Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Review

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Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Review :

10 Years Before? Best one yet!

by StarlightRush1 Oct 04, 2010

The Game known as "Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep" Is a fantastic, amazing out of this world game! And anyone who disagrees either hasn't played it or doesn't know pure game talent when it hits their PSP screens! I bought this game on the day it was released and for 72 hours (According to my Trinity records) I have been addicted to this game! It started off with me being gob-smacked at the cover. It was Shiny!! And when you get a shiny game cover - you know your in for a treat. So as normal I put it into my PSP and played away - well with the minor delay of installing the new firmware. Which took around an hour...As my PSP wasn't charged up...But anyway! When I got onto it I did what any decent player does, watch the opening (seeing as you can skip cutscenes in this game) I was amazed at the quality of the opening. But we all know it can't last that way, but none-the-less it was still brilliant. On the day I got it apparently I played 8 hours with one character and got to the final boss. Now I was a bit annoyed at the length of the game. I mean I was hoping for at-least 100 hours+ but Even to this day with each of the characters completed along with the final chapter - my play time still becomes below 100. But that doesn't make the game bad. Seeing as it has a few surprises in store. Like the 2 hidden bosses.

Now its time for the key parts of this review, seeing as I don't want to carry on spoiling the game for those who have yet to have completed it. Below you'll find my verdict, on Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep:

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9Story line
Its hard to describe the story in 300 characters - but Here is the main part for each character: Terra: Finding Master Xehanort and later on fighting the Darkness inside him. Ventus: Defeating The masked boy and following his heart. Aqua: To bring her two friends Terra and Ventus home.
Now the graphics for PS2 were amazing but this just takes charge and brings us new, better, enhanced graphics. With the config option on the main menu (Pause menu in-game) you can change the speed of battle and the color settings. Bring 16bit to 32 bit - it makes a huge difference!
The sound was good but not brilliant, I remember one night playing it on the lowest volume possible and I was told to turn it down. I think their should have been a volume setting in the config - From 0-10 to make it easier to control the volume. But when not to turn it down...Its pure amazing.
Gameplay falls near the graphics section - once again amazing. I really like playing these games and then watching the disney films - to see how close they were to making it look exactly like the films - and the worlds (eg. Castle of dreams, Terra+Aqua) looks exactly like the castle from Cinderella.
10Lasting Appeal
This game will be with me forever - I have completed it many times and yet I still find things that i didn't know before. This game has given me a whole new view on games - for Square enix to beat this - they will really, really need to up their game. I love this game, and I hope you did/do to!
(Out of 10)


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