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nov 10, 2012MySims Kingdom [ WII ]   Unsubmitted

Im stuck decorating the dorm on royal academy. While placing items in construction mode, before Im done the interest blocks or nature etc., turn red and lock up, not letting me place any more. I tried multiple combinations of items to no avail. Does anyone know whats up? This happened once before on another island but I worked it out somehow. Should be easy but it keeps locking me out. Cant get all the points needed to finish.

nov 10, 2012MySims Kingdom [ WII ]   Unsubmitted

Im in construction mode at the dorm at the royal academy, and while placing interest block items, it turns items red and wont let me place more before Im done. Ive tried many combinations of things and at a certain point all blocks just lock up and turn red. It happened on another island but I got it to work, not sure how. Why is this?

sep 21, 2012Lost in Blue: Shipwrecked [ WII ]   Unsubmitted

I can't beat the Gorilla. Ive tried for days now. There is an action replay for the wii called Powersaves 1GB. But I can't find any lost in blue codes. Can somebody make one? Please and thank you.

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mar 25, 2012My Pokemon Ranch [ WII ]   Unsubmitted

How much does 1000 WII points cost?I need a now!PLEASE tell me.

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feb 10, 2012Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 [ WII ]   Unsubmitted

On Dbz Bt 4, they should make Beibei, or Baby, able to take one of the enemies' bodies, which has 10k less Powerlevel. It would be cool if Captain Ginyu could take the enemies' body and the enemy has Ginyu's body. PLZ THIS IS A COOL IDEA, besides making your own hero

jan 23, 2012LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars [ WII ]   Unsubmitted

My son just deleted his save file (just over 50% complete) by mistake. Is there a cheat which can unlock everything (like in Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga)?

dec 05, 2011The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword [ WII ]   Unsubmitted

Walk through cheat guide don't understand this new game I need help please!

sep 25, 2011Animal Crossing: City Folk [ WII ]   Unsubmitted

can you change your towns name on accf?

jul 13, 2011Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil Zero [ WII ]   Unsubmitted

setting the brakes on train, so it'll stop and i can play on...i'm stuck

jun 28, 2011Six Flags Fun Park [ WII ]   Unsubmitted

i need to know how to get to Alexander The Ghost by the speed-weeds. thx:)

jun 15, 2011Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game [ WII ]   Unsubmitted

My 7 yr old son loves this game and has made it thru each level and unlocked free play. He was able to get the minikit bottle finder which is great. But he is stuck on smuggles den. There is a minikit underwater locked up with an octupus. He is getting frusturated as he can't figure out how to unlock it. Any suggestions/direction would be great.

apr 20, 2011The Sims 3 [ WII ]   Unsubmitted

How do I get a maid!!!!! Every one says to buy a phone and "call for services" but when I bought the phone my only options are to "quit job" "kick out" or "call friend" and theres no other options even in the friends menu. Please Help!!!!!

mar 23, 2011LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga [ WII ]   Unsubmitted

I need the code for the secret characters. I read that there were secret characters in a cheat book, but it was my friends book, and I forgot to write it down.

dec 30, 2010The Spiderwick Chronicles [ WII ]   Unsubmitted

i can't find the third coin for thimbletack's house can you help me?

oct 09, 2010Mario Kart Wii [ WII ]   Unsubmitted

how to unlok all karts and bikes

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sep 21, 2010Super Metroid [ WII ]   Unsubmitted

How to Beat it?

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sep 18, 2010Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars [ WII ]   Unsubmitted

How to Defeat Smithy (Final Boss)?

jul 29, 2010Wii Sports Resort [ WII ]   Unsubmitted

a cheat that can hit in the center

jul 17, 2010Ben 10 Alien Force: The Rise of Hex [ WII ]   Unsubmitted

To get threw the intro

jul 02, 2010MySims Agents [ WII ]   Unsubmitted

Okay so I'm in the temple and I got past the first fire dragon and I'm where there are four little dragon pedestals and Two mirrors and a light beam but I just cant figure it out! If that makes since. Help!

jun 29, 2010Mario Kart Wii [ WII ]   Unsubmitted

How to Unlock Mii Outfit C and D

jun 18, 2010Resident Evil 4 [ WII ]   Unsubmitted

how do u get the prl and handcannon

jun 14, 2010Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition [ WII ]   Unsubmitted

infinte ammo code

jun 10, 2010MySims Kingdom [ WII ]   Unsubmitted

On cutopia where do you find Goby essence I need two and I cant find them

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jun 04, 2010Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 [ WII ]   Unsubmitted

how do u get past asuma my sis wants 2 no

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