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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Cheats :

This page contains Monster Hunter Freedom Unite cheats list for PSP version. Now we have 40 cheats in our list, which includes 5 cheats codes, 1 unlockable, 6 glitches, 28 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on PSP platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - The tigrexes moves

by knightrider Dec 18, 2009

The Moves
Before you can defeat "Tigger", the first thing you must do is learn his moves and to anticipate them. On that note, here is a list of the ones that I have noticed.

The Charge
Tigrex runs at you. He doesn't track you very sharply, but he moves fast, and if you don't get out of the way quick, chances are you are going to be missing a large chunk of your health. Also, just because you avoided his charge once doesn't necessarily mean that you're safe. Sometimes he will skid and turn at the end of the charge, and come running at you once again. When in rage mode, he can turn once more, to come charging at you for a grand total of 3 times. Also, his charges are somewhat homing if you are too far away, so consider yourself warned.

The Spin
Sometimes when you are too close to him, he will spin in a circle, knocking you back. Not too hard to avoid or damaging when you know what to look for. It can be easily blocked as well by simply facing him and guarding. Don't try to guard in the direction he is spinning. You can tell he is going to do this when he lowers his body slightly and curls his tail to his right. DO NOT stay at its right side, because while spinning, it extends its left arm.

The Leap
Tigrex will jump through the air at you. Easy to avoid, but fairly damaging if it hits you. Note*: When in rage mode, "Tigger" will never jump just once. He will always jump twice, and the second jump will be followed by his "Hit-me-now Stance." For this to happen he has to be in rage mode.

The Bite
Tigrex has two different bite attacks, the long one and the short one. Both of which can be painful and annoying if you get caught in the middle of a combo. Right before he does this, he raises his head slightly to the right and leans back a little.

The Roar
Nine times out of ten, when Tigrex leaps back and uses this move, he will go into rage mode. You can tell he's about to do this when he plants his limbs, and sits straight up. It doesn't have a very big range, but it has two different affects depending on how close to him you are. If you are standing right next to him, you will be sent flying. If you are sort of close, then you will be stunned instead. A little ways away, and you won't be affected at all. If he does roar, you have two options.
1) If you are far enough away... 

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Secret - How to raise your HR level

by knightrider Nov 23, 2009


HR 1 - HR 2
[Giadrome Assault]
- Hunt the Giadrome

[The Land Shark]
- Hunt the Cephadrome

[The Lurking Desert Giant]
- Hunt the Daimyo Hermitaur

[The Mischief-maker]
- Hunt the Congalala

Urgent Quest
[The Ruler of the Snow]
- Hunt the Blangonga

HR 2 - HR 3

[The Shadow in the Cave]
- Hunt the Khezu

[Master of the Giant Lake]
- Hunt the Plesioth

[Evening Hermitaur Sonata]
- Slay 20 Hermitaurs

[Pincer through the Sky]
- Hunt the Shogun Ceanataur

[Trouble in the Forest]
- Slay 20 Bullfangos

[The Ioprey Leader]
- Hunt the Iodrome

Urgent Quest
[Absolute Power]
-Hunt the Tigrex

HR 3 - HR 4

[The Runaway Diablos]
- Hunt the Diablos

[Valor in the Swamp Zone]
- Hunt the Gravios

[The King's Domain]
Hunt the Rathalos

[The Queen's Descent]
- Hunt the Rathian

Urgent Quest
[The Approaching Gaoren]
- Defend the Fortress from Shen Gaoren

HR 4 - HR 5

[The Poison Fanged Duo]
- Hunt 2 Gendrome

[Ultimate Crab Dinner]
- Hunt 2 Daimyo Hermitaurs

[Trapped by Yian Kut-Ku]
- Hunt the Yian Kut-Ku and Blue Yian Kut-Ku

[Conga Counterattack!]
- Hunt the Congalala

Urgent Quest
[Lao-Shan Lung Draws Near!]
- Defend the Fortress from Lao-Shan Lung
(Ash Lao-Shan Lung)

