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mar 10, 2013God of War: Ghost of Sparta [ PSP ]   Unsubmitted

is there anyone that could help me or give me some kind of hint on how to get out of the jails of tartarus. i've seem to have missed something or missed it along the way. Not sure on the way to jump the two disk that are in the middle of the cavern.??

mar 19, 2012Rock Band Unplugged [ PSP ]   Unsubmitted

i need some cheats for easy gain money.......

oct 21, 2011Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [ PSP ]   Unsubmitted

good equipment

sep 01, 2011Lord of Arcana [ PSP ]   Unsubmitted

no deaths or one kill monsters..

aug 01, 2011Valhalla Knights [ PSP ]   Unsubmitted

Hello, first timer here, I just joined, hey I have request... In Valhalla knights for psp, do you know where the "spider meat" is at in the quest "ingredients 2" is at? I look everywhere and I can't find! Please help me....

jun 09, 2011Toy Story 3: The Video Game [ PSP ]   Unsubmitted

plz tell me where to find where the hiden items are at

aug 06, 2010Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters [ PSP ]   Unsubmitted

plsssss can someone tell me a cheat at Rachet and clank on the PSP!!!!!!!!!!! =D

jun 10, 2010Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII [ PSP ]   Unsubmitted

Any strategies for beating angeal pennece?

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jun 08, 2010Mortal Kombat: Unchained [ PSP ]   Unsubmitted

I would like to know how to get tonnes of Koins and where and how to get all of shujinko's special moves

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jun 03, 2010Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 [ PSP ]   Unsubmitted

I want to complete the mission in the last chapter near the end. you have to beat Minato and Obito in it. And you must get a 20 hit combo. They are at High Speed,Attack and Defense. Help PLZ :(

may 27, 2010Daxter [ PSP ]   Unsubmitted

Am stuck on a level with bedrooms, this is pretty much near the beginning of the game, I have bounced on bed, climbed wardrobes, swung on chandaliers but i still cant find my way out, please help

may 19, 2010Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes [ PSP ]   Unsubmitted

why when i battle anyone and i attack him/her will gone and attack me from back what kind jutsu is that and how to use it answer me please

apr 17, 2010Final fantasy IX [ PSP ]   Unsubmitted

infinite life

mar 20, 2010Neopets Petpet Adventures: The Wand of Wishing [ PSP ]   Unsubmitted

i have looked alover the web and there is not even one guide for this game that goes all the way through the game this wouldnt only make me happy but make this website more popular

jan 15, 2010Star Wars Battlefront II [ PSP ]   Unsubmitted

i want to know why i dont have acess to those doors

jan 07, 2010LocoRoco 2 [ PSP ]   Unsubmitted

its when the mojas master i mutated and big i cant get past that part theres no way out

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nov 26, 2009Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [ PSP ]   Unsubmitted

put in passwords by typing directional buttons ingame

nov 16, 2009Tekken: Dark Resurrection [ PSP ]   Unsubmitted

How do I get to tekken lord rank

nov 06, 2009Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters [ PSP ]   Unsubmitted

how do you get the mootator

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sep 03, 2009SoulCalibur: Broken Destiny [ PSP ]   Unsubmitted

Can Somebody Please List All The Unlockable Character Creation Parts & How To Unlock Them?

jul 11, 2009Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon [ PSP ]   Unsubmitted

please all i need help on is to know where the first red dooor. when i go to the entrance if i go up it's the mist forest when i go left there all purple doors some one helm me plz :(

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jul 10, 2009The Sims 2 [ PSP ]   Unsubmitted

its about the call coming from isaac rossum. havent yet receive any call from isaac that is why i cannot interface the computer located at secret sublevel

jul 03, 2009Dynasty Warriors Vol. 2 [ PSP ]   Unsubmitted

how to unlock sun jian in dynasty warriors vol.2

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jun 19, 2009Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories [ PSP ]   Unsubmitted

Can you help me how to conclude Salvatore and Maria┬┤s missions?

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jun 07, 2009Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl [ PSP ]   Unsubmitted

i need to know all the hearts events and rival events for cliff. ive looked at several websites and could not find anything on the subject.

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