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jul 10, 2013Pokemon Soul Silver [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

I was hoping for an action replay cheat where all i have to do i enter the Pokedex number and a level, and have it put in the PC in the game. So i can fill out the poxdex and get the pokemon i want. I tried the other cheats but they ruin the wild pokemon that would normally be encountered. thanks

apr 04, 2013Pokemon Pearl [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

can someone tell me how you can tell if you have an early version of the game or not, with maybe simple glitches that only work in the early versions, (no tweaking glitch.) or something that's different in future versions so I can check please?

sep 05, 2012LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

I'm stuck in Flitwick's class, the descendo spell. Ive picked up all the potions and am trying to reach Flitwick at the front of the classroom but have dropped into the space next to the stairwell on the left hand side of the classroom and now cannot jump out of it. The stairwell and small block are too close together to allow me to walk around to the 'jump on' angle. Help please!?

jul 23, 2012Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

please help... im on level 10 (99.09%) i have all pinata awards. all plant awards. all certificates exept one,. all pinatas exept one!!!!!!!!! i know its a jeli but please help.. ANY ADVICE?!

jul 10, 2012Chaotic: Shadow Warriors [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

i would like a cheat code that gives me all monsters. i am also looking for an all magic, all items, and all attack codes. this is for my AR.

jun 30, 2012Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

I want a cheat that gives you every Heart Slate in the past.

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jun 12, 2012Pokemon Platinum [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

Hey everyone evilraichu here with a big request! Ok so i just restarted my pokemon platinum game and i love raichu. And so i was wondering if someone who is really good at making action replay codes for pokemon could make me a custom code that gives me a shiny female pichu that has volt tackle on it and the following info: brave nature, hates to lose. I want this code to automatically put it in the first slot of your party by clicking l+r+select. And has high stats in all the categories making it like an ultimate pokemon when she is finally a raichu and is at lvl.100. And it's at a level 5 when you activate the code and it is in your party, it and has the hp of 40. And the ot won't be under any other name as it i had received it from trade, it has to be my ot name like how it goes when ever you catch a pokemon or receive one like you do at the beginning of the game. Thank you so much!! ~love, evilraichu Additional details: P. S. Make sure that this code works by testing it before posting please!!! Thanks again!!

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jun 01, 2012Pokemon Platinum [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

Anyone know a complete pokedex ar code that works?I wanna get an ancient mew.

may 22, 2012Kirby Mass Attack [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

Where is the button to get into the last level?

may 14, 2012Pokemon White [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

I need some help. I want a Castform but I donĀ“t have it in my Pokedex. Can someone offer one at the GTS and call it Zekrom. You will get Squirtle, Charmander, Mudkip, Chimchar or Piplup

apr 07, 2012Pokemon Black Version [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

action replay codes

mar 29, 2012Pokemon Soul Silver [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

I had used Instant Replay Cheat Codes inside DeSumuME Emulator to gain more experience points but i had found out that i can't disable the cheat codes even after deleting/removing them from the list. So i thought if i could use a code to get experience points, then why not use a code that will cancel it out and either i've me the NORMAL amount of experience points or COMPLETELY DISABLE it. so how about it, anyone think they can help?

mar 07, 2012Super Mario 3D Land [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

fly ing mario

feb 27, 2012Pokemon Black [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

Hi, um... I kinda want all the starters, so... I started with a Snivy and a friend traded me an Oshawott, so now I need a tepig. Can you give the code for the code for catching one in the wild, if there is one? And if you can, a code for Zapdos...

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feb 02, 2012Pokemon Pearl [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

me again iwas thinking if som1 could make me a permenant 999 stat code even when i take out the AR without any glitches it gives the first pokemon in your party 999 stats

jan 20, 2012Monster Racers [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

how to have all monsters?

jan 11, 2012New Super Mario Bros. [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

hey guys please can u send me the code that came with the game (i think u have to scratch it or its there in the packaging) only if you are not using it (for the nintendo club) because mine didnt come with one if u send it to me i will honestly try my best to send some thing back like another code or any cheat u want on this game _ i have finished every world and have unlocked everything>>>PLEASE!!! i ll also take any other product code!!!

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dec 13, 2011Pokemon Black Version [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

I would very much like if they had a cheat for Shiny pokemon like where there is a code that lets every pokemon that you meet is Shiny.

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dec 02, 2011Pokemon Black Version [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

Can anyone trade me a Pokerus infected Pokemon!!! I am offering any legendary at a high level in return!!!

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nov 29, 2011Pokemon Platinum [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

can someone pm me a working pokemon sprite editor?

nov 27, 2011Fossil Fighters [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

How do you beat Duna? I've been stuck on her for the past 2 days and counting.

nov 19, 2011Plants vs. Zombies [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

How do you enter cheat codes? I know all of them but I don't know where you enter them? I know people have said that you can enter it on the main menu screen but where on there? Do you like press buttons to get to it? Thank you for your help!

nov 15, 2011MySims Agents [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

what is the password to the mayors riddle!!!!????

nov 08, 2011Cooking Mama 3: Shop & Chop [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

how do i have so many mama money?

oct 17, 2011Pokemon White [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

can some one please tell me whare genasect is!?

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