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apr 28, 2012IMO: The World of Magic [ IPHONE ]   Unsubmitted

how can i type this cheat codes in world of magic?

apr 15, 2012Cromimi [ IPHONE ]   Unsubmitted

How do you get more money

mar 01, 2012Arcs [ IPHONE ]   Unsubmitted

Does anyone know ho to solve the puzzle if you have all different colors. It's easy if a color repeats but when the are different I keep ending with the same setup every time I make moves.

oct 03, 2011Original Gangstaz [ IPHONE ]   Unsubmitted

What's the cheat codes fOr dis game

sep 16, 2011Dracula: The Path Of The Dragon Part 2 [ IPHONE ]   Unsubmitted

I have been playing dracula part 2 path of the dragon and have made it to the caves and am now stuck i have seen alot of people on other sites also having the same problem so it would be great to have a walk through for this game,its getting very fustrating please help.....

aug 02, 2011Play Tongits Live [ IPHONE ]   Unsubmitted

how to get bonus codes for free chips?

jul 15, 2011Pocket Frogs [ IPHONE ]   Unsubmitted

I need a glass frog. I do not care which type of frog it is. My username is fungusfunk.

jul 04, 2010We Rule [ IPHONE ]   Unsubmitted

What is the highest level for We Rule and what is the fastest way to get there?

jun 14, 2010IMob [ IPHONE ]   Unsubmitted

U have 2 attack some 1 on the hit list who is posted for a ton of $ then if u get the $ buy as much property as u can and keep buying it that's my tip thnx

jun 10, 2010Doodle Jump [ IPHONE ]   Unsubmitted

How to get far

may 10, 2010Words With Friends [ IPHONE ]   Unsubmitted

highest scoring words with the board i have

apr 26, 2010Zombie Farm [ IPHONE ]   Unsubmitted

evry time you clean the neihbours tank or feed its fish you get coins

apr 20, 2010Words With Friends [ IPHONE ]   Unsubmitted

what can I make with k i r o r e s

mar 01, 2010Kitten Cannon [ IPHONE ]   Unsubmitted

how to go further

feb 19, 2010Touch Pets Dogs [ IPHONE ]   Unsubmitted

how to logout on the game. i dont get how to :(

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nov 30, 2009Bookworm [ IPHONE ]   Unsubmitted

How to beat it &)

may 07, 2012Doodle Army 2 [ IPHONE ]   Submitted

I already have all the cheats i need. but where the hell do i enter the codes?