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The Sims 2 Cheats :

This page contains The Sims 2 cheats list for PSP version. Now we have 14 cheats in our list, which includes 4 cheats codes, 1 password, 2 easter eggs, 1 glitch, 6 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing The Sims 2 on PSP platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Secret - FAQ's - from making a baby to every relationship questions

by mikayla_lopez0328 Dec 08, 2008

Q: How can I make a baby?
A: You can't make a baby in the game.

Q: I woo-hoo all the time. Am I pregnant?
A: Yes you are.

Q: Where's my baby?
A: You're pregnant but there's no baby.

Q: How can I have a wife/husband?
A: There are no wives/husbands here but only relationships.

Q: Doesn't my old boyfriend/girlfriend get jealous when I flirt with someone else?
A: Not a sim cares.

Q: How can I get to Division 47 when something is blocking the way?
A: You can only get there when you finish tasks in Deadtree.

Q: How can I have the teleportation unit? I keep on answering the PC but it doesn't give me!
A: The computer doesn't have the unit. You have to get it from the toxics and chemical room beside the computer.

Q: How can I shop?
A: Get the phone and click Buy Mode.

Q: Up to how many boyfriends/girlfriends can I have?
A: A million and nobody cares!

Q: Where is Baby Tycho?
A: Know the password by flirting the 'Man in Black' who is guarding the door, then enter the password in the keypad.

Q: Who is the Night beast?
A: Annie Howell.

Q: How can I get 99000?
A: Go to the perks section. Click Buy Perks, then click both triggers and the square together, and a woohoo icon appears. Click that then activate it. Then click Gain 1000. Then click on that option a lot of times until its 99000.

Q: How can I get 1000000?
A: You can't. Maximum is 99000 only.

Q: How can I invite my roommate?
A: Didn't you read what Emily Emory said? She said 'To invite a roommate, call a Sim and click invite. If that Sim is interested in living with you, or doesn't have somewhere to live in, he/she will definitely accept you. And it will even lower your bills.'

Q: Where are Roberta's parts?
A: 1 - In the chest behind the saleslady outside
2 - Under one of the tables in the saloon
3 - Inside the dairy place Trust me you wont miss it(You have to answer Rick Wong's
questions first)(You have to memorize the sentences on the bominivicon)
4 - In The journalists' computer in the library (You have to hack it fist)
5 - In the graveyard (Watch out! Zombies decrease your sanity level)
6 - At the end of the game after you defeat Doctor Newlow.

Q: What are the answers to the Rick Wong's questions?
A: Falls into the thicket, obedience, stewn with manure,
and enemy tips a cow who sleeps.

Q: Where is the grave where you dig up the Nervous Subject charm?
A: Back of the old meetinghouse, in the graveyard.

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Cheats - Cheat perk

by suicune877 Feb 28, 2007

while in the buy perks screen press and hold L, R, and Squre. a woo- hoo sighn will apear and its free this cheat gives you 1000 simolins,a point to any skill, full sanity, and reset ugences. to activate click your perk and then hit activate a screen will appear asking what you want to do click on mony over and over again to give you max money and do the same to have full skill

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Password - Cheating perk

by jakobd39 Oct 02, 2009

Go to the screen where you buy perks and press L, R and square at the same time. A new perk will be there with a woohoo symbol. Buy it, dont worry coz its free, and use it. Happy cheating

l,r, squareCheat Perk
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Code - How to take the ghost out of the music room

by mikayla_lopez0328 Oct 31, 2008

Go to the Dente House. Go to the rooftop, then there will be an empty swimming pool, beside it is a picnic basket. A bathing suit is there and that is the ghost's remains. Give it to the maid.

Get Dennis' (ghost) remainsDennis (ghost) will leave the music room
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Code - How to complete goals from Paradise Place and Deadtree PART 1

by mikayla_lopez0328 Nov 03, 2008

[font=arial][size=8pt]You need the help of the Cheat Perk. Press select to see your goals, inventory and perks. Go to the Buy Perks section, then press L + R + square. If you know the 'Woo Hoo' icon (a purple heart with a big grin), it will appear in the Buy Perks section after you press this. You will buy it for free. No sanity points or simeoleons needed here. Then press the triangle to get out of it. Press the square, then left button to change the perk (default perk is the cellphone, which is changed when you buy other perks.) To use the Cheat Perk, set it as your default perk, then press O. Press X to activate, then a list of options will appear. Press the right arrow to choose from these options. If your sanity is low, press fill sanity (this option won't fill up your sanity points though). If the toilet, bed or any urgency (press select to see different urgencies), you can cure yourself by pressing Reset Urgencies. Easily earn money by pressing Gain $1000. Fill up your Body, Exhaution etc. by pressing the Advanced option. This is best if you like to buy some perks (but you need sanity points). Okay, your adventures begins here. Just activate the Cheat Perk and start your adventure in Paradise Place!

My cheats are just for paradise place until Deadtree.

