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Patapon 2 Cheats :

This page contains Patapon 2 cheats list for PSP version. Now we have 12 cheats in our list, which includes 9 unlockables, 3 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Patapon 2 on PSP platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Unlockable - Minigames

by kurt_ivan26 May 03, 2010

Unlock the tree minigame, mountain minigame, plant minigame, bell minigame, liquid minigame, blacksmith minigame and cooking minigame by performing the actions below:

Tree MinigameComplete Training: Juju Jungle Course
Mountain MinigameComplete the raining - Nanjaro Hill Course
Plant Minigamedefeat centura boss level 3+ [Mission 9-2]
Bell Minigamefinish the mission
Liquid Minigamedefeat manboth boss level 3+ [Mission 18-2]
Blacksmith Minigamedefeat manboroth boss level 3+ [Mission 20-2]
Cooking Minigamedefeat the firebird fenicchi level 3+ [Mission 24-2]
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Unlockable - Defeating The 3 Cannons

by daniel17br Jun 02, 2011

This is for the Nanjaro Hill Course, the second training mission. This stage is actually quite easy, but near impossible if you don't know what tactics to use. The trick here is that you actually need to defend, as well as attack. Attacking non-stop will get you nowhere! When the cannons say something like "Energy full", that is your cue to Defend (Chaka Chaka Pata Pon). Defend three times, then switch to Attack (Pon Pon Pata Pon) three times. Continue to defend x3 then attack x3 and you will have those cannons beat in no time!

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Unlockable - Red and yelllow weapons

by rock-hock Jun 02, 2011

Go play the dekapon hammer mini game and once you go to level 2 give him mithril. if u do it perfectly he'll give you a yellow weapon. Also if you give him adamite on level 3 and do the game perfectly he'll give you a red weapon.

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Unlockable - Tips at the Altar

by siaxp Jun 02, 2011

When you visit the Altar, press square to bring up the Tips album, which contains the hints that come up in the loading screen at the end of each mission. The Tips album gives you loads of information, such as how to unlock different Patapon memories and strategies for hunting and defeating Bosses.

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Unlockable - Easy items

by bi bi Jun 02, 2011

after you beat the first training mission for the first time, you will get a cap that looks like a crown. this gives you access to the tree minigame. this minigame gives you white, green, red. and yellow gives you white, green, and red hides. it also gives you hinokis and tree branches. and meats

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Unlockable - Brimstone Juju

by teasie Jun 02, 2011

Brimstone Juju is a miracle that can increase the attack power of your Patapon army. It is a rare item dropped by Dodonga lvl 4 or 5, equip weak weapons so Dodonga will not die early before he drops this.

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Unlockable - Weapons in the Tockora Beach

by poke234 Jun 02, 2011

Visit The Tockora Beach when It is raining with lightning on it.You will see a treasure chest on the beach after you see the talking board.You can get:Nail Stubbed Bat ( Hammer)Crimson HorseStrong HorseFire BowScorching SpearDream Weaver ( Hammer)Fire Halberd Fire SwordZleepy Zword Z(and maybe even more.....)

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Unlockable - Miracles/Jujus

by cGub Sep 15, 2009

Call down Miracles If you have Obtained these Items, Perform X.XX.XX(DON, DON DON, DON DON) while in Fever Mode

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Attack MiracleBeat Invincible Dragon Majidonga LvL 3
Blizzard MiracleFinish Watchtower and Two Karmen Mission
Defense MiracleBeat Fearful Tentacle Monster Darachura LvL 3
Earthquake MiracleBeat Living Fortress Cannodears LvL 3
Rain MiracleFinish Mushroom shroom shroom Nyokiri Swamp Mission in the Second Time.
Storm MiracleBeat God General of Staff Hookmen
Tailwind MiracleFinish Mystery of the Desert's Sandstorm Mission in the Second Time
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Secret - Easy Fever

by ckjkj Apr 29, 2010

To get fever without going for a ten combo, Get a perfect chain of commands (Pata-pata-pata-pon) about 4 times and hopefully you may get a proper fever super quick.It may take more tries if you're new to the game!

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by ckjkj Apr 29, 2010

You can easily get the golden motitis with either of the two stages:

In "the world of Ooze" when its not raining and thundering there,
you'll see a golden motitis there!!!!

In "search for the lucky star" when it's also not raining,
you'll see a golden motitis just past the Picheek w/ the gold star.
Kill both, and when gold star appears,
do PATA PATA PATA PON about 3-4x
then do CHIKA CHIKA PATA PON until the gold star disappears to the right screen, then finish mission.

When you go back to "search for the lucky star" when its not raining, golden motitis is there and so is gold star!!!! Just repeat steps again.
If "search for the lucky star" is raining, go to "the world of ooze" =)

Remember that golden motitis can only be killed w/ non-fire type weapons =)


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Secret - Super Defense

by ckjkj Apr 29, 2010

When you have obtained the charge song, if you do the song successfully, and then do the defend song, you'll take minimum damage, and i mean minimum.

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Unlockable - Tree mini game

by ivan_galbet Jan 21, 2009

when you are doing training 1 beat the lvl 3 and you got the gashapon hat revive it at meter the tree of life but first beat dodonga first

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