HR 5 - HR 6

[Two Roars in the Snow]
- Hunt 2 Blangongas

[Red Shadow in the Swampland]
- Hunt the Red Khezu

[The Underwater Terror]
- Hunt the Green Plesioth

[Elminate the Rathalos!]
- Hunt the Rathalos

[Basarios: Unseen Peril]
- Hunt the Basarios

Urgent Quest
[Land of the Tremors]
- Hunt 2 Tigrex

HR 6 - HR 7

[The Fierce Black Horn]
- Hunt the Black Diablos

[Black Rock in the Swamp]
- Hunt the Black Gravios

[Blue Sky, Pink Earth]
- Hunt the Azure Rathalos and the Pink Rathian

[Deny the Silver Rathalos]
- Hunt the Silver Rathalos

[Find the Golden Phantom]
- Hunt the Gold Rathian

Urgent Quest
[The Approaching Gaoren]
Defend the Town from Shen Gaoren

Urgent Quest
[Rise to the Summit]
- Slay the Akantor

Urgent Quest
[Hypno, Hypno!]
- Hunt 2 Hypnocatrices

HR 7 - HR 8

[Daimyo of Sengoku Fame]
- Hunt the Plum D. Hermitaur

[Old Jungle Lightning]
- Hunt the Khezu

[Eyes in the Underground Lake]
- Hunt the Plesioth

[Pelagus Pride]
- Hunt the Emerald Congalala

[Old Swamp, Shrouded in Mist]
- Hunt 2 Purple Gypceros

Urgent Quest
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Secret - Congalala guid

by knightrider Dec 18, 2009

The Congalala is a Pelagus monster that inhabits the Jungle and Swamp. It resembles a giant, tailed gorilla with pink fur, a hippo-like head, and long front claws. The spike on its head is actually hair that the Congalala has smoothed into shape to signify that they are the pack leader. Congalalas are suprisingly intelligent beasts.

The lesser forms of the Congalala are the Conga. These minions are smaller and have furry blonde hair on top of their heads, that resembles the hair-horn of the Congalala when broken.

It primarily uses melee attacks, charging or swiping at you, with an occasional belly flop.
When the Congalala inflates it's stomach, all of your attacks will bounce off of him unless you attack him from the side, behind(with a short weapon or you will also hit the stomach) or have the ESP skill.
The Congalala's signature move is its fart attack, which prevents you from using any consumable items unless you either use a Deodorant or the effect is over.
The Congalala can also breath flames, poison, or sleep gas out in front of it in the same fashion as Teostra or Lunastra if it eats a Nitroshroom, Sleep Herb, Toadstool or Parashroom.
The Congalala also has a dangerously strong combo in which it swipes 3 times and then does a body slam; however, this attack leaves it temporarily open to your attacks, as long as you avoid the quake, so take note.
When it is enraged, its face and behind turn red, and it angrily blasts a fart. In rage mode, it is both faster and stronger; don't underestimate it.
The Congalala's weakspot, the head, will yield Vibrant Pelt when broken, and the remaining scraps of hair effectively make it look like a giant Conga with claws.
Alternatively, Congalala's tail can be broken and will yield Territorial Dung or Territorial Dung+ (High ranking quests only), account items worth 500 Pokke Points and 2500 Pokke Points each, respectively.
If the hunter drops meat mid-battle, Congalala may stop to eat it. This trait can be abused by dropping drugged, tainted and poisoned meat. You will know the Congalala is going for the meat when it stands on its hind legs and sniffs the air. It may take more than one meat to inflict the desired effect.
Congalala have been known to fart when caught in a Pitfall Trap; consider keeping a safe distance away.
Congalala is found in much the same habitats as its stronger relative, the Emerald Congalala.
When hungry, the Congalala... 

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Secret - Yian kut ku guide

by knightrider Dec 18, 2009

The Yian Kut-Ku is a fire-breathing bird wyvern. Kut-Ku is presumeably named after a cuckoo for its bird-like characteristic and appearance. It is rather small compared to other wyverns. They inhabit the Forest and Hills, Jungle, and Swamps. They resemble giant chickens, in manner and form. Yian Kut-Ku are the weakest of the boss wyverns, and many hunters defeat the Kut-Ku as their first wyvern. While experienced hunters have no challenge in defeating it, first-timers will have difficulty due to the Kut-Ku's speed.

