The stats for Ultima Weapon are as follows:
Strength - +7
Magic - +7
Length - Long
Critical -
Rate: ???
Damage: ???

Ultima WeaponTo Start, You must be level 30 in Mirage Area. Go to the selection Panel and select the following: New Event. Arena Mode. Press Right. You Shoul Now have a new option. Select this. Now beat all enemies - Most of them are bosses from the game. Once you defeat all enemies you'll get given the Ultima Weapon + 750 Medals!
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Unlockable - Strongest Shoot-Lock for each character

by crazyice Sep 02, 2010

To unlock the strongest Shoot-Lock with any character, you must complete the level 20 battle arena called "Arena's Ruler". The Shoot-lock will be available in your inventory afterwards.

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Secret - How to kill Vanitas' lingering spirit really easily.

by DarkHalberd64 Jan 30, 2012

1. This way, you just need to change all of your command deck slots into strike raid or any variation of strike raid. As soon as the battle starts, go behind a rock. The lingering spirit should be walking around randomly. Next, make sure you're on the other side of the rock from where Lingering Spirit is. The final step is to just repeatedly lock on and spam strike raid ( or any variations).
2.(VENTUS ONLY) Equip at least 2 tornado deck commands.When the battle starts, try to find a time when you can use the tornado. If you have the abilities needed (Faster command deck recharge ones) You should be able to use a tornado each time one stops.
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Unlockable - How to unlock the secret board

by Unregistered Nov 16, 2011

you have to complete all stages in the command board to level your mirage arena fast defeat the secret board and you will skip 2 levels on the mirage arena

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Unlockable - Superglide

by omegaman Aug 22, 2011

this is possible after obtaining glide from never land. first head to Disney town and go into the sewer in town square. next, go find the meter and use any thunder command and keep attacking until you get thunder command style. then keep attacking until the meter fills up and you should get a short scene. go find a gear moving up and down and make your way towards a doorway. go through and you'll find a giant pinball game with you as the ball. get to the top and there should be a doorway. go through and your in the raceway. glide over to the roof directly across from you. before fighting the enemies open the chest so that you don't fall off. then simply replace glide with super glide and you go about as 3 fast as walking or normal glide. hope this helps.

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Unlockable - How to get commands: Break Time and Slot Edge (Aqua)

by xXFantasyHeavenXx Jun 07, 2011

Break Time: Some kind of dance Slot Edge: Some kind of a slot machine attack

(This is only available on Aqua)

(DoubleFlight required)

(Map needed (optional)

First, go to Disney Town then go to underground then go to the place with gears that will lead you to the top, then go to the next area then you will see a pinball game. Play it and make the four balls in the middle shine (it will shine by bouncing on the round things that makes the ball bounce, if you make them shine, you can get the treasure chest.) Then after that, you can get the Break Time. (the chest is in the middle.)(lolz sorry for bad english.) Then go to the top of the pinball game then go to the next area.(A.K.A. top of the rumble racing area) then you will see a chest, open it, SLOT EDGE - GET!!

If you don't understand plz comment.

this is xXMasterSparkXx, my account was blocked because i forgot my password, so I created another YAHOO account the created ANOTHER cheatsguru account.

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Unlockable - Easy Medals

by kiazer Jun 01, 2011

There are a HUGE amount of medals needed to buy all of the needed commands from the arena shop. More even than you can get from getting to Arena Level 30. The trick is to do the second arena match unlocked at about arena level 8. It's the one where theres treasure chest monsters appearing everywhere. It's only three rounds. The plan is to make 4 mega flares by combining Crawling Fire and one other that you can search on google for. Start the match with those four flares, use one, wait for the next round, use another, wait for the next round, and then use the last two right after the other. All enemies should now be totaled and in just about 20-30 seconds, you have another 100 medals. It's the fastest and most efficient yet still time consuming way to do it. It's also an easy way to get the Munny Trophy by amassing a total of 33,333 Munny.

