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apr 19, 2012Pokemon LeafGreen [ GBA ]   Unsubmitted

i can beat the e4 and my rivel but i am not getting a national pokedex and i have caught 60 kinds of pokemon. anybody help me

feb 12, 2012RockMan EXE 6: Dennoujuu Faltzer [ GBA ]   Unsubmitted

Can someone help me get Code Breaker, Action Replay or Gameshark codes for RockMan EXE 6: Dennoujuu Faltzer? All I need is Have All Chips, Max Zenny and Max Bug Piece, and if you can find more than that will be great! :D

jan 13, 2012Pokemon Frigo Returns [ GBA ]   Unsubmitted

cuz i cant even pass in the mountain where the jagpass is there where the nxt town is on it plss help me

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dec 07, 2010Pokemon Emerald [ GBA ]   Unsubmitted

What do you have to say to the girl to make her smile

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sep 21, 2010One Piece [ GBA ]   Unsubmitted

How to beat Arlong in Arlong park?

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aug 20, 2010Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team [ GBA ]   Unsubmitted

Can someone tell me how to get the dungeon desert reigon?

jun 14, 2010Pokemon Ruby [ GBA ]   Unsubmitted

can you finish pokedex without trading?

may 22, 2010Pokemon Emerald [ GBA ]   Unsubmitted

mystery gift go to any pokemart and fill out the test and put. link together with all. in that order

may 22, 2010Pokemon FireRed [ GBA ]   Unsubmitted

for mystery gift in fired go to any pokemart and fill out the test and then mystery gift

may 20, 2010Pokemon Emerald [ GBA ]   Unsubmitted

what level does marshtomp evlove into swampert??????? i have a level 26 marshtomp and want to evlove it;)

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may 01, 2010Pokemon FireRed [ GBA ]   Unsubmitted

whats the code to have max exp???pls reply ASAP

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apr 21, 2010Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town [ GBA ]   Unsubmitted

When will you create a cheat that can be connected to Harvest moon Another wonderful life.because the boy version of it has already that kind of cheat.

apr 18, 2010Pokemon LeafGreen [ GBA ]   Unsubmitted

how to get infinite rare candy

mar 18, 2010Pokemon FireRed [ GBA ]   Unsubmitted

Can anyone tell me how to get all three starters using only one game pack? I really want all three, but I only have Fire Red.

feb 23, 2010Pokemon Shiny Gold [ GBA ]   Unsubmitted

how can i go to the lighthouse its kinda lock

dec 19, 2009Pokemon Emerald [ GBA ]   Unsubmitted

i cant find all the heonndex pokemon and relly want to get one of the johto pokemon and how in the hell do u get zangoose

nov 16, 2009Breath Of Fire 2 [ GBA ]   Unsubmitted

easy level up

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nov 12, 2009Pokemon Emerald [ GBA ]   Unsubmitted

is there a warp code for action replay to get to birthisland?

nov 05, 2009The Sims 2 Pets [ GBA ]   Unsubmitted

I need help. Where Can I find 10 blue truffles?

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nov 02, 2009Pokemon LeafGreen [ GBA ]   Unsubmitted

How can i beat the eliet 4 easy... I have a level 75 charazard and a level 50 zapdos and level 33 licki toung level 35 jynx level 34 slowbro and level 33 hitmonchan and still cant beat the rival at the end

oct 21, 2009Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town [ GBA ]   Unsubmitted

OK, so I got Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town a LONG time ago... probably about five years. And it always worked just fine and was perfect. But one day it deleted my file (and my brothers) and I saved again and it deleted it again. Again and again and again this happened. Then I tried to save again and it says that my "Save failed"! I took it apart and I cleaned it thoroughly but I can't fix it! I searched it and everyone says that if it does this then it's a "bootleg" or illegal copy and that I should get a refund. As I said, this was many years ago and a refund is out of the question, but it is NOT a bootleg! A bootleg would never have worked to begin with, but this just stopped. With no provocation or anything! Someone help me! T_T.

oct 18, 2009Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Protoman [ GBA ]   Unsubmitted

need to know where to dig for the thing the dog-shaped navi dug in the air filter comp.

oct 15, 2009Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Protoman [ GBA ]   Unsubmitted

what do i do when i have to figure out wat the message on the dog house says.

oct 14, 2009Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire [ GBA ]   Unsubmitted

how do you clone your pokemon on ruby only

oct 13, 2009Pokemon Emerald [ GBA ]   Unsubmitted

how do u get to navel rock?

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