They are belligerent towards hunters, and use their fire attacks and pecks to defend their territory. When they become endangered, they run away immediately. The most sensitive part of their body is their ears, which can be affected by various items which emit loud noises. They are weak against weapons with Ice element.

Their abilities are weaker compared to other monsters, and many times leave themselves open to attack. They often become enraged and fly away. They are comparatively stronger than other small sized monsters. After a while, they will start to limp and try to fly away. This can be stopped with a Sonic bomb.

As one can assume from their highly developed ears, Yian Kut-Kus have great hearing. Their ears are effective for hearing prey and enemies outside their range of sight, but because of their over-sensitivity, they are also vulnerable to explosive sounds. There are three ways to expose them to explosive sounds:Sonic bombs, barrel bombs, and Crag/Cluster Shots. Dizzied upon hearing a loud sound, Yian Kut-Ku's are stunned and become open to attack, but will become enraged once the dizziness subsides. Enough attacks to the head will break the ears. Also, an injured Yian Kut-Ku no longer is susceptible to explosive sounds as its ears are broken.

Yian Kut Ku is weakest to Water, Thunder, and Ice. Depending on the weapon class, you should attack it in a specific way for best results. For Dual Blades, always use Demonic Dance on its body with a Water weapon. For Longsword, slash away at its wings with a Thunder weapon. For Hammer and Hunting Horn, hit its head with an Ice weapon.You can also use Great Sword with Ice attribute and attack its head. The most effective attack on the Yian Kut-ku's head while using Great Sword is the triangle level 3 charge attack at the head while it's taunting you.

Yian Kut-Ku's ears fold back when it is near death; this would normally mean that it will try to run away to... 

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Secret - Khezu

by knightrider Dec 18, 2009

The Khezu is powerful, but slow. It likes to wander in areas: 8, 7, 6 and occasionally 3 & 1. The best way to defeat Khezu is to use the old fashioned "Hit n' run" trick. This means, you should not jump in and continuously attack Khezu, otherwise he will crush you. If you briefly attack him while he isn't in his "Electric Shield", you could wipe the floor with him. I find the easiest way to take this guy down is circle him a bit and when he tries to shoot his lighting ball at you attack his legs very briefly and then dodge out of the way because he will almost always to a short ranged attack that is easy to dodge. Why attack his legs you ask Well, as he is attacking there is a good chance that you will knock him over and its an easy way do deal out some massive damage or put down some bombs. When you attack his legs make sure you don't get underneath his body because he will immediately trap you down there and then use the move "Electric Shield" which hurts a lot if you have armor with bad lightning resistance. Other than that don't try and use flash bombs on him because it doesn't have eyes and good luck! Dung bombs will not stun it, but it will pause for a second and lose your scent in the nice big, brown cloud of Popo excretion (You're welcome for that wonderful mental picture). This gives you time to flee or dish out a fewwhacks. Here are some guides about Khezu behavior: (see Khezu Behavior section)

Khezu Behavior
Body slam.
If Khezu lowers it's head while giving a grunt/roar, then it is most likely to use Body slam attack. This is it's 2nd most powerful attack, so beware. It can be blocked, but it could be dodged all the same. I believe it is best to dodge left or right. Or, you could run away when the khezu warns you with it's signal.

Volt Tackle/Electric Body Slam
Khezu gathers electricity and jumps forward, he only does this in rage and this is a sign that he's almost finished, it is easily dodged if u attack him at the sides .When he turns around to jump at ya just roll or jump outta his way!

Electric Shield
The Khezu becomes surrounded by volts of electricity, and drops to the floor. This isn't very powerful, but you should still be careful. This is quite annoying, because, not only if you are using a combo attack on Khezu, you cannot get out of the way, but this makes it difficult for... 