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Unlockable - Easy Super Command styles (Terra)

by dokoroyaiba-REsatani Jun 01, 2011

To easily get into the Super Command styles (Bladecharge,Rockbreaker, Dark Impuse) first you need three powerful commands, they are Meteor Crash, Chaos Blade, and Megaflare. To make Chaos Blade you meld Dark Haze and Sonic Blade.To make Mega Flare you meld Fission Firaga and Crawling Fire.To make Meteor Crash you meld Blitz and Quake or Fire Strike and Brutal Blast.Use one of the commands and you should go into a command style then use Mega Flare to go into Bladecharge, Meteor Crash to go into Rockbreaker, and Chaos Strike to go into Dark Impulse.If you dont have the required commands, use starrk's guide to help.

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Unlockable - Super easy level up

by nomore-thanme Jun 01, 2011

Easy Level up You can do this with any character, all you need is the Exp walker,.Go to the Mirage Arena,as you defeat unversed you will gain 1 exp for each step you take. I did this with Ventus it took two days to get to lvl47I hope this helps

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Unlockable - Terra Easy Ability & D-Link Level Up

by MAGMA162 Jun 01, 2011

While playing as Terra, go to Neverland and disembark at the Gully, set up your commands, then fight the unversed in the Indian camp, then head to the forest clearing, fight the unversed, then keep repeating. The enemies drop all the different crystals for making commands, use this with the command melding section of starrk's guide to get all the abilities, plus be able to get some awesome commands.This strategy also works well with leveling up D-Links, just switch to a d-link in one of the areas, kick some unversed booty, with luck you will get an emblem, go to the other area beat a few of the small guys for link prizes, and keep going.You could also use this for some of the Finish commands

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Code - Trophies

by Pikles Jun 01, 2011
Power WalkerWalk 99,999 steps
KeyslingerKill 9,999 Unversed
ClockworkPlay for 80 hours or more
Arena SweeperComplete all arena matches
Dairy DevoteeUse the Frozen Fortune command style 30 times
In the MunnyEarn 33,333 munny
One DownFinish one character's story
TrinityFinish all stories on Proud mode or above
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Code - Pete's D-Link

by ure teamwatt Jun 01, 2011

There's actually one more D-Link for everyone that you don't get through the story lines! This particular link belongs to none other than Disney Town's greatest Zero of a Hero, Pete! (Aka. Captain Justice/Dark) The game's tutorial can tell you what you need to do.Note: It doesn't have to be you who finds him, as long as you can get him to appear during a game!

Pete's D-LinkFind Captain Justice/Dark during a command board game. (Non-Arena)
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Unlockable - Disney town keyblades :D

by DarkHalberd64 Apr 29, 2011

first one is like a ice cream one...
ice cream keyblade: is better then second keyblade and is obtainable by collecting all ice creams
2nd one is called victory line
victory line: has pretty bad stats, is obtainable by winning final race in rumble racing in 1st place :D.

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Unlockable - Easy beating vanitas sentiment :D

by DarkHalberd64 Apr 28, 2011

first equip all your commands as strike raid or any related raid, then go vs vanitas sentiment. AFTER you dodge his combo of attacks go behind a rock, vanitas will be on the other side shortly, now u can kill him... its rly easy because u just spam strike raid or any related raids BUT u have to lock on so your keyblade goes through the rock :D.

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Secret - Easy beating malificents dragon with aqua

by DarkHalberd64 Feb 11, 2011

all u have to do is go on the side of the dragon and spam fire and when the dragon flys run like crazy then go bak to the bak prince Philip wont do much though he will only attack a bit and take damage

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Secret - Terra's scenario ~ Vanitas Boss

by StarlightRush1 Sep 21, 2010

Terra's scenario

The only time Vanitas ever faces Terra in combat is during the final battle with Master Xehanort, during which Vanitas assists Master Xehanort in a battle against the young Keyblade wielder. During this battle, Terra has access to D-Links, Shotlocks, and Command Styles. While clearing this boss fight without the use of these special powers and abilities is quite possible, it is recommended that the player instead make full use of them.

