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sep 08, 2012Fortresscraft [ XBOX 360 ]   Unsubmitted

I know that there is a code inserted in by USB Keyboard/keypad That allows the host of a server "spawn" Zombies. I cannot find out how to activate it though. Help

jul 06, 2012Blue Dragon [ XBOX 360 ]   Unsubmitted

Is there a list of the Status Ailments anywhere that people know of?

may 15, 2012Naval Assault: The Killing Tide [ XBOX 360 ]   Unsubmitted

need help getting second sub

feb 18, 2012Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare [ XBOX 360 ]   Unsubmitted

Secret intel on "All In"

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aug 04, 2011Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 [ XBOX 360 ]   Unsubmitted

a list of where to find each item to make weapons with

jul 04, 2011Fracture [ XBOX 360 ]   Unsubmitted

Never die??? any cheat?

may 31, 2011F1 2010 [ XBOX 360 ]   Unsubmitted

I don't know if you can do this, but in Career could there be a way to finish the race in seconds and win?

may 19, 2011Mortal Kombat [ XBOX 360 ]   Unsubmitted

how can I play as goro exept stage 150 of chalenge tower

apr 17, 2011Tron: Evolution [ XBOX 360 ]   Unsubmitted

i would like a cheat that lets you go invisible in multiplayer matches

apr 10, 2011Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 [ XBOX 360 ]   Unsubmitted

How to have longer life? I'm always getting killed first! I can see the enemy first and start shooting first but I'm the one who gets killed. Starting to piss me off!!!!

jul 22, 2010Left 4 Dead 2 [ XBOX 360 ]   Unsubmitted

gets some proper cheats and dont put acheivements in cheats becouse their not cheats!

jul 18, 2010Sonic the Hedgehog [ XBOX 360 ]   Unsubmitted

how to beat crisis city with sonic

jul 07, 2010Fable 2 [ XBOX 360 ]   Unsubmitted

I bought Fairfax's Castle and am stuck in a tomb where I have to shoot at a floating orb to get through a sealed doorway. It requires me to shoot the orb to a stone slot, but every-time I shoot at it the orb deflects to the opposite side, even as I can sometimes hit it 2nd time, but and I'm back to square 1. How do I get it to go where it needs to go as I can't leave the place as it says I will loose what I've done already and never return?

jul 06, 2010Fable 2 [ XBOX 360 ]   Unsubmitted

I bought the Castle Fairfax Castle and slept in the bed. I was awakened to the servant who informed me that the castle was under attack and went to fight the bandits and followed along to go to a water filled tunnel and the trail led to a closed door way filled with debrie and a floating orb. I can't shoot the orb into the slot as I've shot at it, but it goes towards the other side and then zooms goes back to the start point. I can't leave the area as I would forfeit all I did to that point and nothing will make it go where I want?

jul 01, 2010Halo 3 [ XBOX 360 ]   Unsubmitted

How to get all halo 3 Armors.

jun 24, 2010The Spiderwick Chronicles [ XBOX 360 ]   Unsubmitted

how to activate the dumbwaiter

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jun 06, 2010Ninja Blade [ XBOX 360 ]   Unsubmitted

How to kill Arachne. God, i've spent all day trying to kill that thing. Someone already killed it? Please tell us noobs how.

may 30, 2010The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion [ XBOX 360 ]   Unsubmitted

A way to do The Ultimate Heist quest when yougot caught and the old entranceway is locked.

may 15, 2010Saints Row [ XBOX 360 ]   Unsubmitted

im looking for the cheat no reload or infinite clip

may 11, 2010Gears of War 2 [ XBOX 360 ]   Unsubmitted

Can som,eone give me a golden lancer code? I cant get one, and ill be infiitely happy. Please email me at

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may 09, 2010Tekken 6 [ XBOX 360 ]   Unsubmitted

I need help to beat Alisa! I'm using a customized Mokujin.

apr 26, 2010Bakugan Battle Brawlers [ XBOX 360 ]   Unsubmitted

HELP! i cant get this achievement can some one help me plz Great Shot (10 points): Collect three or more Battle Items in one shot.

apr 24, 2010Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 [ XBOX 360 ]   Unsubmitted

On the Highrise map go onto the roof then you will see a long craine.Walk up to the crane then jump on it.Its the best sniper point on the map!!!

apr 18, 2010Call of Duty: World at War [ XBOX 360 ]   Unsubmitted

How do you get infinite health on XBOX Live?

mar 31, 2010BEN 10: ALIEN FORCE Vilgax Attacks [ XBOX 360 ]   Unsubmitted

need help getting out of the room

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