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Secret - What damage misc items do

by rubixmaster Jul 24, 2009

To give you an idea, the first giadrome you fight in the 'The Carnivorous Leader' quest has 360 health

Paintball --- 0 Damage
Stone --- 1 Damage
Kick (press select) --- 2 Damage
Boomerang --- 8 Damage
Small-barrel bomb --- 20 Damage (can be increased to 30 by bomber skill)
Small-barrel bomb + --- 30 Damage (can be increased to 45 by bomber skill)
Large-barrel bomb --- 80 Damage (can be increased to 120 by bomber skill)
Large barrel bomb + --- 150 Damage (can be increased to 225 by bomber skill)
Bounce bomb --- 20 Damage
Bounce bomb + --- 30 Damage
Lightning rod --- 80 Damage
Explosive rock --- 80 Damage
Ballista S --- 100 Damage
Cannon S --- 250 Damage
Fort/Town Dragonator --- 255 Damage. (x 4)
Castle Dragonator --- 255 Damage. (x No. of Hits)

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Secret - Good treasure quest armor (HR4+)

by rubixmaster Aug 03, 2009

This is a good armor set for treasure quests but you need to be HR4 or higher to be able to get the materials.

weapon -- any that has at least 1 slot(but 3 is alot better) + Blessing jewel,(2x Gathering jewel)

helmet -- Chain helm U + 2x Backpacker jewel, Blessing jewel

plate -- Chain mail U + 2x Gathering jewel

gauntlets -- Chain vambraces U + 2x Gathering jewel

waist -- hide belt

leggings -- Rathian HeartGreaves + 2x Gathering jewel

what this gives you are the skills:

--Divine whim -- alot less chance of items breaking when used (e.g. pickaxe, bugnet, flute)

--Gathering +2 (or +1 if you weapon only has one slot) -- increases the amount of things you get from gathering

--High Speed gathering -- increases speed of gathering and carving

--Backpacking -- allows you to carry egg-like items faster and you may not drop it from recieving small attacks (e.g. vespiod sting)

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Secret - Better Armor for Snowy Mountains

by WhiteNinja239 Nov 12, 2010

Instead of using the Mafufofu Armor set

You can use the The Blango Armor Set

  1. Blango Helm

Add a Warm Breeze Jewel

2. Blango Mail

Add another Warm Breeze Jewel

3. Blango Vambraces

Add what ever Jewel ya want

4. Blango Tasset

Add what ever Jewel

5. Blango Greaves

Add a hot wind Jewel which takes two slots

The Skills You activate are:

Cold Elimination{Hi}

Quake Resistance

Snow Resistance

And one bad skill:

Terrain Damage Increase {Lo}

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Secret - Easy Pokke points for beginners

by BLackKnightzzz1 Jul 07, 2010

At the training school, the beginner quest for " Weapon Usage", there is a quest to kill 5 Giaprey.
Select "Hunting Horn Mastery"
The quest provides 50 mins of Time Limit.
Now, take everything from the blue box.
Go to area 1, and kill the first and the closest giaprey so it will never spawn again.
Go up the cliff at your right. Head to area 4.
Before you head to area 4, press R+Triangle+Circle at the same thing to play the instrument (Your Hunting horn)
Link White-White, then press Triangle to trigger No Stamina Loss [Lo].
Sheathe your weapon (R+Triangle+Circle again), then head to area 5.
Go deeper and climb the cliff at your right, head to area 5.
See 2 Giaprey? Kill the one that's the FARTHEST, so it will never spawn again.
Ignore the other giaprey, head to area 3.
See 2 Giaprey? Kill all the giaprey here, so it will never spawn again and wont disturb you.
Now climb the tree, look where the egg is.
Before you gather the eggs, play your Hunting Horn and link White-White-Blue
Sheathe your weapon and collect the eggs. Then head back to area 5.
For a shortcut, I suggest you to head area 4.
If you kill the right giaprey, there should be only 1 giaprey on your way now.
Evade the giaprey, and head to area 4.
WARNING:When you managed to go to area 4, do not RUN. Walk slowly so you dont fall from high places or else the egg will broke. In area 4, you start from the cliff. WALK to the most left.
Below you there's a ledge. Go down and head to area 1.
In area 1, you start from the cliff again but now go to your left and go down the ledge.
Go back to your base camp and deliver the egg at the red box.
You got 700 Pokke points, and you can repeat all of this guide to obtain as much pokke points you want.
The eggs spawn infinitely, so things you have to worry about is the Time Limit, Giaprey, and your stamina.
If your stamina starts to evaporate, eat the rations. Hot drinks can ward off the cold, but the musical effects from your Hunting horn can prevent hunger and Power Juice-like effect.
If you want to finish off the quest or obtained enough pokke points, just kill 1 more giaprey.
This guide is useful for beginners because it doesn't have to slay strong wyverns and it only needs patience to obtain pokke points.

