Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron Review

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Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron Review :

Rock'n The Renegade Game

by cheesetoast8 Jul 29, 2011

this is the first game i bought for my PSP, and it is pretty awesome. it has lots of maps, some of them are almost exactly the same as they are in Star Wars battlefront 2. i love the fact that u can customize your soldier, including your weapons and stuff. the gameplay is fun and easy, a bit too easy if u ask me, i think that the auto pilot feature is unnecessary, for it just sucks the challenge out, and the controls are super confusing compared to that of the first 2 SWB games. overall, this is a really good game, with fun features and it has new vehicles not seen in the first 2 SWB games like the B-wing and the TIE defender.

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7Story line
i like how they just kinda squeezed the story in between parts of the movies, however i can't really fully judge this, for i have yet to comlete the campaign (i don't have a memory stick to save my progress) i am scoring this category for what i have played of it
well, the faces of the rebel troopers are stunningly realistic for such a small picture. the movements are realistic, and i like how there are scortch marks when u shoot the wall, but the laser fire and missles are very cheap looking, but aside from that, quite impressive graphics i give them 8/10
the sound quality is ok, not quite as good as the other star wars battlefront games. the timing is off sometimes, and the explosions are real quiet i'll give 6/10
the gameplay is very fun, but not challenging enough. i don't think they should've added the auto pilot button. overall, pretty good 8/10
7Lasting Appeal
i have had it about a week, and i am getting kinda bored of it. there should be more maps and gameplay modes. overall, 7/10
(Out of 10)


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