It is very important that the player immediately go on the offensive at the start of the battle, as he now has two of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep's strongest bosses facing him at one time, the only instance in Terra's scenario where this is done. However, though both Master Xehanort and Vanitas are present, the battle will end once Vanitas is defeated. Because of this, the player should immediately target Vanitas, the weaker of the two bosses, hammering him with physical attacks and magic. Vanitas will not attack often and will mainly attempt to dodge the player's attacks, but certain abilities such as Chaos Rave will allow the player to stay on him. When Vanitas vanishes, Slide out of the way; if you do not, you will fall victim to an downward strike from Vanitas with his Keyblade. When Vanitas sinks into the ground, only visible by a moving pool of darkness, immediately chain Slides together. Otherwise, Terra will be bombarded with fireballs as the boss re-emerges. Vanitas may leap into the air bombarding the player with dark lightning, or he even may shoot a single, large fireball that later splits into three homing ones. Slide can be used to dodge these attacks, as well.

Once enough HP has been depleted from Vanitas, the battle will automatically end, regardless of how much of it currently remains. So long as the player makes full use of their Shotlocks, Command Styles, and D-Links, healing with Curega or Sliding when necessary, this battle should not be that hard to complete. However, the player should remember that Master Xehanort is also present during the battle, and he may strike Terra with his Keyblade or shoot a long-range, dark Blizzard spell in his direction. Master Xehanort may also combine the two attacks, assaulting Terra with a fast-paced physical combo and ending it with a Blizzard spell that can freeze Terra, leaving him open to both Vanitas and Master Xehanort's attacks. So long as the strategy used against Vanitas is carried out throughout the battle as the player attempts... 

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Secret - Aqua Scenario ~ Both Vanitas Fights

by StarlightRush1 Sep 20, 2010

First Battle

Vanitas first challenges Aqua in the Radiant Garden, with his goal being to test her as a back-up for his plan to fuse with a heart of light to form the -blade. While his attacks are the same as in the early battles of Ventus's scenario, keep in mind that Aqua favors magic, whereas Ventus is balanced, which calls for a change in strategy. Aqua has access to D-Links, Command Styles, and Shotlocks in this battle, and they should be used if possible to gain the upper hand in battle.

The player should go on the offensive while also following a hit-and-run strategy, using magical attacks as their primary source of dealing damage. Vanitas may disappear during the battle, but the player should immediately Wheel Roll, or fall victim to his downward strike if they do not dodge the assault. The boss may also shoot a single, large fireball at the player that will soon separate into three smaller, homing fireballs after traveling forward in the player's direction. Wheel Roll again can be used to avoid this attack. If Vanitas leaps into the air, he may strike the player with a dark lightning attack, which has a relatively long range. Wheel Roll is recommended in terms of avoiding it. The boss lastly may perform a simple two-hit physical combo, an attack easily dodged with Wheel Roll. In terms of offensive tactics for the player, Detona-Square and Tornado are highly recommended for use, as they will deal great damage to the boss, also interrupting his attacks. The Sleepel magic command works great as it inflicts sleep status, leaving Vanitas at Aqua's mercy. Whatever physical attacks the player attempts should be the most powerful in Aqua's arsenal. Continuation to use powerful physical and magic attacks is the key to ending the battle with ease and minimal damage.

Second Battle

Vanitas next challenges Aqua in Neverland, his goal to destroy her after his first battle with Ventus, seeing his strength and no longer needing a "Plan B". While his attacks are the same as in the first battle at the Radiant Garden, keep in mind that Aqua favors magic, whereas Ventus is balanced, hence the need for a difference in strategy. Aqua has access to D-Links, Command Styles, and Shotlocks in this battle, and they should be used if possible to gain the upper hand in battle.

The player should go on the offensive while also following a hit-and-run strategy, using magical attacks as their primary source of dealing damage. Vanitas may disappear during the battle,... 

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