Paradise Place:
When you get there, your goals said that you should meet your neighbors. Simply just talk to them or chat/flirt/intimidate them. Your house is where the police car is parked. Enter it, and there will be 3 ghosts in this house. The maid is a ghost, and it is her personal secret. Learn personal secrets by chatting, intimate secrets by flirting, deep dark secrets by intimidating (you wont be able to flirt/chat after you intimidate though. You have to apologize and pay money/lose relationship. You have a lot of money so its best to pick Pay Money). Don't waste your sanity by entering the music room, and the master's bedroom. You could have the guestroom as your master's for a while. If you get scared by those ghosts, you could lose sanity. If you completed the 'meeting' goals (meeting your neighbors), you could proceed to other goals.

Dente House
Apply for a job at the Dente's to earn money. Hazel Dente and Roland Calonzo are going to marry soon. Flirt or chat with Hazel to learn her secrets. If you wash your hands, there will be a ring in there. If you open the fridge, there will be a note there. If you talk to Hazel about these stuffs, she will tell you... 

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Secret - Where to Find Roberta's Robot Parts In Deadtree

by Unregistered Feb 23, 2009

One part is in the graveyard behing the Meetinghouse. (WATCH OUT: When Zombies scare you, you lose sanity points) Another part is under a table in the Nighthowl Saloon. To find another part, open a chest that is located right behind Pita Florica, a lady who sells goods at a cash register. Another part is in the Old Library. The part is unable to budge out of the socket it's in. You have to hack Licoln Broadsheet's computer, then you'll be able to yank the part out. And the fifth part is in the Kine Diary barn next to a cow. (You have to answer Rick Wong's questions first) And the final part is right after you defeat Doctor Newlow at the end of the game.

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Secret - Making a Vampire Cure

by Unregistered Feb 23, 2009

Once you are bitten by Virginya Feng, you become a vampire. To cure you and her, the game tells you to visit Mamba Loa. If you're reading this, don't visit her. You need a mechanical skill of four points, two garlic gloves, and two packs of plasma. Then find a workbench, and make yourself two vampire cures. Then go to the Nighthowl Saloon and give Virginya Feng the cure. She'll gulp it down, and now she is no longer a vampire. Then you switch to the vampire cure in your "perk box" in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. Then when the cure is equipped, press the cirle button. Then you're Sim will drink it and you'll no longer be a vampire. But, even if you drink the potion, you'll still have the vampire bite as one of you're perks.

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Easter Egg - Actualy this is my walkthrough

by angelo777123 Mar 24, 2008

if you finish compleating every goal at paradise place doctor dominic will call and will let you do soething yadayada and then isaac will find robertas pieces you will then be given acces to the old meeting house theere you will see graveyards at the outside go to the farright and there will be a tombstone that is blank dig thwe chrm give i to annie at the nigtwool saloon give her the charm and she will say blblabla...and then you have completed agoal go to emily and i gave the bla bla and emily say hey did you here that blabla and then the ghost is free

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Glitch - Naked nudy sim

by luke3079 Sep 30, 2013

when u r gonna enter the hubba tubba turn the psp system off at the fwoosh sound (its really hard so u need a great timing) and at a great timing turn your system on and u will see a naked sim! its very hard so u see him or her with clothes sometimes but in other times the sim is naked!

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Code - The sims 2 'woo hoo' cheat perk

by luke3079 Sep 30, 2013

this cheat will help u alot and help u daily so u must use it.

first hold l+r and square and u will see the woo hoo perk. do it again to select it and then selecthelps u and your sims daily.
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Code - Gateeeemmm

by luke3079 Sep 30, 2013


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Easter Egg - Change Clothes Color in Wardrobe

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2010

When changing clothes in ur wardrobe(any wardrobe)when changing to the RIGHT press the LEFT and then ur clothes are as colorful as possible. Just press right to left, left to right, then u change color.

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Secret - Who the Night Beast Is

by Unregistered Feb 23, 2009

The Night Beast is Annie Howell. You can find her in the Nighthowl Saloon. But, you have to build a tazzer first though. To build a tazzer, you need a four mechanical skill points, and spare parts where you can buy from Pita Florica, who sells goods in Deadtree. Once you've built the tazzer, go into the Nighthowl Saloon, and find Annie Howell. Then tak the tazzer and zap her. She'll transform into the Night Beast. Then, to advance in the game and complete a goal, give her $700 dollars for Anger Management Classes.

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Secret - Gettin rid of ghosts

by cheatsguruman123 Jan 07, 2009

to get rid of first ghost u need to go to emily emory and ask about ghost then she tells u to find his remains.
go behind the dente house and go to the pool filter press x to open it then find the swim trunks.
go burry them in the garden and go back to emily and she will tell him to leave.

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Secret - Gain extra sanity points

by moates Sep 12, 2008

when you have beat dr d something u go to the rossmens house thats what i think its called u give the head to dr issmic or whatever and ur free too do wht u wnt
teleport back to were u beat dr d then go 2 the helmemat in air then press x
press use then screen comes up with list of money,solsaial, and knowlege press whatever then u will have new goals and get more sanity points keep doing this
to get more and more hope this helped

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