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Star Ocean: Second Evolution Cheats :

This page contains Star Ocean: Second Evolution cheats list for PSP version. Now we have 8 cheats in our list, which includes 1 unlockable, 1 easter egg, 1 glitch, 5 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Star Ocean: Second Evolution on PSP platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Easter Egg - Starocean legendary swords

by Ashtoncreepyweepy Jun 08, 2009

Well first you will need the skill ''Pickpocketing'' (remember it can only be used if level ten and a talent called nimmble fingers) now go to armlock and go to the skill guides pickpocket them and one of them should be handling a magicians glove it makes pickpocket more easier now head to centropolis (remember to save outside) and pickpocket mayor nall you need to try again until you can pickpoket him. when done correctly you should acquaire a smiths box go outside and save again (its like the goodie box cheat) you should reciecve samurai's sword, sword of light, and sharp edges use it to dias, claude, and ashton and go to the funtown arena play the survival contest and im sure youll win if you got guts and skill.

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Secret - Legendary herb metorx, planet nede, more money

by Ashtoncreepyweepy Jun 05, 2009

First get ashton in the salva mines, then you will go to marze to read the exorcism book after that go straight to krosse ask royal permission. But do not go there yet, now head to harley do a private action and head to eleanor's house ashton needs to be there watch the storyline then leave, then do a PA scene again until you get to a storyline that eleanor is 'bout to die the doctor will explain everything. Now you head to mountain palace get the chalice, then head to lasgus mountain defeat zinae, now once you get to the entrance of the mountain take the other path you will see a herb take it, this herb is called metorx that can heal all sickness (you cannot use it) take it to eleanor but you wont make it she should be dead, when you make it to nede and to phynal before facing metatron go to L,Aqua and go to the transpoter room and someone should block it talk to him and he will say his father has a major illness and he will ask you if you could give it to him say yes and you should recieve 900,000 fol and a item, armor.

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Secret - The characters 2

by Chengwen Apr 02, 2009

PRECIS-To unlock her is simple Go to Linga trigger a cutscene then private actionSave before private action because it is quite long

BOWMAN- PRECIS must not be in your party Same place but without private actionHe will request to join your team

LEON- During your storyline he will join you for a while for HOFFMAN RUINS After the Laucer Hope crash he will join you

ERNEST- You must have OPERA in your team After taking the energy stone from HOFFMAN RUINS turn left and fight a mini boss You will be able to unlock him then

NOEL- Follow the storylineHe will join your team in NEDE

CHISATO- This one is the last character to be unlocked Trigger the first cutscene at Centropolis ( first time ) then before going to receive the mission for going to the for fields which mean after going NOEL's home and get a PSYNARD go to the third floor and turn left You will get her in your party

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Secret - The characters

by Chengwen Mar 30, 2009

If you listen to the title songthere will be severe charactersThey are all unlockables

CLAUDE-Okayif you don't get this guy you are an idoitSame for Rena too
DIAS-Only unlockable in Rena's storybut I played through Claude's so sorry
CELINE-Claude will offer her to join them after discover the ANCIENT TEXT in the KROSSE CAVESelect the top oneHighly recommanded cause she is a perfect symboligist
ASHTON-He is the guy with two dragons on his backHe carries two bladesbut if you unlock himyou won't be able to unlock another characterTo get himafter the FOREST OF SYMBOL casego to HARLEY and talk to an old man and a guy NPCThey will talk something about dragons in SALVAGo to SALVAenter to the mine and train a bitRun to somewhere when you see BEWARE OF DRAGONSGo through that way and you will see a guy going to slay the dragons tooFollow himThere will be some talkings and press TAKE RESPONSIBLILTYSave your game up too
OPERA-This oneyou can't have ASHTON in your group firstDon't talk to the guy and old man tooOnce you talk to themthe story will trigger and you will fail unlocking this characterFirst go to LACUER and do the tournamentThen go back to HILTON and to the barThere will be a 3-eyed lady thereTalk to herThen go to KROSSE and go for an audience with the kingGet the pass to MOUNTAIN PALACEGo towards there and let the guards let you passThen go to the first split and go NorthThen follow the path until you reach a door and enterContinue downstairs to the right and continue until you reach a savepointSAve and enter the roomGo back to the 4-way splitTake the lower left pathReach a split again and take the upper right pathYou will reach Opera by a plight of stairs

To be continue!

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Secret - Removing Gabriel's limiter

by cGub Feb 03, 2009

First off, you must witness the Private Action in Kurik where a woman named Philia is warning the citizens to evacuate the city. Next, you must reach the final save point in Phynal. After that, you must leave Phynal and view a Private Action in Centropolis. You'll find Philia again in the lobby of the main building. After you talk to her, Gabriel's limiter will be removed and he will be much more powerful than his original form. It is recommended that you go through the Maze of Tribulations and get your levels very high (120+ at the very least) before attempting to fight him.

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Secret - Unlocking the Cave of Trials

by cGub Jan 29, 2009

There is a secret dungeon in the game called the "Cave Of Trials". To unlock it, you must use the save point right before fighting Gabriel. Your save icon should turn blue. Then, return to the arena in Fun City, and talk to the old man in the stands in the north side of the arena. He says he can recover your memories; accept, and you'll return to Arlia on Expel. Leave Arlia and you'll have your Psynard; the Cave Of Trials is located at the lone dot on the desert island, southwest on the world map.

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Unlockable - Extra Difficulty Modes

by cGub Jan 29, 2009

These new difficulty modes will be available on a new game file after completing the necessary tasks.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
Galaxy ModeDefeat 2,000 monsters.
Universe ModeDefeat 2,000 monsters.
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Glitch - No Encounters in Dungeons

by cGub Jan 23, 2009

Like the other Star Ocean for PSP, if you open the disc tray while in a dungeon, you will not face any battles. Just remember to close the disc tray everytime you change screens (causing it to reload data), or before boss fights.

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