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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Cheats :

This page contains Monster Hunter Portable 3rd cheats list for PSP version. Now we have 3 cheats in our list, which includes 3 unlockables. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Monster Hunter Portable 3rd on PSP platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

MHP3rd Unlockable quests

by aspd Mar 09, 2012

Notes: -These "Unlockable" quests I was referring to is the quest that must be unlocked by clearing certain quests or reached the required condotion and does NOT required to be cleared to unlock the urgent quest.
-The numbers of the quest I put in the left column are the number that will appear when you unlocked all of the quests for the relevant rank.
-A "Wyvern" is defined as any large monsters with the exceptions of Bulldrome, Aoashira, Urukususu, Rangurotora, Jhen Mohran, Alatreon, and Amatsumagatsuchi.
-The quest to slay Akantor, Ukanlos, and Alatreon will not appear even if you had cleared the required quests. They wil only be available after defeating Amatsumagatsuchi along with the quests requirements. Also note that quest (35/39) is not required for this.
-Epic Hunt Quest" or "Extended Quest" are the same (depends on your translation patch), these quests is where you hunt more than 2 monster in one quest and the carves will be different. (Ex: Carving a dead Tigrex in an "Extended quest" will give you Mega Potion)
-Clear all High Rank quests means you have to clear quests from HR4-HR6

HR6 Guild Hall, (4/39) Hunt Gold RathianKill a total of 100 Wyverns
HR6 Guild Hall, (5/39) Hunt Silver RathalosKill a total of 100 Wyverns
HR6 Guild Hall, (6/39) Hunt Gold Rathian and Silver RathalosUnlocked by clearing the quests above.
HR6 Guild Hall, (35/39) Hunt Black Diablos, Ice Agnaktor, Black Tigrex, Jinouga,Clear all other "Epic Hunt/Extended" quests.
HR6 Guild Hall, (36/39) Hunt AkantorClear all High Rank single monster quests.
HR6 Guild Hall, (37/39) Hunt UkanlosClear all High Rank single monster quests.
HR6 Guild Hall, (38/39) Hunt AlatreonClear all High Rank dual monster quests.
Village, (15/15) Hunt Deviljho, Tigrex, NargacugaClear all other Village quests.
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HoW to unlock the Drink quests

by aspd Mar 09, 2012

Note: Drink quests are NOT the same as the Hotspring quests. Drink quests consist of 20 quests in total and improves the effects of the drinks, while Hotspring quests only consist of 7 quests in total and improves the hotspring. Also, clearing both Drink and Hotspring quests will give you the award "Bandai-san's Fan", which will be applied in your guild card.
- "WARNING" quests: The quests that has "?" mark in it, kill the extra boss to complete the "WARNING" quest.
- "Epic Hunt" quests : The quests that consists more than 1 monster in it and your carves will be different. (Ex: You'll get Mega Potions if you kill and carve a Tigrex in an "Epic Hunt" quest)

In the gathering hall, you can see a cat within the hotspring. The cat will give you drinks with boosting effects that will improve your hunting capabilities. However, you'll have to complete Bandai-san's drink quests first in order to get all the best effects from the drinks!
In this guide, I'll tell you what to do to unlock all the drink quests:
(The one in the left are the drink quest's objectives, the one in the right is the method to unlock it)

(1/20) Hunt Doboruberuku and JinougaClear all Village urgents and at least 60 Village quests.
(2/20) Hunt Black Tigrex and DeviljhoComplete 3 HR6 "WARNING" quests.
(3/20) Hunt Great Jaggi, Dosufurogi, and Great BaggiClear 30 Village quests.
(4/20) Hunt Tigrex and Barioth SubspeciesReach HR6 and clear 3 "Epic Hunt" quests.
(5/20) Deliver 8 Golden FishFish 15 times in any quest.
(6/20) Deliver 15 Bamboo shootsObtain 1000 Yukumo points or more in a single quest.
(7/20) Deliver 3 Herbivore EggsCombine 20 different items.
(8/20) Kill 15 FurogiHunt a Great Jaggi.
(9/20) Hunt Gigginox and BariothHunt Royal Ludroth, Gigginox and Barioth at least 3 times.
(10/20) Hunt Jinouga and RathalosHunt Barroth, Rathalos and Jinouga at least 3 times.
(11/20) Hunt Nargacuga Subspecies and Uragaan SubspeciesHunt all monster subspecies.
(12/20) Kill 10 LudrothCreate at least 3 rarity 1-3 armor pieces.
(13/20) Hunt Royal Ludroth SubspeciesCreate at least 10 rarity 4-7 armor pieces.
(14/20) Hunt 2 BulldromeCapture at least 15 monsters.
(15/20) Hunt Barroth Subspecies and Agnaktor SubspeciesCapture all monster subspecies.
(16/20) Hunt AoashiraHunt 1 Aoashira.
(17/20) Hunt BarrothHunt 2 Qurupeco.
(18/20) Hunt Urcusis and BulldromeHunt 2 Royal Ludroth.
(19/20) Hunt 3 NargacugaHunt 2 Rathalos.
(20/20) Hunt 3 AgnaktorSlay the Jhen... 
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UnLockable Movies

by cGub Dec 16, 2010

Movies will be unlocked when you kill or capture a monster in Village, Low or High Rank Quests.

Amatsumagatsuchi EcologyKill Amatsumagatsuchi
Jinouga EcologyKill or capture one Jinouga
Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Festival EventComplete the 4 star Urgent Quest
Monster Hunter Portbale 3rd In- Game IntroStart a new game
Qurupeco EcologyKill or capture one Qurupeco
Uragaan EcologyKill or capture one Uragaan
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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Cheats


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