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Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters Cheats :

This page contains Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters cheats list for PSP version. Now we have 9 cheats in our list, which includes 2 glitches, 7 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters on PSP platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

ThE Easy way to get to the tree house!

by Unregistered Jun 30, 2008

What you need: Polariser, Hypershot, PS2.

Go to metallis and get out the polariser. Use it on the big, dented cirle and you will see a polariser target. you will ave to go on a track that wont take long. At the end, Hypershot over the gap and go through the teleporter. Take the disk out of the PS2 and reset it.Go into the thing under browser and it time and date. change the time to 2:42 and put the disk back in. Load the game and you will see a teleporter when you get out of your ship. Go through it and you will see a lot of boxes. smash them and you will see a teleporter that wasn't the one you came through. Go trough it and you will be going to The Treehouse.

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HoW to get the armor pieces and armor combinations

by michiko098 Jul 05, 2010


Electroshock Helmet: Technomite City, Challax

After you defeat the dropship, a bridge appears. The helmet is on the bridge.

Electroshock Body Armour: Technomite City, Challax

This armour piece is in the space segment. After you beat the boss, you collect
the armour.

Electroshock Gloves: Junkyard LXIV, Metalis

This armour piece is in the space segment. After you beat the boss, you collect
the armour.

Electroshock Boots: Surgical Factory, Medical Outpost Omega

You win this when you beat the "Vertigo" Skyboard race.


Mega-Bomb Helmet: Farming Cooperative, Dayni Moon

This piece is found just before the room with the moving gears.

Mega-Bomb Body Armour: Inside Clank

This is found just before you exit Clank.

Mega-Bomb Gloves: Farming Cooperative, Dayni Moon

You win this when you beat the Clank Challenge "The Ultimate Showdown".

Mega-Bomb Boots: Farming Cooperative, Dayni Moon

You win this when you beat the Clank Challenge "Infinite Improbability".


Hyperborean armor is available in first playthrough on Challenge mode.

Hyperborean Helmet: Technomite City, Challax

On top of Otto's (the statue) head in Challax

Hyperborean Body Armour: Dreamtime

In Dreamtime, on the platform where the floor gets sawed up

Hyperborean Gloves: Jowai Resort, Pokitaru

On top of the magnetic wall in Pokitaru, a little bit ahead

Hyperborean Boots: Vegeta Jungle, Ryllus

Right before the part where you play as Clank in Ryllus


Chameleon armor is available in second playthrough on Challenge mode.

Chameleon Helmet: Inside Clank

Beginning of Inside Clank

Chameleon Body Armour: Mechanoid Factory, Kalidon

After defeating Mungo on Kalidon

Chameleon Gloves: Surgical Factory, Medical Outpost Omega

In the part where you have to wall jump, do the wall jmup and the armour is at
the top once you get there.

Chameleon Boots: Jowai Resort, Pokitaru

It's on the bridge that when crossed, returns you to the 2 deck chairs, and
ends the tutorial.

|Sludge Mk. 9|

Sludge Mk. 9 Helmet: Junkyard LXIV, Metalis

You win this when you beat the Clank Challenge "Nigh Impossible"

Sludge Mk. 9 Body Armour: Mechanoid Factory, Metalis

When you beat Mungo, a bridge will appear. The armour is on the bridge.

Sludge Mk. 9 Gloves: Mechanoid Factory, Kalidon

You win this when you beat the "Master's Challenge" Skyboard... 

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HoW to defeat otto so easy and i mean real easy!!

by magnetron2 Jul 02, 2010

It has to be you second time and buy the ryno
and go to otto and fight him and he will attack you but it doesnt matter cause your gonna attack him with ryno just keep clicking X on you PSP to and keep attack him untill he is dead! Easy and i completed it 9 times already! and i have 1,612,857 bolt

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FrEe weapons and armor Ps. They are only temporary

by magnetron2 Oct 25, 2010

1. Is when you log on do the video and then test shop get there is too weapons its is Great axe i think and the flaxe.

2.Go to the rip in the sky and go to the blacksmiths shop you can borrow the axe hanging in the wall i think you could only get it on lvl 50+ i think.

3.Go to paxus clan its on the right side on the map once you get there go to igneus and join a clan there and then go to the achivements and then click the fire then click on the sword and get it.

4. Go to Paxus clan and then click mecha war then click at the right you will see a guy in shining armor click it and the click "Borrow the shining armor"

5. When you battle a horse rider defeat is and click the first the first option i think it say get his horse i think.

Thats it have fun pwning with your new swords ands armor

Ps Plz thumbs up

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VeRy Easy Bolts

by Unregistered Jun 30, 2009

First you need to unlock Metalis, you need the polariser and swing shot. When your Ratchet Get out the polariser and go behind your ship up on a wall will be a place to shoot the polariser at do it then just follow all the way in to the end where the titanium bolt is grab it and take the teleporter back to your ship and save your game. Next you need to exit the game completly go to setting at the home screen of your PSP and change the time to 2:42:00 AM Quiqly get back into the game and go back to where you found the boxs and titanium bolt. there should be another teleporter get to it before the time has reached 2:47:00 AM. After you have Entered the teleporter you should take a flight in you ship to the treehouse. Go around and explore When you fid some deck chairs smash them and you should get about 12,000 bolt for each chair. Have fun and just keep on doing it till your happy and have heaps.

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HoW to get rid of Otto Destruct's Shield easier (final battle)

by Unregistered Jan 05, 2009

Ok, first, go up to Otto Destruct and jump. When you jump, push the hit button (sometimes it takes ALOT of damage). Keep doing that to get rid of his shield. And then use a good, strong weapon that can take away some good damage for shooting him (I recommend you use the Shock Rocket).

Vendor Weapon(s): Laser Tracer (Ammo=200)

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HoW to earn lots of money!!!!!! REAL!!

by magnetron2 Jul 02, 2010

You have to finish the game 2 times and make the bolts 12x and you have to unlock the tree house
go around the tree house and hit all the boxes to the top and then go to your ship and then click start on you PSP and then click the last one and click the cheats and go to the tree house and click it off and then you will go back to the tee house again but all the boxes are there and finish all the boxes and go to your ship again and do the same thing untill you have lots of money!!

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Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters Cheats


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