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Code - How to get wyvern blade fall

by delceppo14 Oct 03, 2011

to get wyvern blade fall first you upgrade bone blade to large blade then from large blade to bone bone katana wolf then from bone katana wolf to bone katana shark then youll need to get killer beetles and fire wyvern fluids from pokke farm get the insect thicket 1 and trenya's boat send trenya on an adventure into the desert (pay him 300 points) and gather insect beetles from the bushes keep doing this till you have enough to buy the wyvern blade fall good luck

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Secret - Nice G-ranked Blademaster armor

by Rindoroki Aug 02, 2010

I have recently tooken a request by aspd.
Now a good Blademaster set doesn't have to be maximum rarity.
A good Guard type set is the Gravios X set, it already provides great guarding-like skills and can be improved further. Another good weapon to go with this armor is gun chariot+, world's end, or any long type gunlance with at least two slots but still special somehow.
Now you have 11 slots which can be used. Now get all the jewels listed below:
5 HvnlyShieldJewel(Optional , although you can have Perceive skill at the same time)
5 Perceive Jewel(Optional but really recommanded)
1 ConstitutnJewel(Required)
3 IronCurtainJewel(Optional but can't both Percieve and Auto-Guard skill)
1 Stone Wall Jewel(to go with IronCurtainJewels)
3 Strength Jewel(Optional, not really needed)
Now, we will use the decorations obtained.
Tranquilizing guru
Guard Inc
Guard +1
You just used all slots but that's just all you need to get that skill set. Equip all Hvlny Shield Jewels and Perceive(Already 10) and 1 ConstitutnJewel to get rid of that one negative skill and all slots used perfectly.
2.Health 50+
Guard Inc
Equip all IronCurtain Jewels and stone wall jewels to get Guard +2(7 slots used)1 constitutn jewel(8)and used the rest of the slots for 3 Strength jewels which then makes all slots used perfectly.
If your and expert guarder and don't need percieve then the 2nd one is your choice but if you want to focus purly on attacking and want more rewards then go for the first choice.
If you have any ideas on how to make this better just post some replies or if you want more then tell me what kind of weapon you use and I will make a dream set for you(plus jewels).


Offense hammer set:

Hammer Armor set: Full black diablos z set (Azure rathalos x gloves)with deep darkhammer.
Decoration set:1 Silencer jewel, 2 Celebrity Jewel,2 Protection jewel, 1 Hermit jewel, and 2 Razor jewel.
You will end up with these stats: Reckless Abandon+3, High Grade Earplug, Sharp Sword.
Recommanded Color ranking:Rank 10 purple (70 R 0G 115B)Max ranking color. To change color, go to Hunter house and go to big chest and select change equipment then Ch X/Z-series CL then set color option from above(R G B).
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Secret - Nice G-ranked bow use armor

by Rindoroki Jul 08, 2010

It's hard to get a good gunner armor that you would feel comfortable with and a good bow to match with but I got one combo for you. The Dragonwood shin armor is reliable with a good shogun ceantaur bow, especially with showroom model. Since it already has charge 4 you don't need the gunner helm, switch it with the blademaster helm. You now have the perfect armor for a gunner like yourself.

Skills-Paralysis Coat add(Good for Showroom model bow as it can't have this coating by itself)

Quick eating(Really useful to get out of a jam)

Hunger increase [Lo](Can be fixed with Fasting jewel)

This armor and weapon have 11 slots but 9 because you really don't want the hunger increase skill.

You can have any 2+ 1 slot gem skill and a couple 2 slot gems giving you reasonable skills. A common curiosity with gunners is the monster's health, sometimes gunners might get concerned with certain quests with bosses like diablos that is ready to be capture just after some time starting the quest, and still will take some time to finish off, so I recommand the Tranquilizing Guru skill, you can paint the diablos and keep shooting without caring about the health.

To get this skill just insert five Perceive jewels. This is just my favorvite skill and helped me finish my first HR9 quest.

