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The Sims 2 Cheats :

This cheat for The Sims 2 [PSP] has been posted at 03 Nov 2008 by mikayla_lopez0328 and is called "How to complete goals from Paradise Place and Deadtree PART 1". The Cheat have a rating 2 by 4 our users and has been commented 10 times. Also 10 users added this cheat at them cheatbooks. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up mikayla_lopez0328 and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 6 other cheats for The Sims 2, look them as soon as possible!

Code - How to complete goals from Paradise Place and Deadtree PART 1

by mikayla_lopez0328 Nov 03, 2008

[font=arial][size=8pt]You need the help of the Cheat Perk. Press select to see your goals, inventory and perks. Go to the Buy Perks section, then press L + R + square. If you know the 'Woo Hoo' icon (a purple heart with a big grin), it will appear in the Buy Perks section after you press this. You will buy it for free. No sanity points or simeoleons needed here. Then press the triangle to get out of it. Press the square, then left button to change the perk (default perk is the cellphone, which is changed when you buy other perks.) To use the Cheat Perk, set it as your default perk, then press O. Press X to activate, then a list of options will appear. Press the right arrow to choose from these options. If your sanity is low, press fill sanity (this option won't fill up your sanity points though). If the toilet, bed or any urgency (press select to see different urgencies), you can cure yourself by pressing Reset Urgencies. Easily earn money by pressing Gain $1000. Fill up your Body, Exhaution etc. by pressing the Advanced option. This is best if you like to buy some perks (but you need sanity points). Okay, your adventures begins here. Just activate the Cheat Perk and start your adventure in Paradise Place!

My cheats are just for paradise place until Deadtree.

Paradise Place:
When you get there, your goals said that you should meet your neighbors. Simply just talk to them or chat/flirt/intimidate them. Your house is where the police car is parked. Enter it, and there will be 3 ghosts in this house. The maid is a ghost, and it is her personal secret. Learn personal secrets by chatting, intimate secrets by flirting, deep dark secrets by intimidating (you wont be able to flirt/chat after you intimidate though. You have to apologize and pay money/lose relationship. You have a lot of money so its best to pick Pay Money). Don't waste your sanity by entering the music room, and the master's bedroom. You could have the guestroom as your master's for a while. If you get scared by those ghosts, you could lose sanity. If you completed the 'meeting' goals (meeting your neighbors), you could proceed to other goals.

Dente House
Apply for a job at the Dente's to earn money. Hazel Dente and Roland Calonzo are going to marry soon. Flirt or chat with Hazel to learn her secrets. If you wash your hands, there will be a ring in there. If you open the fridge, there will be a note there. If you talk to Hazel about these stuffs, she will tell you about her 4 husbands before.

Your job at the Dente's house
1. You have to plant Garlic, Rose, Gumflower and harvest it.
*Buy the Garlic from Mambo Loa, in the Curio Shoppe. Click the Cash Register and there will be a sack icon in her items. That is the Garlic seeds. Return to the Dente House and go to their backyard. Go near the easel, there will be soil there (beside the trash bin) and there, you can plant the seeds (there are appropriate places for each seed: garlic-left end;rose-middle;gumflower-right end) Remember to water and harvest these seeds or it will wither/dry up.
2. You have to cook one hotdog a day for Roland.
*Hazel Dente is a vegetarian, and Roland isn't. You have to cook hotdogs for him. To get a hotdog, open the fridge and there will be a list of unbaked/uncooked foods. Choose Uncooked hotdog. Then go to the oven, then click Cook Hotdog. Then talk to Roland and let him eat it. You can do this just once in your life. I didnt repeat giving Roland hotdogs. It is a very tiring job. And you will get bored cooking.
3.You have to clean the bathroom.
*The bathroom items are dirty! You have to clean it. The toilet, the sink, and the bathtub. It is so gross cleaning it, so avoid watching!

After you do the jobs that Roland is letting you to do, talk to him and he'll give your salary.

Rossum House
Here lives Isaac Rossum and Roberta Rossum. Roberta is a robot made by Isaac. He will screw up soon and you have to give her a program named 'liberator.exe' You gotta hack it from Doctor Newlow's house, which is just beside the Rossum's. His computer isn't around the house. But first, when you enter his house, you'll see Dominic Newlow. Then he'll leave after a while. Then you gotta look for his computer around the house. If you roam around the house, you will not able to find it. But, it is in the library. Go the very end of the library room, go to left bookcase. If you press X in front of the bookcase, there will be three options. Read, research and EXAMINE. Examine this bookcase and there is a secret passage in there. There you will see Newlow's computer. You have to open the passage by using the cheat perk. The Advanced options will help. Fill your Body, Mechanical, Cooking and everything bar full. So that you'll be able to fix anything. Once you enter this room, this is the Doctor's hiding place. He will hypnotize you and tell you everything to do. But you are also not able to follow it. He will leave the room and you are now able to hack in his computer. After hacking, go to Roberta and give her the program. Dominion will tell you something. You have to remember the three sequence. I forgot the third word but I know its NEWSREADER.WAITER.??? I forgot that. But anyway, before you forget it, write it on a sheet of paper, and let your character mention those words and your objectives thrice. Just tell Newlow 'I will repeat' blah blah i dont know the exact words but when you click this your sim will repeat everything that you need to do. Those three words, you need to make up a sentence in that order. When you give liberator.exe to Roberta, there is a sentence-picker there. The correct answer is the last one.


This is not the end folks! There is still a part 2 but I am tired typing now so I have to cut it. Thanks for understanding!

To get the ghosts out of the room will be on part two. To get the ghost out of the music room, refer to the list below.

Get Dennis' (ghost) remains from Hazel's backyard. There will be an empty pool there and beside it is a basket. Get everything from there.Dennis (ghost) will leave the music room
Go to the Buy Perks section, then press L + R + square togetherCheat Perk (Woo Hoo Icon) will appear. Buy it for free and you have the cheat perk
Earn lots of friends, stop using backpedal, taser, timestopper, dont use make-out often, attending to urgencies right away and doing wantsYou'll get high sanity (once i got 10,000)
Have advanced logic, mechanical, go to newlow's library, examine the last left bookcase and open it. Get in and hack PCyou'll get liberator.exe and give it to roberta
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