The 3rd Birthday Review

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The 3rd Birthday Review :

How can people say this isn't really a Parasite Eve? It's AMAZING!

by StarlightRush1 Aug 08, 2011

Personal Opinion: I'm highly biased to the fact I love this game. The final boss is just the icing on the cake for me, for those who haven't reached it yet, keep going, you'll soon understand. Final Bosses aside, game outlives most games I've played, I'd hardly say this is a play and sell game: Not in a long shot. It's not a pick-up-and-play either. For me: It's currently dominating my PSP. I'll try to get out of the addiction but it's so difficult I just get drawn back to it again.

Side Notes which couldn't mentioned: Outfits are another great aspect of the game. The downside is, only starting with two. Now, I'd prefer it to be that you unlock a new one each Episode, eg. Episode 2 gives you Maid Suit, or something along those lines, to have to beat the game on deadly to get a certain outfit, it's a bit mean!

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8Story line
Aya Brea, CTI Agent with the power to Overdive into the past using a machine. It's her job to save the Earth from the Twisted, and damnit she does it! It sounds rather cool, but in all honesty, the storyline is pretty hard to follow! I only just understood it...I think...
Stunning. I know that word is overused these days, but, WOW, Square Enix wanted to show off, and they did! They may have even made Aya Brea a new sexy Female Game character, seeing as they used graphics EXTREMELY well in the shower scene. But apart from cutscenes, in-game graphics were good aswell.
I usually have to play on mute so sound hardly bothers me, but this Game I played with sound up, and all voice actors are superb! Clear speaking, Loud Voice, and the voices actually fit the characters. Subtitles are a huge help though for me, seeing as I play without sound, just wonderful!
Gameplay is smooth, you can't tell the difference between a data-installed version and a non installed one. IIt runs fine, Each gun having it's own textures. The weapon bank was also a great idea, being able to add attatchments for a certain price of BP, loving it!
9Lasting Appeal
As said in Free Speeh area, I'm playing this game for a 3rd time now,and I'm still finding new things, Costumes etc. I plan to play this game until something extremely good takes it's place. It's a short game but in that it's an amazing game. Haven't seen anything like this in a while!
(Out of 10)


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