If you disagree with this post what this topic needs and if you have any comments(please no bad comments, this is my first hint)then feel free to post. If you have any suggestions on what else I can do feel free to post.

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Secret - Khezu

by drewf0 Dec 18, 2009

The white khezu is weak to fire so use any fire wepon you have or maybe switch ur wepon so you do. The red khezu is weak to water so any water type wepon can hurt him. I'm gunna talk about the red Khezu. What you might need for the fight: Max pots,mega pots,and regualr pots,a bunch of auto bombs the ones that r timed to explode. When he is going in a rage mode count to 5 onethousand when in shock mode becuz if counted right it ends. If he does a body slam or isn't doin anything grab a bomb and place it under him and run so when you leave itll explode on him which will make some major damage. He will retreat to areas back and forth so bring a couple of antidotes so you can walk through the poison. If he jumps up and grabs to the celing run away from where he is because he will either do 1: Chase you and sooner or later fall off 2: He will drop acid from his mouth which might have an item so don't pick the item up till you think you have enough time to collect it. Bring a couple of power seeds and armour seeds or demon drugs and mega armour skin. Use one of each to be able to keep your attack up and ur defense up so you'll be nice and safe with a bit of protection. Use a max pot to bring ur health all the way to the end of ur screen and use well done meats to to keep ur stamina up. If u use a great sword when he does his mouth shooting electric attack when that passes u if ur close enough if his mouth is still near the ground run up and hit him in the face and roll to whatever direction oppisite of where u ran in to hit him in the face. Repeat if you can on his mouth if scars come up on his face that means you done 1/4 of the damage to him I think. so that is all good luck. Rate and comment plz.

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Glitch - Glitches

by rubixmaster Dec 18, 2009

These are just for people who have completed the game and are now bored with it

Kushala doara --

Volcanos --

F&H --

Akantor --
(this is quite hard to do as firstly you have to have akantor digging at the very start of the quest (happens about 50% of the time) and then when hes coming up beneath you, you have to run against the rock and do a dive/jump for life agianst them)

Teostra/Lunastra --

diablos --

the diablos trick is really hard to do
-first you need the skill auto tracker (15 phychicvis)
-then you need to get him into area 10 in the old desert
-then you need to get his horns stuck in the rock that your standing on
-then you need to use a farcaster
-then go to area 4
-then wait till his icon turns blue
-once it's blue run into area 10
-wait!!! until he starts digging and throw a flash bomb
-then run out quickly
-then wait till his icon goes onto its side(faces sideways)
-then run back in and he should be on the ledge
-this can all be seen in the video

Plessy --

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Glitch - Knocking out a Narga

by aspd Mar 05, 2013

Nargacuga, the jet-black wyvern and a pair of glowing eyes when raged. This wyvern can be easily stunned by using a Hammer or Hunting horns. Obviously, by attacking the head over and over again, right? Logically, that's true. However, did you know that you can KO a Narga using a different (and hilarious) method? If not, here's what you have to do:
1. Using a Hammer or Hunting Horns, initiate a quest against a Nargacuga
2. As usual, attack the head a few times (but not until you KO the Narga)
3. Throw a sonic bomb when the Narga's in a prowler state
4. The Narga will fall, after it gets up, it will immediately enter rage mode.
5. Now, stop with the head-locking, and attack the Left Wing, Right Wing, or even the Tail. (Superpound or Triple Pound attacks)
6. You'll see what will happen to the Narga.
Explanation: Narga can be KOed even without attacking the head. The fact that you can get a "Narga Brain Stem" from the tail quite fits the glitch.

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Secret - Easy items from 'fleeing' Elder Dragons

by aspd Mar 07, 2012

Note: Lao Shan Lung, Kirin, Yamatsukami or any monster that doesn't carry it's wound after a battle will not be included in this guide.
You do know that Elder Dragons, will flee after certain circumstances (Example : Kushala Daora). Now, did you know that you can use that as an advantage? How? Here's what you gotta do:
1. If you're not strong enough, have a friend to help you. Hunt one Elder Dragon together.
2. Make sure you cut the dragon's tail BUT do not kill the dragon. Make the dragon close to death as close as possible.
3. The Elder Dragon will flee. If it's really close to death, that's good.
4. Save your game. Then, if you find the same Elder Dragon (with the same or different quest), initiate the quest.
5. You should be able to kill it easily.
Conclusion: Yes, I guess you have the picture now. If you kill the dragon and didn't get the item you want (e.g. Big Elder Dragon Jewel), you can always reload your game, then initiate the quest until you get what you want. This way, you won't have to kill it for an extra period of time, and you get the "result" you want.
However, this 'trick' isn't really that positive for you. It will make you kill less dragon (which applied in your guild card).
Your choice, have fun :)

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Unlockable - Monster Hunter Freedom Unite how to have infinite items

by Unregistered Feb 20, 2012

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite how to have infinite items

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Secret - How to kill 40 congalala in 1 hour

by Unregistered Dec 05, 2011

now craft aweapon (daggers warhammers) and go buysome 80 pit fall traps and 67 lightningrods and to to the task of rarest of the rare and place 2 pit fall trap per quests an while the congalala falls in your trap strike it until it gets away follow it and place 3 ligfning rods. If this works u win 30000 pokke points

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Code - How to easily get lao-shan-lung horn

by Unregistered Oct 12, 2011

to get more lao-shan horn .do the state of crisis quest defend the fort dont make the fort intergrity to 3 or lower if you get it 4 or higherfort intergrity you may get 2,3,4or5 hornssome times if in luck you could get ash lao-shan horn 2or3 thanks

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Secret - How too kill a bulldrome esier with long sword

by wolfkatana Aug 09, 2011

first you should have 2 or 3 shock traps and health if u need. then once you have found the bulldrome set 1 shock trap in front of it before it charges then while its stunned attack as many times as you can. then set another shock trap whith some time left from attacking it then make it charge at you when your behind the shock trap and attack again. now you have to start hitting from the sides and back of the bulldrome until it dies

hope this helps :)

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Code - Weakness of most 4 star and below monsters

by blonde_guy Aug 03, 2011

Fire: Giadrome, Blangonga.

Thunder: Gendrome, Iodrome, Velocidrome, Tigrex, Monoblos, Cephadrome, Bulldrome.

Ice: Rathalos.

Water: Basarios, Gravios.

Dragon: rathian.

I think that's them all, but if i left some out, which i probably did, just say so in the comments :)

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Code - Easy way of getting Bone katana "wolf"

by wolfkatana Aug 02, 2011

first upgrade bone to large bone + then go and choose a gathering quest in the jungle area and collect these supply items :

5 veloceprey hide-

5 veloceprey fang-

2 med monster bones-

then go to the blacksmith shop and upgrade it then you will have the katana

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Secret - Easy way to defeat a cephlos

by Unregistered Jul 25, 2011

in the desert area you will find that the cephlos are hard to defeat. sometimes it comes out of the sand and fires a bit of sand at you. as it does this get behind it and hit it with a good hammer (i would recommend a bull head hammer) it will go flying up then hit the ground hard. (it then goes a bit like a popo when it is nearly dead) hit it a few more times until it dies. sometimes when you carve the cephlos you will get a piscine liver. when you finish your quest the piscine liver will automatically sell for 300z each.

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Code - How to defeat cephadrome

by joshuarae234 Apr 25, 2011

first buy the ff. items potion(as many as you can buy),psycoserum(2),sonic bomb(10).,paint ball(3),cool drink(2 just to cool of)

now track the cephadrome with psycoserum . you can recognize it's fin by its color and size . then throw a sonic bomb after that throw a paintball

then keep attaking the bottom of the belly if it tries to hit you with its tail press x to dodge it then keep attacking until it sleeps in the middle of the map

attack its tail then repeat attacking its belly until it dies .(NOTE: while attacking if it goes underground throw a sonic bomb .and if the paintball woreout just track it and throw another paintball.) PS if you throw a sonic bomb sometimes it will drop wyvern tears its worth 500 pokke points

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Secret - Good armor for shouting monsters

by assassin_123 Mar 23, 2011

If you are having difficulties in slaying shouting monsters, you should use a HORNET ARMOR.

You will activate these useful skills:

-Hi grade earplug

-Demonic protection

hope these help you...

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